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Key statistics

Total UG Students Total PG Students International Student Student Faculty Ratio
16,275 4,610 35% 18:8


Kingston University London (formerly Kingston University) is a public research university located in Kingston upon Thames, London, United Kingdom. It was founded in 1899, and became a university in 1992 after being Kingston Polytechnic. The four campuses are located in Kingston and Roehampton. There is a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate work spread across five faculties, and some further education provisions.

Located in a historic riverside town between the borders of London and Surrey, the university is surrounded by shops, bars, pubs and restaurants. Kingston upon Thames also has easy access to countryside and city: it is close to both Richmond Park and Hampton Court Palace and Central London is just a 25-minute train journey away.

Kingston is home to five faculties and four campuses: Penrhyn Road (the centre of student activity), Kingston Hill (set in landscaped gardens), Knights Park (home to a riverside setting) and Roehampton Vale (modern and within close proximity to Richmond Park). All of these campuses are connected by the university’s free inter-site bus service.

At the university ,they use inventive, engaging teaching and assessment methods to make learning fun and enjoyable – giving you the experience of working in your industry. International perspectives and opportunities to learn new languages for free are incorporated into the curriculum and   courses are developed by research that is carried out in the real world, keeping them up to date with the latest developments and to foster entrepreneurship. Kingston University offers a variety of full-time and part-time undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the following areas: art, design and architecture, business and law, performing arts and social sciences, science, engineering and computing, and health, social care and education.

Possessing over 2,500 staff and an annual budget of around £203 million, the university is one of the town’s biggest employers, adding £500 million to the local economy each year. Furthermore, its researchers and academics assist local organisations, using their specialised skill-sets in support of the community.

The university also offers a host of public lectures, exhibitions and performances, and opens its sports and health facilities to local residents and businesses.

As well as contributing to the community, Kingston University prides itself on its sustainable development and ranks near the top of the People and Planet’s Green League Table. Moreover, it collaborates with the local community on environmental projects, such as recycling.

Notable Alumni

·        Ed McKeever MBE − 2012 Olympic Gold in the men's 200 metre kayak sprint.

·        Glenda Bailey OBE − Editor-in-Chief, Harper's Bazaar.

·        John Tiner CBE − first Chief Executive of the UK Financial Services Authority.

·        Lawrence Dallaglio OBE − international rugby player.

·        Jonathan Asherson − Regional Director SE Asia, Rolls-Royce.

·        Maureen Duffy − Chief Executive Officer, Newspaper Marketing Agency.

·        Brian O’Rourke − Chief Composites Engineer, Williams F1 Engineering Ltd.

·        Simon Kneen − creative director of fashion brand Banana Republic.

·        Sophie Hulme − designer with her own label.

·        Asha Philip − international athlete.





English Language Requirements

·        Most degree courses at Kingston University require a minimum Academic IELTS of 6.0-6.5 (with no element lower than 5.5).

·        Although IELTS is preferred, the university does accept a variety of other English language qualifications, including TOEFL iBT and the Pearson Test of English Academic.

Academic requirements

Level of entry

General qualification requirement


·        Standard XII: 70% (CBSE, CISCE, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra & West Bengal boards) or 80% (all other boards).

·        A-levels.

·        International Baccalaureate.


Postgraduate taught masters

·        Bachelors degree with minimum 55% overall (2:2 equivalent)

·        Bachelors degree with minimum 60% overall (2:1 equivalent)

·        For certain courses, work experience will also be required. Please see the postgraduate prospectus for specific course entry details.

Postgraduate research

·        A good postgraduate masters degree.



·        Accounting & Finance BSc(Hons) with business experience


·        Actuarial Mathematics & Statistics BSc(Hons)


·        Actuarial Science BSc(Hons)


·        Adult Nursing BSc(Hons)


·        Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics & Space Technology MEng/BEng(Hons)


·        Aerospace Engineering BSc(Hons)


·        Aerospace Engineering MEng/BEng(Hons)


·        Aerospace Engineering (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul) Foundation Degree (FdEng)


·        Aircraft Engineering BSc(Hons)


·        Aircraft Engineering BSc(Hons) top-up


·        Aircraft Engineering Foundation Course


·        Architecture BA(Hons)


·        Art and Design BTEC Foundation Diploma


·        Art & Design History and Practice BA(Hons)


·        Automotive Engineering BSc(Hons)


·        Automotive Engineering MEng/BEng(Hons)


