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Key statistics

Total UG Students Total PG Students International Student Student Faculty Ratio
21,465 4,445 21% 20:1


Leeds Beckett University  is a public university in Leeds, West Yorkshire, with campuses in the citycentre and Headingley.

 It is a modern professional university with ambition.Based in the vibrant city of Leeds, the biggest financial district outside of London, its vision is to be acknowledged for their commitment to student success, innovation and enterprise, global reach, and strong local impact.

What started as a technical college now offers a broad range of subjects, encompassing arts and humanities as well as science and technology. The university retains its strength in technical fields, with three prominent research institutes for sport, sustainability and health. Leeds Beckett is a member of the Athena SWANN charter, which commits to gender equality in science and technology subjects.

The four faculties – arts, environment and technology; business and law; Carnegie; and health and social sciences – offer a range of disciplines, from physiotherapy to computer forensics and sport, to human-resource management.
With employability at the heart of its curriculum, Leeds Beckett uses its relationship with employers to ensure course content is relevant to the workplace.

Their  aspiration is to help create great graduates, exceptional employees, dynamic citizens and enterprising leaders and they work closely with employers and partners to ensure that their graduates are ready for work, ready for life, and ready to seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

Leeds Beckett’s student union is a hub of societies, sports teams and volunteering opportunities. Students can join clubs which range from football to ethical hacking; from Harry Potter to Yoga. The union is also a popular music venue where big names from the UK and beyond play each week.


Notable Alumni

·        Piers Aggett and Kesi Dryden – musicians from Rudimental.

·        Ricky Wilson – musician in the Kaiser Chiefs.

·        Jeremy Dyson – screenwriter on The League of Gentlemen.

·        Sir Eric Pickles – Conservative MP for Brentwood and Ongar, former Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

·        Dame Sarah Storey – swimmer and cyclist, most successful female British Paralympian with 14 gold medals.

·        Alistair Brownlee – triathlete, double Olympic champion.

·        Kevin Sinfield – rugby league, former Leeds Rhinos, England captain and Great Britain player.

·        Sir Ian McGeechan – rugby union, former Wasps, Scotland and British & Irish Lions head coach.

·        Emily Scarratt – rugby union, England international and World Cup winner.

·        Lucy Bronze – footballer, Manchester City and England.


English Language Requirements

·        Students require good verbal and written English skills to benefit from their course which they will need to demonstrate through a recognised language test such as IELTS, Pearson Test of English Academic or Cambridge English Advanced (CAE).

·        Most courses at Leeds Beckett University require the equivalent of IELTS 6.0 (with no skill below 5.5) or equivalent.

Admission Requirement*:

UG: Standard XII English with 60% will also be accepted.

PG: Standard XII English with 50% will also be accepted


Accounting & Finance | BA (Hons)

Adult Nursing | BSc (Hons)

Architectural Technology | BSc (Hons)

Architecture | BA (Hons)

Audio Engineering | BSc (Hons)

Biomedical Sciences | BSc (Hons)

Biomedical Sciences (Human Biology) | BSc (Hons)This in Clearing

Biomedical Sciences (Microbiology/Molecular Biology) | BSc (Hons)

Biomedical Sciences (Physiology/Pharmacology) | BSc (Hons)

Broadcast Engineering | MEng

Broadcast Media Technologies | BSc (Hons)

Building Services Engineering | BEng (Hons)

Building Services Engineering (Top-Up) | BSc (Hons)

Building Surveying | BSc (Hons)

Business & Management | BA (Hons)

Business & Management | BA


Business & Management (Level 6 Top-Up) | BA (Hons)

Business Accounting with Finance | BA (Hons)

Business Economics | BA (Hons)

Business Information Technology | BSc (Hons)

Business Management with Analytics | BA (Hons)

Business Management with Enterprise | BA (Hons)

Business Management with Finance | BA (Hons)

Business Management with Law | BA (Hons)

Business Management with Leadership | BA (Hons)

Business Management with Marketing | BA (Hons)

Business Studies | BA (Hons)

Childhood Development and Playwork | BA (Hons)

Childhood Studies | BA (Hons)

Civil Engineering | BSc (Hons)

Civil Engineering | BEng (Hons)

Computer Animation & Visual Effects | BSc (Hons)

Computer Forensics | BSc (Hons)

Computer Forensics & Security | BSc (Hons)

Computer Forensics and Security | MEng

Computer Science | MEng

Computer Security | BSc (Hons)

Computing | BSc (Hons)

Construction Management | BSc (Hons)

Counselling Children and Young People using Creative Arts | Advanced Diploma

Creative Media Technology | BSc (Hons)

Criminology | BA (Hons)

Criminology with Psychology | BA (Hons)

