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Career Counseling

It is always difficult for the students to select which career path they should follow. With the increasing number of career options today it has become far more complex a decision...
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Course Selection

We provide special attention to student course selection procedure with highlighting their past academic records to avoid error free application. We assist students in choosing the right course as it can change their whole life!
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Admission Guidance

Once you have decided your career pathway and have selected the course you wish to study it is equally important to get admission to right institution...
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Exam & Coaching

Gateway Abroad has been widely acclaimed for its quality Test Coaching and teaching method. Be it be IELTS, TOEFL, SAT or GRE, Our Preparation courses are carefully structured and specifically designed to help you prepare for this internationally recognised examination...
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Scholarship Guidance

We understand the value of money spent and try our best to get students some form of financial aid in the form of tuition fee bursaries, scholarships, application fee waivers, etc...
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Visa Assistance

As an International student it is very likely that you will require a valid visa before commencing study in most of the countries across the world...
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Education Loan

Most public sector banks and private banks provide education loans to students for pursuing higher professional or technical programs abroad...
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Forex and Travel assistance

We have tie-up with various companies and banks which are authorised by RBI to assist students to pay their fees and maintenance cost...
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United Kingdom

About United Kingdom

United Kingdom is the most popular study destination in the world because of it’s modern & conducive learning environment and quality of education that provide a vibrant, creative and challenging environment to develop versatility in your attitude .

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Education System in UK

UK Education system has a global reputation for quality assured education with broad range of subjects. The UK government held strict education standards on all universities & colleges. Surrounding of UK definitely you to perform well in chosen subject.

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Living in UK

  • On Campus - Most UK universities offer places for new students in their halls of residence.
  • Off Campus – Many Students choose off campus option (Private, ranted accommodation) as they want to explore their life beyond the campus.
New Zealand Country

About New Zealand

New Zealand a breath taking country because it’s one of the most picturesque and photogenic place on the earth. It is a small island nation in the southwestern Pacific Ocean consisting of just 4 million people who are also referred as KIWIs.

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Education System in NZ

A student seeking for perfect study environment and an outdoorsy lifestyle remains a big question but undoubtedly New Zealand is a correct place for them as this country provides an expert teaching staff with world class facilities and an abundance of natural resources.

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Living in New Zealand

  • On Campus - living in university campus or hall of residence will be a great option.
  • Off Campus – Many Students choose off campus option (Private, ranted accommodation) as they want to explore their life beyond the campus.
Australia Country

About Australia

Australia is truly unique — it is the only country in the world that covers an entire continent and it is also the largest island in the world. You will wonder to know, it has eight of the top 100 universities in the world.

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Education System in Australia

Every student want to do their study in a good English speaking country, and Australia is the third most popular destination behind the United States and the UK. Eight out of hundred top universities in the world are Australian.

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Living in Australia

  • On Campus - living in university campus will be a great option. It will minimize your Travel & expenses.
  • Off Campus – Many Students choose off campus option (Private, ranted accommodation) as they want to explore their life beyond the campus.
Canada Country

About Canada

Canada is the second-largest country in the world, and shares the world's largest border with its neighbor, the United States. Canada's population is just over 35 million people - a small population compared to the size of the country.

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Education System in Canada

Canada is not only hunting for a greater number of international students but also for extraordinary and talented young people, potential for future experts. Canada does not have a national education system but it does vary in all provinces and territories.

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Living in Canada

  • On Campus - living in university campus will be a great option as you can make friends and be a part of student community.
  • Off Campus – Many Students choose off campus option (Private, ranted accommodation) as they want to explore their life beyond the campus.
Singapore Country

About Singapore

Singapore, the “Lion City” is known for its economy and financial success. The nation is among four “Asian Tiger” economies (along with Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan) apart from this, it’s also one of the leading education hub in Asia.

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Education System in Singapore

Education has always been the key to growth for development of Singapore, particularly since 1965, when it became independent republic. Singapore’s universities education aspires to prepare students not only for today’s world.

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Living in Singapore

  • On Campus - living in university campus will be a great option. Generally first year student choose it.
  • Off Campus – Many Students choose off campus option (Private, rented accommodation) as they want to explore their life beyond the campus.
Ireland Country

About Ireland

Ireland, one of the fastest growing economies in the world and it is adjoining to United Kingdom. You will wonder to know, the 40 percent population of Ireland is below the 25 year of age. Ireland's beautiful landscape provides a rich environment for many outdoor leisure activities.

