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Key statistics

Total UG Students Total PG Students International Student Student Faculty Ratio
17,170 3,965 21% 17:4


The University of Brighton is a public university . Since 1859, it has been guided by its original ethos to become the diverse, multidisciplinary institution that it is today.

 With 20,700 students studying across five campuses in Brighton, Eastbourne and Hastings, the university community demonstrates civic responsibility across the south coast and beyond.

 It is defined by a commitment to social relevance, steering their curriculum and research projects away from the ivory tower and toward the fulfilment of public good as a trusted partner. This not only involves active engagement with a local and global community but includes a coordinated effort toward creating an equal and sustainable environment within the university. This is based on the shared values of engagement, diversity, participation, collaboration and sustainability.

It is the leading university for the professions, particularly medicine, nursing, engineering and pharmacy. The courses, from undergraduate to research level and from the humanities to the natural sciences encourage students to apply their academic knowledge to the world beyond university in order to become active, fruitful members of their local communities. The university has a longstanding focus on practice-based and professional education; all undergraduate courses provide opportunities for work-related learning with many offering additional professional accreditation and extended work placements.The university keenly nurtures an entrepreneurial spirit, holding monthly workshops to develop ideas and provide startup advice. The student body is diverse, with students representing more than 100 countries worldwide.

The three Brighton bases are known as Grand Parade, Moulsecoomb and Falmer.

Grand Parade, located in the city centre, houses the arts and humannities students; Moulsecoomb is the largest campus by student population, and houses many departments including maths, life sciences and geography; and the Falmer campus, located four miles from the city, plays host to trainee nurses, teachers, social scientists and linguists.

Brighton is known for its smart bars and boutiques. The city has one of Britain's most vibrant cultural and political scenes, and elected the country's first Green party MP.

Notable Alumni

·        Dr Gary Brickley – British Paralympic cycling team coach.

·        Mandy Chessell CBE – computer scientist, Master Inventor and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering.

·        Paddy Considine – actor, screenwriter and director.

·        Norman Cook - DJ, musician and produce.

·        Emily Gravett – children's book illustrator and author.

·        Dr Steve Ingham – Head of Physiology at the English Institute of Sport (IES).

·        Jill McDonald – Chief Executive of Halfords.

·        Julien Macdonald OBE – designer.

·        Orlando Weeks – musician, The Maccabees.

·        Rachel Whiteread CBE – artist and Turner Prize winner 1993.



English Language Requirements

An applicant can be considered to have met  English language entry requirements if he or she has consistently studied in the English language and obtained at least 80% in Higher Secondary Certificate / Standard XII English awarded by the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) or the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

·        The University of Brighton’s degree courses are delivered and assessed in English. UK Visas and Immigration and the university require students to meet the English language requirements for the course they’re applying for. These can be found on the university’s website.

·        The university's Language Institute offers pre-sessional and pre-masters language courses to help students to meet their English language entry requirements and to prepare for academic study at any UK university.


We require a Higher Secondary School Certificate (at least 70% from Standard XII Examinations from CBSE/ICISE/and state boards – Gujurat, Karnataka, Maharastra, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal) or an acceptable international foundation year or equivalent.


We require applicants to hold either a good bachelor honours degree or a master’s degree from a Central University or Centre of Advanced Study in India.


3D Design and Craft BA(Hons)

3D Design and Craft MDes

Accounting and Finance BSc(Hons)

Acute Clinical Practice (Acute Care) GradCert

Acute Clinical Practice BSc(Hons) top-up degree

Acute Clinical Practice (Burn and Reconstructive Surgery) GradCert

Acute Clinical Practice (Cancer Care) GradCert

Acute Clinical Practice (Cardiac Care) GradCert

Acute Clinical Practice (Child Health) GradCert

Acute Clinical Practice (Emergency Care) GradCert

Acute Clinical Practice (Intensive Care) GradCert

Acute Clinical Practice (Neonatal Care) GradCert

Acute Clinical Practice (Ophthalmic Care) GradCert

Acute Clinical Practice (Renal Care) GradCert

Advanced French Certificate

Advanced German Cert

Advanced Spanish Cert

Aeronautical Engineering BEng(Hons)