Dance | BA (Hons)

Design Product | BA (Hons)

Dietetics | BSc (Hons)

Digital Journalism | BSc (Hons)

Early Childhood Education (2 year route) | BA (Hons) (leading to QTS)

Early Years with Enterprise | BA (Hons)

Economics and Finance | BA (Hons)

Education Studies | BA (Hons)

Electronic and Electrical Engineering | BEng (Hons)

Engineering Management (Top-Up) | BEng (Hons)

English & History | BA (Hons)

English and Media | BA (Hons)

English Literature | BA (Hons)

English with Creative Writing | BA (Hons)

Enterprise and Business Creation | BA (Hons)

Entertainment Management | BA (Hons)

Environmental Health | BSc (Hons)

Events Management | BA (Hons)

Facilities Management (Top-Up) | BSc (Hons)

Fashion | BA (Hons)

Fashion Marketing | BA (Hons)

Filmmaking | BA (Hons)

Fine Art | BA (Hons)

Games Design | BSc (Hons)

Graphic Arts & Design | BA (Hons)

Health and Community Care | BSc (Hons)

History | BA (Hons)

Hospitality Business Management | BSc (Hons)

Hospitality Leadership & Management | BSc (Hons)

Human Geography | BA (Hons)

Human Geography & Planning | BA (Hons)

Human Geography and History | BA (Hons)

Human Resource Management & Business | BSc (Hons)

Integrated Masters in Biomedical Sciences | MBioms

Interior Architecture & Design | BA (Hons)

International Business | BA (Hons)

International Foundation Studies | CertHE

International Relations | BA (Hons)

International Relations & Global Development | BA (Hons)

International Relations & Peace Studies | BA (Hons)

International Tourism Management | BA (Hons)

Interpersonal & Counselling Skills | CertHE

Journalism | BA (Hons)

Landscape Architecture & Design | BA (Hons)

Law | LLB (Hons)

Law with Finance | LLB (Hons)

Law with International Business | LLB (Hons)

Law with Management | LLB (Hons)

Marketing | BA (Hons)

Marketing Management | BA (Hons)

Marketing with Advertising Management | BA (Hons)

Maternity Support Workers | Certificate

Mathematics and Computer Science | MEng

Media, Communication, Cultures | BA (Hons)

Mental Health Nursing | BSc (Hons)

Mental Health Studies | Certificate

Music Industries Management | BA (Hons)

Music Performance and Production | BA (Hons)

Music Production | BA (Hons)

Music Production and Performance | BA (Hons)

Music Technology | BSc (Hons)

Nutrition | BSc (Hons)

Nutritional Health | Certificate

Nutritional Health | CertHE

Performance | BA (Hons)

Performing Arts | BA (Hons)

Physical Education | BA (Hons)

Physical Education with Outdoor Education | BA (Hons)

Physiotherapy | BSc (Hons)

Planning | MPlan

Politics | BA (Hons)

Primary Care & Community Support Workers | Certificate

Primary Education (5-11) with recommendation for QTS | BA (Hons)

Primary Education (Accelerated Degree) | BA (Hons)

Primary Education (Early Years 3-7) with recommendation for QTS | BA (Hons)

Product Design | BA (Hons)

Project Management | BSc (Hons)

Project Management (Construction) (Top-Up) | BSc (Hons)

Psychology | BSc (Hons)

Public Relations | BA (Hons)

Public Relations with Journalism | BA (Hons)

Quantity Surveying | BSc (Hons)

Retail Marketing Management | BA (Hons)

Robotics and Automation | BEng (Hons)

Robotics and Automation | MEng

Safety, Health & Environmental Management | BSc (Hons)

Social Care, Justice and Recovery | BSc (Hons)

Social Psychology | BA (Hons)

Social Work | BA (Hons)

Sociology | BA (Hons)

Speech & Language Therapy | BSc (Hons)

Sport & Exercise Science | BSc (Hons)

Sport and Social Sciences | BA (Hons)

Sport Business Management | BA (Hons)

Sport Development | BA (Hons)

Sport Marketing | BA (Hons)

Sport, Physical Activity & Health | BSc (Hons)

Sports and Exercise Therapy | BSc (Hons)

Sports Coaching | BSc (Hons)

Sports Events Management | BSc (Hons)

Sports Studies (L6 Top Up) | BSc (Hons)

Support Work | CertHE

Support Work | Certificate

The Chartered Institute of Marketing: Certificate in Professional Marketing | Certificate

The Chartered Institute of Marketing: Diploma in Professional Marketing | Diploma

Therapeutic Counselling | DipHE

Therapeutic Counselling (Top Up) | BSc (Hons)

Travel Business Management (level 6 top up) | BSc (Hons)