·        Automotive Engineering (Motorsport) MEng/BEng(Hons)


·        Aviation Operations with Commercial Pilot Training BSc(Hons)


·        Aviation Operations & Technology BSc(Hons)


·        Aviation Studies for Commercial Pilot Training BSc(Hons) top-up


·        Biochemistry BSc(Hons)


·        Biological Sciences BSc(Hons)



·        Biological Sciences (Environmental Biology) BSc(Hons)


·        Biological Sciences (Genetics and Molecular Biology) BSc(Hons)


·        Biological Sciences (Human Biology) BSc(Hons)


·        Biological Sciences (Medical Biology) BSc(Hons)


·        Biomedical Science BSc(Hons)


·        Building Surveying BSc(Hons)


·        Business Administration BBA(Hons)


·        Business BA/BSc(Hons)



·        Business Economics BSc(Hons)


·        Business Finance BA(Hons) (top up) (delivered by Aventis School of Management, Singapore)

·        Business HND


·        Business Management BA(Hons) (top up) (delivered by Aventis School of Management, Singapore)

·        Business Management BSc(Hons) with business experience and choice of specialisms


·        Business Management Practice BA(Hons) top-up


·        Chemistry BSc(Hons)


·        Chemistry MChem(Hons)


·        Child Centred Interprofessional Practice BA(Hons) top-up


·        Child Centred Interprofessional Practice Foundation Degree FdA


·        Children's Nursing BSc(Hons)


·        Civil Engineering BEng(Hons)


·        Civil Engineering BSc(Hons)


·        Computer Graphics Technology BSc(Hons)


·        Computer Science BSc(Hons)


·        Computer Science (Games Programming) BSc(Hons)


·        Computer Science (Network Communications) BSc(Hons)


·        Computing and Mathematics foundation year


·        Computing with Business BSc(Hons)


·        Construction Management BSc(Hons)


·        Creative and Cultural Industries: Art Direction BA(Hons)


·        Creative and Cultural Industries: Curation, Exhibition and Events BA(Hons)


·        Creative and Cultural Industries: Design Marketing BA(Hons)


·        Creative Technology BSc(Hons)


·        Creative Writing BA(Hons)



·        Criminology BSc(Hons)



·        Cyber Security & Computer Forensics with Business BSc(Hons)

  • Dance BA(Hons)


  • Drama BA(Hons)


  • Early Years Foundation Degree FdA


  • Early Years: Education & Leadership in Practice BA(Hons) top-up


  • Early Years: Leadership & Management Foundation Degree FdA


  • Early Years: Teaching & Learning BA(Hons) top-up


  • Economics BSc(Hons)


  • Engineering Foundation with pathways in Aerospace, Civil, Mechanical Engineering


  • English Language & Linguistics BA(Hons)


  • English Literature BA(Hons)


  • Environmental Hazards & Disaster Management BSc(Hons)


  • Environmental Management BSc(Hons)


  • Environmental Management with Business BSc(Hons)


  • Environmental Science BSc(Hons)
  • Fashion BA(Hons)


  • Film BA(Hons)


  • Filmmaking BA(Hons)


  • Financial Economics BSc(Hons)


  • Financial Mathematics with Business BSc(Hons)


  • Fine Art BA(Hons)


  • Fine Art & Art History BA(Hons)


  • Forensic Psychology BSc(Hons)


  • Forensic Science BSc(Hons)


  • Foundation Diploma in Art & Design
  • Games Technology BSc(Hons)


  • Geography BA/BSc(Hons)


  • Geology BSc(Hons)


  • Graphic Design BA(Hons)
  • Healthcare Practice DipHE and BSc(Hons) (delivered with St George's, University of London)


  • Healthcare Practice FdSc (delivered with St George's, University of London)


  • Historic Building Conservation FdSc and BSc(Hons) top-up


  • History BA(Hons)


  • Human Geography BA(Hons)


  • Human Resource Management BA(Hons) (top up) (delivered by Aventis School of Management, Singapore)
  • Human Rights BA(Hons)
  • Illustration Animation BA(Hons)


  • Information Systems BSc(Hons)


  • Information Systems (Internet Business) BSc(Hons)


  • Interior Design BA(Hons)


  • International Business BSc(Hons) with business experience


  • International Foundation Year (delivered by Study Group)


  • International Law LLB(Hons) with professional experience


  • International Relations BSc(Hons)