Aeronautical Engineering BEng(Hons) (with integrated foundation year)

Aeronautical Engineering BSc(Hons) top-up degree

Aeronautical Engineering MEng

Agriculture foundation degree (partner college)

Animal Behaviour and Welfare BSc(Hons) top-up degree (partner college)

Animal Science foundation degree (partner college)

Applied Psychology and Criminology BA(Hons)

Applied Psychology and Sociology BA(Hons)

Applied Psychology BSc(Hons)

Arboriculture foundation degree (partner college)

Architectural Technology BSc(Hons)

Architecture BA(Hons)

Art and Design BA(Hons) top-up degree (partner college)

Automotive Engineering BEng(Hons)

Automotive Engineering BEng(Hons) (with integrated foundation year)

Automotive Engineering BSc(Hons) top-up degree

Automotive Engineering MEng

Aviation Operations Management BSc(Hons) top-up (partner college)

Aviation Operations Management foundation degree (partner college)

Biological Sciences BSc(Hons)

Biological Sciences BSc(Hons) (with integrated foundation year)

Biological Sciences foundation degree (partner college)

Biological Sciences MSci

Biomedical Science BSc(Hons)

Biomedical Science BSc(Hons) (with integrated foundation year)

Biomedical Science MSci

Broadcast Media BA(Hons) top-up-degree

Building Surveying BSc(Hons)

Business BSc(Hons)

Business BSc(Hons) top-up degree

Business Computer Systems BSc(Hons)

Business Computer Systems MComp

Business foundation degree (partner college)

Business Information Systems BA(Hons)

Business Management BSc(Hons)

Business Management with Economics BSc(Hons)

Business Management with Finance BSc(Hons)

Business Management with Human Resource Management BSc(Hons)

Business Management with Marketing BSc(Hons)

Business with Economics BSc(Hons)

Business with Finance BSc(Hons)

Business with Human Resource Management BSc(Hons)

Business with Marketing BSc(Hons)

Chemistry BSc(Hons)

Chemistry BSc(Hons) (with integrated foundation year)

Chemistry MChem

Civil Engineering BEng(Hons)

Civil Engineering MEng

Civil Engineering with Construction Management BEng(Hons)

Civil Engineering with Construction Management MEng

Civil Engineering (with integrated foundation year) BEng(Hons)

Civil with Environmental Engineering BEng(Hons)

Civil with Environmental Engineering MEng

Community Specialist Practice BSc(Hons)

Complementary Healthcare foundation degree (partner college)

Computer Science BSc(Hons)

Computer Science (Games) BSc(Hons)

Computer Science MComp

Construction Management BSc(Hons)

Countryside Management foundation degree

Creative Metalworking foundation degree (partner college)

Creative Music Production BA(Hons) top-up degree (partner college)

Creative Music Production foundation degree (partner college)

Criminology and Sociology BA(Hons)

Criminology BA(Hons)

Critical History BA(Hons)

Designer Maker BA(Hons)

Digital Film BA(Hons)

Digital Games Production BSc(Hons)

Digital Media BSc(Hons)

Digital Media Design BA(Hons) top-up degree (partner college)

Digital Media Design foundation degree (partner college)

Digital Media Development BSc(Hons)

Digital Music and Sound Arts BA(Hons)

Diploma in Professional Studies in Accounting (ACCA)

Early Childhood Education and Care BA(Hons)

Early Childhood Practice BA(Hons)

Early Years Care and Education foundation degree (partner college)

Earth and Ocean Science BSc(Hons)

Ecology BSc(Hons)

Ecology BSc(Hons) (with integrated foundation year)

Ecology MSci

Economics BSc(Hons)

Education BA(Hons)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering BEng(Hons)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering BEng(Hons) (with integrated foundation year)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering MEng

Electronic and Computer Engineering BEng(Hons)nd Computer Engineering BEng(Hons) (with integrated foundation year)

Electronic and Computer Engineering MEng

Electronic Engineering BSc(Hons) top-up degree

Engineering integrated foundation year

English for Academic Study

English Language and Creative Writing BA(Hons)