Working with Children, Young People and Families | BA (Hons)

Young People, Communities and Society | BA (Hons)

Youth Work & Community Development (JNC) | BA (Hons)




Accounting & Finance | MSc

Accounting (Top-Up) | MSc

Acoustics (Top Up) | MSc

Acoustics and Noise Control | Institute of Acoustics (IoA) Diploma


Advanced Clinical Practice | MSc


Advanced Clinical Practice | PG Dip

Advanced Clinical Practice | MSc


Advanced Engineering Management | MSc

Advanced Practice | MSc

Advanced Social Work Practice | PG Cert

Advanced Social Work Practice | PG Dip



Advanced Social Work Practice | MA

Applied Biomedical Sciences Research | MSc

Architectural Professional Practice | PG Dip

Architectural Technology & Design | MSc

Architecture | MA

Architecture | MArch

Art & Design | MA


Art Psychotherapy Practice | MA

Audio Engineering | MSc


Building Modelling and Simulation | Advanced Professional Diploma in

Building Performance and Evaluation | Advanced Professional Diploma in



Building Services Engineering | MSc

Building Surveying | MSc

Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Advanced Certificate | Advanced Certificate

Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Diploma | Diploma

Childhood Studies & Early Years | MA

Choreography | MA

Civil Engineering | MSc

Community and Youth Studies | MA


Community Specialist Practitioner - District Nursing | MSc

Community Specialist Practitioner - District Nursing | PG Dip



Computer Security | MSc

Construction Law & Dispute Resolution | MSc

Contract Management for PPP/PFI | Advanced Professional Diploma in

Corporate Communications | MSc

Corporate Governance | MSc

Counselling & Psychotherapy | PG Dip

Creative Sound | Advanced Professional Diploma in

Creative Technology | MSc

Criminology | MSc

Dietetics | PG Dip

Doctorate of Business Administration | DBA

Documentary Filmmaking | MA

Drama and Creative Writing in Education | MA


Eating Disorders | PG Cert


Education | MA



Energy Efficient Buildings, Systems and Refurbishment | Advanced Professional Diploma in