  • International Year One Business and Management (delivered by Study Group)

               Journalism BA(Hons)


·        Law LLB(Hons) with professional experience


·        Learning Disability Nursing BSc(Hons)



  • Marketing Management BA(Hons) (top up) (delivered by Aventis School of Management, Singapore)
  • Marketing & Advertising BSc(Hons) with business experience


  • Mathematics BSc(Hons)


  • Mathematics with Business BSc(Hons)


  • Mathematics & Statistics BSc(Hons)


  • Mechanical Engineering BSc(Hons)


  • Mechanical Engineering MEng/BEng(Hons)


  • Media Skills BA(Hons) top-up


  • Media & Communication BA(Hons)


  • Mental Health Nursing BSc(Hons)


  • Midwifery / Registered Midwife BSc(Hons)


  • Midwifery / Registered Midwife BSc(Hons) (for registered nurses)


  • Motorsport Engineering/Motorsport Engineering (Motorcycle) BSc(Hons)


  • Music Technology BA(Hons)
  • Nursing (Adult) BSc(Hons)


  • Nursing (Children's) BSc(Hons)


  • Nursing (Learning Disability) BSc(Hons)


  • Nursing (Mental Health) BSc(Hons)


  • Nutrition (Exercise and Health) BSc(Hons)


  • Nutrition (Human Nutrition) BSc(Hons)

Occupational Therapy BSc(Hons)


Paramedic Practice BSc(Hons)


Paramedic Science BSc(Hons)


·        Pharmaceutical Science BSc(Hons)


·        Pharmaceutical Science MPharmSci(Hons)


·        Pharmaceutical & Chemical Sciences FdSc


·        Pharmacology BSc(Hons)



·        Pharmacy MPharm(Hons)


·        Photography BA(Hons)


·        Physical Education, Sport and Activity (PESA) FdA


Physiotherapy BSc(Hons)


·        Politics & International Relations BA(Hons)


·        Popular Music BA(Hons)


·        Primary Teaching leading to Qualified Teacher Status BA(Hons)


·        Product & Furniture Design BA(Hons)


·        Psychology BSc(Hons)



·        Publishing BA(Hons)



Quantity Surveying Consultancy BSc(Hons)


·        Radiography, Diagnostic BSc(Hons)


·        Radiography, Therapeutic BSc(Hons)



·        Real Estate Management with Business Experience BSc(Hons)


·        Science foundation year


·        Social Work BA(Hons)


·        Sociology BSc(Hons)



·        Software Engineering BSc(Hons)


·        Special Educational Needs & Inclusive Practice BA(Hons) top-up


·        Special Educational Needs & Inclusive Practice Foundation Degree FdA


·        Sport Coaching FdSc


·        Sport Science BSc(Hons)



·        Sport Science (Coaching) BSc(Hons)



Working with Children & Young People BA(Hons)


Postgraduate courses

·        Accounting and Finance MSc


·        Adult Nursing PgDip


·        Advanced Industrial & Manufacturing Systems MSc


·        Advanced Product Design Engineering MSc


·        Advanced Social Work MA


·        Aerospace Engineering MSc


·        Aesthetics and Art Theory MA


·        Analytical Chemistry MSc


·        Analytical Chemistry with Management Studies


·        Applied Exercise for Health MSc (delivered with St George's, University of London)


·        Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching MA


·        Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 2) MArch


·        Architecture (Professional Practice: ARB/RIBA Part 3 exemption) PgDip


·        Art and Design History MA


·        Art Market Appraisal (Professional Practice) MA


·        Art & Space MA


·        Assessment Only route leading to Qualified Teacher Status



  • Banking and Finance MSc


  • Behavioural Decision Science MSc


  • Biomedical Science with Management Studies MSc


  • Biomedical Science (Haematology/Medical Microbiology) MSc


  • Building Surveying MSc


  • Business and Management MRes


  • Business PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
  • Cancer Biology MSc


  • Child Psychology MSc


  • Children's Nursing PgDip


  • Clinical Applications of Psychology MSc


  • Clinical Leadership MSc


  • Clinical Research MClinRes (delivered with St George's, University of London)


  • Communication Design: Graphic Design MA


  • Communication Design: Illustration MA


  • Composing for Film and Television MMus


  • Computer Animation MA


  • Contemporary European Philosophy MA


  • Corporate and Financial Law LLM


  • Creative Industries & the Creative Economy MA


  • Creative Writing and Publishing MA


  • Creative Writing Distance Learning MA


  • Creative Writing MA


  • Creative Writing MFA


  • Criminology MA


  • Criminology with Forensic Psychology MA


  • Curating Contemporary Design MA (in partnership with the Design Museum)