English Language and English Literature BA(Hons)

English Language and Linguistics BA(Hons)

English Language and Media BA(Hons)

English Language BA(Hons)

English Literature and Creative Writing BA(Hons)

English Literature and Linguistics BA(Hons)

English Literature BA(Hons)

Environment and Media Studies BA(Hons)

Environmental Sciences BSc(Hons)

Equine Dentistry foundation degree (partner college)

Equine Sports Coaching foundation diploma (partner college)

Equine Sports Performance BSc(Hons) (partner college)

Equine Studies foundation degree (partner college)

Euro BA in International Hospitality Management

European Computing/DEST Informatique BSc(Hons)

Event and Tourism Management foundation degree (partner college)

Fashion and Dress History BA(Hons)

Fashion Communication with Business Studies BA(Hons)

Fashion with Business Studies BA(Hons)

Film and Screen Studies BA(Hons)

Film Production BA(Hons) top-up degree (partner college)

Finance and Investment BSc(Hons)

Fine Art Painting BA(Hons)

Fine Art Practice BA(Hons) (partner college)

Fine Art Sculpture BA(Hons)

Fine Art: Critical Practice BA(Hons)

Fine Art: Printmaking BA(Hons)

Food and Culinary Arts BA(Hons) top-up degree (partner college)

Food and Culinary Arts foundation degree (partner college)

Forestry and Woodland Management foundation degree (partner college)

Geography BA(Hons)

Geography BSc(Hons)

Geography MGeog

Geography with Archaeology BSc(Hons)

Geography with Geoinformatics BSc(Hons)

Geology BSc(Hons)

Geology MGeol

Globalisation: History, Politics, Culture BA(Hons)

Graphic Design BA(Hons)

Graphic Design for Digital Media BA(Hons)

Health and Social Care Practice foundation degree

Health Studies BSc(Hons) top-up degree

History of Art and Design BA(Hons)

History, Literature and Culture BA(Hons)

Hospitality and Event Management foundation degree (partner college)

Hospitality and Tourism Management foundation degree (partner college)

Humanities BA(Hons)

Humanities: War, Conflict and Modernity BA(Hons)

Illustration BA(Hons)

Illustration for Screen Arts BA(Hons)

Interior Architecture BA(Hons)

Interior Design BA(Hons) top-up degree

Interior Design Diploma

Interior Design foundation degree

Intermediate French Cert

Intermediate German Cert

Intermediate Spanish Cert

International Business BSc(Hons)

International Event Management BA(Hons)

International Event Management BA(Hons) top-up degree

International Hospitality Management BA(Hons)

International Hospitality Management BA(Hons) top-up degree

International Tourism Management BA(Hons)

International Tourism Management BA(Hons) top-up degree

Internet Software Development FdSc (partner college)

Journalism BA(Hons)

Law LLB(Hons)

Law with Business LLB(Hons)

Law with Criminology LLB(Hons)

Linguistics BA(Hons)

Marketing BSc(Hons)

Marketing Management BSc(Hons)

Mathematics BSc(Hons)

Mathematics with Business BSc(Hons)

Mathematics with Economics BSc(Hons)

Mathematics with Finance BSc(Hons)

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering BSc(Hons) top-up degree

Mechanical Engineering BEng(Hons)

Mechanical Engineering BEng(Hons) (with integrated foundation year)

Mechanical Engineering MEng

Media and English Literature BA(Hons)

Media Studies BA(Hons)

Media, Industry and Innovation BA(Hons)

Medicine BM BS

Midwifery (3 years) BSc(Hons)

Moving Image BA(Hons)

Multimedia Broadcast Journalism BA(Hons)

Music and Sound Production FdA (partner college)

Music Production and Creative Recording BA(Hons) top-up (partner college)

Music Production and Creative Recording foundation degree (partner college)

Nurse Practitioner BSc(Hons) top-up degree

Nursing (Adult) BSc(Hons)

Nursing (Child) BSc(Hons)

Nursing (Mental Health) BSc(Hons)

Occupational Therapy BSc(Hons)

Outdoor Adventurous Activities foundation degree (partner college)