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Education System in Ireland

Study in Ireland will be a passport to a successful career. Historically, Ireland was always one of Europe’s poorer countries, however, in the last 20 years; it has grown into one of Europe’s wealthiest nations.

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Living in Ireland

  • On Campus -Living in campus give you option to live with classmates and friends.
  • Off Campus – Many Students choose off campus option (Private, ranted accommodation) as they want to explore their life beyond the campus.
USA Country

About USA

The USA is a vast country, and every state is unique in its culture, climate, history, economy and more. It is one of the best destinations in the whole world, for higher education in the fields of science, technology and management.

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Education System in USA

Compared to most other higher education systems around the world, the U.S. system is largely independent from federal government regulation and is highly decentralized.

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Living in USA

  • On Campus - living in on campus in Hall of Residence will be a great option. It will minimize your Travel & expenses as on-campus students.
  • Off Campus – Off-campus accommodation is one of the best options for international students.
Switzerland Country

About Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most developed countries in the world, with the highest nominal wealth per adult and the eighth-highest per capita gross domestic product and it placed second rank in the world for quality of life.

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Education System in Switzerland

The structure of Switzerland’s system begins with primary education, then a lower secondary education followed by an upper secondary education, which may even include vocational training.

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Living in Switzerland

  • University residence – International student usually receive a subsidized price for housing on campus. The advantage of living on campus is that you will live close to college facilities as well as other students.
France Country

About France

France is one of the most popular study destinations in the world, with nearly 300,000 foreign students, and it contributes up to 10 percent of the country's college student population. Capital of France, “PARIS” has been named as the world’s number one student city four times in a row!

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Education System in France

The French education system long enjoyed a reputation for having one of the best education systems in the world, with a nationally set curriculum, traditional methods of learning, high academic standards and strict discipline.

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Living in France

  • Private student buildings– Many Students choose these option (Private, rented accommodation) as they have want to live with French students and it is a great way to throw yourself in the deep end and be fully immersed in the language and culture.
Germany Country

About Germany

With Germany’s historic past and involvement in recent global trends, a wide array of students can find exciting academic opportunities. This might not only enrich your understanding about your career options, but might as well give a boost to your thinking.

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Education System in Germany

The educational system of Germany is underlying to continuous changes and reforms. Main point in the last years was the reorganization of the Gymnasium. The nine year education was changed into an eight year education to get the Abitur.

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Living in Germany

Students in Germany either live in a students hall or a private accommodation. We suggest finding a settlement before you arrive in Germany. You'll in all likelihood...

Poland Country

About Poland

It was 1998, almost a decade after the fall of communism, and the country was flying in the aftermath of Sachs' market reforms. Deregulation and privatization made Poland's economy one of Europe's fastest growing.

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Education System in Poland

Since 2007/2008 academic year Polish higher education system has been divided to three stages, which are: Bachelor (Licencjat, Inżynier), Master (Magister), and Doctor (Doktor). This system applies to all fields of education except Law, Pharmacy, Psychology, Veterinary Medicine...

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Living in Poland

To obtain a temporary residence permit, you should provide documented reasons for your living in Poland. Taking up a job or education in Poland.
A temporary residence permit can be obtained for any period, but not longer than 3 years.

Test Preparation

ielts exam




The International English Language Testing System ( IELTS) is a test that measures the language skills of people who want to study or work in environments where English is used as language of communication...

9-band scale use easy to clearly identify the skill level , non- user ( band score 1) by the expert ...



The TOEFL iBT test is formulated in English and administered by Internet . It consists of four sections ( Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing) and takes about four hours and a half, ranging registration.

Combine the four skills : Listening, Reading,...


toefl exam


sat exam




The SAT is a standardized test extensively used for college admissions in the United States of America.

It was introduced in 1926, since then its name and scoring pattern has changed quite a lot of times, being initially called the Scholastic Aptitude Test, then the name was changed to the Scholastic Assessment Test...



Do not forget that it is necessary to register in advance for the GRE test ! There are four ways to register for the GRE test computer , and two ways to register for the GRE test based paper.

In early GRE registration guarantees a seat for the GRE test that is more convenient for you...


gre exam




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