  • DBA (Doctor of Business Administration)


  • Development and International Economics MA


  • Dispute Resolution LLM
  • Early Years Teacher Initial Teacher Training (ITT)


  • Education MRes


  • Embedded Systems MSc


  • Embedded Systems with Management Studies MSc


  • Embedded Systems (Computer Vision) MSc


  • Embedded Systems (Computer Vision) with Management Studies MSc


  • Employment Law LLM


  • Engineering Projects & Systems Management MSc


  • English Literature MA


  • Environmental Law and Sustainability LLM


  • Environmental Management MSc


  • Environmental Management (Energy) MSc


  • Environmental Management (Water Resources) MSc


  • Experimental Film MA
  • Fashion MA


  • Fashion MA: Knit pathway


  • Film Studies MA


  • Film (Experimental) MA


  • Finance MSc


  • Financial and Business Management MSc


  • Financial Economics MA


  • Fine Art MFA


  • Forensic Analysis MSc


  • Forensic Psychology MSc


  • film making MA
  • Game Development (Design) MA


  • Game Development (Programming) MSc


  • Gender Without Borders MA


  • General Law LLM


  • Geographical Information Systems & Science MSc


  • Graduate Diploma Creative Practice
  • Hazards & Disaster Management MSc


  • Healthcare Practice MSc (delivered with St George's, University of London)


  • Historic Building Conservation MSc


  • History MA


  • Human Resource Management MSc


  • Human Resource Management MSc top-up


  • Human Rights MA
  • Information Systems MSc


  • Information Systems (Health Information Management) MSc


  • Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship MSc


  • International Business Management MSc


  • International Business Management with Entrepreneurship MSc


  • International Business Management with Marketing MSc


  • International Business Management with Project Management MSc


  • International Commercial Law LLM


  • International Conflict MSc


  • International Enterprise Information Management MSc


  • International Human Resource Management MSc


  • International Human Resource Management MSc top-up


  • International Politics and Economics MA


  • International Relations MSc


  • Investment and Financial Risk Management MSc


  • IT & Strategic Innovation MSc


  • Journalism PgDip/MA


·             Landscape Architecture MLA (LI accredited)


·        Landscape Architecture PgDip (LI accredited)


·        Landscape and Urbanism MA


·        Law PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)


·        Leadership and Management in Health PgCert/PgDip/MSc top-up/MSc


·        Leadership and Management in Social Care PgCert


·        Learning and Teaching in Higher Education PgCert


·        Literature and Philosophy MA


·        LLM in Corporate and Financial Law


·        LLM in Dispute Resolution


·        LLM in Employment Law


·        LLM in Environmental Law and Sustainability


·        LLM in General Law


·        LLM in International Commercial Law


·        Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc



  • Magazine Journalism MA


  • Management in Construction MSc


  • Management in Construction with Law MSc


  • Management in Construction (Civil Engineering) MSc


  • Marketing and Strategy MSc


  • Marketing Communications and Advertising MSc


  • Marketing & Brand Management MSc


  • Master of Business Administration MBA


  • Mechanical Engineering MSc


  • Mechatronic Systems MSc


  • Media and Communication MA


  • Mental Health Nursing PgDip


  • Midwifery / Registered Midwife for registered nurses PgDip


  • Midwifery / Registered Midwife PgDip


  • Modern European Philosophy MA


  • Museum and Gallery Studies MA


  • Music Education MA


  • Music MA


  • Music Performance MMus
  • Network & Information Security MSc


  • Network & Information Security with Management Studies MSc


  • Networking & Data Communications MSc


  • Networking & Data Communications with Management Studies MSc


  • Nursing (Adult) PgDip


  • Nursing (Children's) PgDip


  • Nursing (Mental Health) PgDip


  • Occupational and Business Psychology MSc


  • Occupational and Business Psychology Professional Doctorate
  • Pharmaceutical Analysis MSc


  • Pharmaceutical Analysis with Management Studies MSc


  • Pharmaceutical Science MSc


  • Pharmaceutical Science with Management Studies MSc


  • Pharmaceutical Technology MSc


  • Pharmacy Practice (Overseas Pharmacists Assessment Programme) PgDip/MSc top-up


  • Philosophy and Contemporary Critical Theory MA


  • Philosophy MPhilStud


  • Photography MA


  • Physiotherapy MSc (delivered with St George's, University of London)