Outdoor Adventurous Facilitation BA(Hons) top-up degree (partner college)

Paramedic Practice BSc(Hons)

Person-centred Counselling BSc(Hons) top-up degree (partner college)

Person-centred Counselling foundation degree (partner college)

Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences BSc(Hons)

Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences BSc(Hons) (with foundation year)

Pharmacy MPharm

Pharmacy MPharm (with integrated foundation year)

Philosophy, Politics and Ethics BA(Hons)

Philosophy, Politics, Art BA(Hons)

Photography BA(Hons)

Photography foundation degree (partner college)

Physical Education BA(Hons)

Physical Education BA(Hons) with QTS

Physical Geography and Geology BSc(Hons)

Physiotherapy BSc(Hons)

Podiatry BSc(Hons)

Politics BA(Hons)

Primary Education (3-7 years) BA(Hons) with QTS

Primary Education (5-11 years) BA(Hons) with QTS

Primary English Education BA(Hons) with QTS

Primary Mathematics Education BA(Hons) with QTS

Product Design Technology with Professional Experience BSc(Hons)

Product Design with Professional Experience BSc(Hons)

Professional Practice BSc(Hons) top-up degree

Professional Studies in Learning and Development BA(Hons)

Project Management for Construction BSc(Hons)

Public and Emergency Services Management foundation degree (partner college)

Public Health BSc(Hons)

Retail Management BA(Hons)

Retail Management BA(Hons) top-up degree

Retail Marketing BA(Hons)

Retail Marketing BA(Hons) top-up degree

Secondary Mathematics Education BA(Hons) with QTS

Social Policy and Practice BSc(Hons)

Social Science BA(Hons)

Social Work BSc(Hons)

Sociology BA(Hons)

Software Engineering BSc(Hons)

Software Engineering MComp

Specialist Community Public Health Nursing BSc(Hons)

Sport and Exercise Science BSc(Hons)

Sport and Fitness BSc(Hons) top-up degree

Sport Business Management BSc(Hons)

Sport Coaching and Development BA(Hons) top-up degree

Sport Coaching and Development foundation degree (partner college)

Sport Coaching BSc(Hons)

Sport Journalism BA(Hons)

Sport Studies BA(Hons)

Sports Product Design with Professional Experience BSc(Hons)

Summer Pre-sessional

Supporting Learning 11-19 Years BA(Hons)

Supporting Learning 5-11 Years BA(Hons)

Television and Digital Media Production BA(Hons)

Textiles with Business Studies BA(Hons)

Textiles with Business Studies MDes

Travel and Tourism Management foundation degree (partner college)

Troops to Teachers non-graduate programme

Veterinary Nursing foundation degree (partner college)

Visual Arts Practice BA(Hons) top-up degree (partner college)

Visual Culture BA(Hons)

Viticulture and Oenology BSc(Hons) (partner college)

Wine Business BA(Hons) (partner college)

Wine Business BA(Hons) top-up degree (partner college)

Wine Business foundation degree and diploma (partner college)

Wine Production foundation degree and diploma (partner college)

Working with Children and Young People BA(Hons)

Youth Work BA(Hons)




ACCA Professional Accountancy ACCA PROF

Accounting (ACCA) MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Advanced Practice (Health) MSc (PGDip)

Advanced Social Work and Management MSc

Advanced Social Work MSc         

Anaesthesia and Perioperative Medicine MSc, PGCert, PGDip

Applied Exercise Physiology MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Applied Sport Physiology MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Approved Mental Health Practice PGDip

Architectural and Urban Design MA (PGCert PGDip)

Architecture Post Part 2 Professional Experience

Architecture Professional Practice Pre-Diploma

Architecture RIBA Part 2 MArch

Arts and Cultural Research MRes (PGCert PGDip)

Arts and Design by Independent Project MA        

Autism PGCert  

Automotive Electronic Engineering MSc (PGCert PGDip) 

Biomedical Sciences MSc (PGCert PGDip)              

Bioscience MRes             

Blood Sciences MSc (PGCert PGDip)         

By Learning Objectives MSc (PGCert PGDip)         

Cardiology MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Cellular Sciences MSc (PGCert PGDip)     

Change Management PGCert     

Chemistry MRes (PGCert PGDip)               

Civil Engineering MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Clinical Pharmacy MSc

Clinical Radiology MSc (PGCert, PGDip)   

Clinical Research MRes (PGCert PGDip)  

Community Psychology MA

Community Specialist Practice MSc PGDip            

Computer Science MSc (PGCert PGDip)  

Computing MSc (PGCert PGDip) 

Construction Management MSc (PGCert PGDip) 

Craft MA (PGDip)             

Creative Media MA        

Creative Writing MA (PGCert PGDip)       

Cultural and Critical Theory MA (PGCert PGDip)  

Cultural History, Memory and Identity MA (PGCert PGDip)            

Data Analytics MSc (PGCert PGDip)          

Dementia Studies MSc (PGCert PGDip)   

Diabetes in Primary Care PGCert              

Digital Media Arts MA   

Digital Media Production MSc    

Early Years Initial Teacher Training          

Ecology MRes (PGCert PGDip)    

Economics and Finance MSc (PGCert PGDIP)

Education MA   

English for Academic Study         

English Language MA     

Environmental Assessment and Management MSc (PGCert PGDip)

European MSc in Occupational Therapy

Evidence Informed Practice PGCE            

Extended Masters           

Finance and Accounting MSc      

Finance and Banking MSc            

Finance and Investment MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Finance and Risk Management MSc

Fine Art MA

Further Education and Training PGCE

Further Education and Training PGCE/Cert-Ed (partner college)   

General Management () MBA (PGCert PGDip)

General Management () MBA (PGCert PGDip)     

General Pharmacy Practice PGDip (PGCert)

Geographical Information Systems and Environmental Management MSc (PGDip)              

Global Health MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Globalisation: Politics, Conflict and Human Rights MA (PGCert PGDip)

Health and Education MSc (PGCert PGDip)           

Health and Management MSc (PGCert PGDip)     

Health MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Health Promotion MSc (PGCert PGDip)   

History of Design and Material Culture MA          

Human Resource Management MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Human Resource Management PGDip

Human Resource Management PGDip (Partner College) 

Humanistic Psychotherapeutic Counselling PGDip             

Inclusive Arts Practice MA (PGCert PGDip)            

Industrial Pharmaceutical Sciences MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Infection Sciences MSc (PGCert PGDip)   

Information Security MSc (PGDip PGCert)             

Information Systems MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Interior Design MA (PGCert PGDip)          

International Event Management MSc (PGCert PGDip)

International Hospitality Management MSc (PGCert PGDip)

International Management MBA (PGCert PGDip)

International Management MSc (PGCert PGDip)

International Tourism Management MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Internet and Distributed Systems MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Knowledge and Innovation Management MBA (PGCert PGDip)


Leadership and Commissioning MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Leadership MBA (PGCert PGDip)               

Linguistics MA MRes

Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Making of Histories PGCert

Making of Histories PGDip

Management (Entrepreneurship) MSc (PGCert PGDip)     

Management (Human Resources) MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Management (Innovation) MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Management MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Management (Public Services) MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Management, Practice and Law in Architecture PGDip     

Managing Change and Innovation MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Marketing (Branding and Communications) MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Marketing (Digital Marketing) MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Marketing (International Marketing) MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Marketing MSc (PGCert PGDip)  

Marketing (Social Marketing) MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Medical Education PGCert

Medical Research MRes (PGCert)

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Non-Medical Prescribing for Pharmacists

Occupational Therapy (Pre-Registration) MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Paediatrics and Child Health MSc (PGCert, PGDip)

Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences MRes (PGCert PGDip)

Pharmacology MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Pharmacy (OSPAP) MSc (PGDip)

Pharmacy (OSPAP) PGDip

Philosophy of Language MA (PGCert PGDip)         

Photography MA

Physician Associate Studies PGDip

Physiotherapy and Education MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Physiotherapy and Management MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Physiotherapy MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Podiatry MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Podiatry (Pre-Registration) MSc

Podiatry with Diabetes MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Primary Education (3-7 years) PGCE (PROFGCE)