  • Political Economy MA


  • Practice Education PgCert


  • Pre-Masters Programme (delivered by Study Group)


  • Primary Teaching leading to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) PGCE


  • Product & Furniture Design MA


  • Production of Popular Music MMus


  • Professional Education and Training PgCert/PgDip/MA


  • Professional Engineering MSc


  • Professional Practice Architecture (ARB/RIBA Part 3 exemption) PgDip


  • Project Management for Creative Practitioners MSc


  • Psychology MSc


  • Public Relations and Corporate Communications MA


  • Publishing MA



           Quantity Surveying MSc


·        Radiography: Breast Evaluation PgCert/PgDip/MSc


·        Radiography: Medical Imaging PgCert/PgDip/MSc


·        Radiography: Medical Imaging (Mammography) PgCert/PgDip/MSc


·        Radiography: Oncology Practice PgCert/PgDip/MSc


·        Real Estate MSc


·        Rehabilitation PgCert/PgDip/MSc (delivered with St George's, University of London)


·        Renewable Energy Engineering MSc



  • Secondary Teaching leading to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) PGCE


  • Social Work MSW


  • Social work (post-qualifying) credit-bearing short course


  • Software Engineering MSc


  • Software Engineering with Management Studies MSc


  • Sport and Exercise Science MSc


  • Structural Design & Construction Management MSc


  • Structural Design & Construction Management with Sustainability MSc


  • Sustainable Design MA
  •  Terrorism and Political Violence MSc





Available research degrees

The following research degrees are available at Kingston University:

·        Masters of Science (MSc) and Arts (MA) by Research

·        Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

·        Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

·        Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

·        PhD by prior publication/portfolio

·        Practice-based PhD

·        Occupational and Business Psychology Professional Doctorate




Accommodation for International Students

·        Kingston University has a range of high-quality halls of residence which suit a wide range of budgets. Kingston is a split-campus university, with halls located within close proximity of or on the study sites. University accommodation is self-catering, with free Internet access.

·        For students who wish to live independently in a flat or a house, there is a strong private rental sector in Kingston and the surrounding areas, with a good range of properties available.

·        The university’s Accommodation Service offers a free and friendly service to help students find accommodation, including a student-to-student notice board to help find flatmates, a property vacancy list and a list of local letting agents, as well as help and advice with housing issues.

·        All international students who apply for halls accommodation before the relevant date are guaranteed an offer of accommodation in their first year of study, providing they meet the eligibility criteria.

·        International students are allocated flats evenly across the university's accommodation, and mixed regardless of course, gender and nationality.

·        Students do not have to move out of their accommodation during the Christmas and Easter vacations.

·        Please refer to the university website for further details.

International scholarships

The International Office at Kingston University awards more than £200,000 worth of partial scholarships to international students every year. These scholarships are available to students who are classified with an 'overseas' fee status.

External scholarships

Various sources of funding are available to international students from external organisations:

·        Chevening awards

·        Marshall Scholarships

·        Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP)

·        Fullbright Awards Programme

International postgraduate and undergraduate scholarships

Kingston University also offers international scholarships of £4,000, open to students from India as well as the rest of the world. Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit.

Kingston University Undergraduate Scholarships India

From September 2016, Kingston University is delighted to offer two Undergraduate scholarships worth £4,000 each. These will be exclusively available for Undergraduate Indian students, thanks to the generosity of Kingston alumnus Mr Rajiv Poddar.


Quick Facts





Full-time UG & PG Fees 12,300 GBP to 14,900 GBP according to your course.


The cost of accommodation – either halls of residence or privately rented accommodation (in which case you should expect to pay at least £4,400–£5,000 per year); • living costs, such as food, travel, laundry and entertainment – we suggest you plan to spend approximately £6,500–£10,000 per year



The Complete University Guide 2018 :  102

World University Rankings 2017 : 601-800

The Guardian University League Tables 2018 : 81

QS World University Ranking 2018:  501-550


Kingston University River House 53-57 High Street Kingston upon Thames Surrey KT1 1LQ

Please Note that the University name, logo & other text is for your information only. Please refer to University website for accurate detail information. Use of the University name and the logo is for identification purpose only & does not implies that there is a relationship between University/ Institute and us.

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