Primary Education PGCE (PROFGCE)

Primary Mathematics Specialist Teacher PGCert

Professional Social Work Practice PGCert

Professional Social Work Practice PGDip

Project Management for Construction MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Psychiatry MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Psychodynamic Psychotherapeutic Counselling PGDip

Psychotherapy MSc

Public Health MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Public Service Management MBA (PGCert PGDip)

Rehabilitation Science (Physiotherapy) MSc (PGCert PGDip)

School Direct Tuition and School Direct Salaried

(Secondary) Art and Design PGCE

(Secondary) Biology PGCE

(Secondary) Chemistry PGCE

(Secondary) Dance PGCE

(Secondary) English PGCE

(Secondary) Geography PGCE

(Secondary) Mathematics PGCE

(Secondary) Modern Foreign Languages PGCE

(Secondary) Physical Education PGCE

(Secondary) Physics PGCE

(Secondary) Physics with Mathematics PGCE

(Secondary) Religious Studies PGCE

Sequential Design/Illustration MA

Simulation in Clinical Practice PGCert

Social Marketing PGCert

Social Science MRes (PGCert)

Social Work MSc

Specialist Community Public Health Nursing MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia) PGCert

Sport and International Development MA

Sport Business Management MSc

Strength and Conditioning MSc

Subject Knowledge Enhancement for teacher training

Summer Pre-sessional

Sustainable Design MA

TESOL Diploma



Textiles MA

Tourism and International Development MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Town Planning MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Transforming Practice for Health Professionals through Education (PGCert)

User Experience Design MSc (PGCert PGDip)

Viticulture and Oenology MSc (partner college)

War: History and Politics MA (PGCert PGDip)

Water and Environmental Management MSc (PGDip)



·        PhD

·        MPhil

·        EngD

·        EdD Professional doctorate

·        PhD by publication

Please refer university website

Accommodation for International Students

·        International students are guaranteed a place in university accommodation in their first year if they firmly accept their academic offer and apply for accommodation before the specified deadline.

Whether you choose to live in halls, university managed housing, privately rented accommodation or in a homestay, the university will help you find the right place to live.

International undergraduates who apply after the deadline will be offered a room in halls if possible, but this is not guaranteed.

As an international student, you may be eligible to apply for a range of different scholarships we offer:


·        University international scholarships – a fee reduction of £3,000 per year for every year of your course

·        Sports scholarships – you can apply for a sports scholarship in any year of your studies

·        Merit scholarships – these scholarships recognise academic performance on your course


International scholarships

A fee reduction of £5,000 per year for every year of your course.

Vice-Chancellor's excellence scholarships

Scholarships worth £3,000 for masters courses

Vice-Chancellor's alumni scholarships

Scholarships exclusively for University of Brighton graduates.

International full scholarship

One fully funded scholarship available for a student with a first-class degree from select countries.

International Huxley scholarships

For courses within the School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences.

You can also apply for the British Government's Chevening Scholarships, and a variety of private agencies and charities for scholarships, bursaries and grants to study in the UK. For more information visit the British Council website or the UK Council for International Student Affairs website.

There are numerous other scholarships.Please refer university website for detail qualifications required.

Other scholarships

You can also apply for the British Government's Chevening Scholarships, and a variety of private agencies and charities for scholarships, bursaries and grants to study in the UK. For more information visit the British Council website or the UK Council for International Student Affairs website.


Quick Facts





Full-time UG & PG Fees 12,660 GBP to 13,920 GBP according to your course.


For general living costs such as accommodation, food, books, clothing etc, it is impossible to provide an exact figure as all students are different and have different lifestyles.



The Complete University Guide 2018 :  89

World University Rankings 2017 :601-800

The Guardian University League Tables 2018 : 91

QS World University Ranking 2018:  701-750


University of Brighton Student Admissions Office Watts Building Lewes Road Brighton BN2 4GJ

Please Note that the University name, logo & other text is for your information only. Please refer to University website for accurate detail information. Use of the University name and the logo is for identification purpose only & does not implies that there is a relationship between University/ Institute and us.

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