English Language Teaching | MA


English Language Teaching & Professional Practice/Cambridge Delta | PG Cert

English: Contemporary Literatures | MA

 Entrepreneurship and Business Development | MSc

Environmental Health | MSc

Events Management - Online Learning | PG Dip


Events Management - Online Learning | PG Cert

Events Management - Online Learning | MSc

Executive & Business Coaching (Top-Up) | MA


Facilities Management | MSc


Filmmaking | MA


Filmmaking | MFA

Finance | MSc

Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) | PG Dip


Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) (Online) | PG Dip



Health and Community Care | MSc

Health and Safety | MSc


Health and Safety | PG Dip


Housing and Neighbourhood Management | Advanced Professional Diploma in

Housing, Regeneration & Urban Management | MA

Housing, Regeneration & Urban Management | PG Dip

Housing, Regeneration & Urban Management | PG Cert

Human Resource Management | MA

Human Resource Management | PG Dip


Human Resource Management (Top-Up) | MA

Information & Technology | MSc

Information Management | MSc

Interdisciplinary Psychology | MA

International Banking & Investment | MSc

International Business | MA

International Business Law | LLM

International Communication | MA

International Events Management | PG Dip

International Events Management | MSc

International Events Management | PG Cert


International Human Rights Practice | PG Dip

International Human Rights Practice | MA

International Human Rights Practice | PG Cert

International Masters


International Political Economy | MA

International Relations | PG Cert

International Relations | MA


International Relations | PG Dip


International Tourism & Hospitality Management | MSc

International Trade & Finance | MSc

Interpersonal & Counselling Skills | PG Cert


Journalism | MSc



Landscape Architecture | PG Dip

Landscape Architecture | MA

Legal Executive Practice (CILEx) | Professional Diploma

Legal Practice Course | PG Dip

Legal Practice Course | LLM

Management | MSc

Management and Finance | MSc


Management and Global Logistics | MSc

Management and Human Resources | MSc

Management and International Business | MSc

Management and Leadership | MSc

Management and Marketing | MSc

Managing Sustainability | Advanced Professional Diploma Master of Laws | LLM

MBA (Executive) | MBA

MBA (Executive) | MBA

MBA (Graduate) | MBA

Mental Health Practice | MSc

Mental Health Practice | PG Cert

Microbiology and Biotechnology | MSc

Music for the Moving Image | Advanced Professional Diploma

Music for the Moving Image | MA

Music Production | MA

Music Technology | MSc


Nutrition | MSc

Nutrition in Practice | MSc

Occupational Therapy (Pre-registration) | MSc

Peace & Development | PG Dip

Peace & Development | MA

Performance | MA

Physical Activity & Health | PG Cert

Physical Activity & Health | MSc

Physical Activity & Health | PG Dip

Physical Education | PG Dip

Physical Education | MA

Physical Education | PG Cert

Physiotherapy (Pre-registration) | MSc

Play Therapy | PG Dip

Popular Music and Culture | MA

Post Graduate Certificate in Education | PGCE

Practice Based Play Therapy | MA

Primary Education (5-11) with recommendation for QTS | PGCE

Primary Education (Early Years, 3-7) with recommendation for QTS | PGCE


Primary Education Physical Education (5-11) with recommendation for QTS | PGCE

Professional Doctorate in Education | EdD

Professional Practice in Art and Design | Advanced Professional Diploma in


Project Management | MSc

Psychological Therapies | MA

Psychology (conversion award & distance learning) | MSc

Psychology (conversion award) | MSc

Psychology of Sport & Exercise | MSc

Psychotherapy | MA

Public Health - Health Promotion | MSc

Public Health - Health Promotion | PG Cert

Public Health - Health Promotion | PG Dip

Public Relations and Strategic Communication | MA

Qualifying Law Degree | LLM

Qualifying Law Degree (Online) | LLM


Quantity Surveying Commercial Management | MSc

Responsible Tourism Management | PG Cert

Responsible Tourism Management | MSc

Responsible Tourism Management | PG Dip

Secondary Education (11-16) with recommendation for QTS - Art & Design | PGCE

Secondary Education (11-16) with recommendation for QTS - Biology | PGCE

Secondary Education (11-16) with recommendation for QTS - Computing | PGCE

Secondary Education (11-16) with recommendation for QTS - Design and Technology | PGCE


Secondary Education (11-16) with recommendation for QTS - English | PGCE

Secondary Education (11-16) with recommendation for QTS - Geography | PGCE

Secondary Education (11-16) with recommendation for QTS - Mathematics | PGCE


Secondary Education (11-16) with recommendation for QTS - Music | PGCE

Secondary Education (11-16) with recommendation for QTS - Physical Education | PGCE

Secondary Education (11-16) with recommendation for QTS - Physics | PGCE

Social History | MA

Social Work | MA

Sound & Music for Interactive Games | MSc

Sound Design | MA

Sound Recording for Film & Television | Advanced Professional Diploma in

Special Educational Needs Coordination | PG Cert


Specialist Community Public Health Nursing - Health Visiting | PG Dip

Specialist Community Public Health Nursing - Health Visiting | MSc

Specialist Community Public Health Nursing - Occupational Health Nursing | MSc

Specialist Community Public Health Nursing - School Nursing | PG Dip

Specialist Community Public Health Nursing - School Nursing | MSc

Sport & Exercise Biomechanics | PG Dip

Sport & Exercise Biomechanics | PG Cert

Sport & Exercise Biomechanics | MSc

Sport & Exercise Nutrition | MSc

Sport & Exercise Nutrition | PG Dip

Sport & Exercise Nutrition | PG Cert

Sport & Exercise Physiology | PG Dip

Sport & Exercise Physiology | MSc

Sport & Exercise Physiology | PG Cert

Sport & Exercise Psychology | PG Cert

Sport & Exercise Science | PG Dip

Sport & Exercise Science | PG Cert

Sport & Exercise Science | MSc

Sport and Exercise Medicine | PG Dip

Sport and Exercise Medicine | MSc

Sport Business | PG Cert

Sport Business | MA

Sport Business | PG Dip

Sport Coaching | PG Dip

Sport Coaching | PG Cert

Sport Coaching | MSc

Sports Events Management | MSc

Sports Events Management | PG Dip

Sports Events Management | PG Cert

 Sports Injury Management | PG Cert

Sports Therapy | MSc

Strategic and Digital Marketing | MSc

Strategic Project Management | MSc

Strength & Conditioning | PG Cert

Strength & Conditioning | MSc

Strength & Conditioning | PG Dip

Supply Chain Management & Logistics | MSc

Sustainable Urban Management | Advanced Professional Diploma

Therapeutic Play Skills | PG Cert

Town & Regional Planning | MA

Toxicological Sciences | MSc

Travel Business Leadership | PG Cert

Travel Business Leadership | PG Dip

Travel Business Leadership | MSc

Urban Design | MA


Youth Work and Community Development | MA



·        • MRes

·        • MPhil

·        • PhD

·        • PhD By Existing Published Work

·        • DProf

·        • DBA

·        • EdD

·        • DEng


Accommodation for International Students

·        International students are guaranteed a place in university accommodation if they apply within the booking period of February–July; if students apply outside this period, the university will help them to find alternative accommodation in Leeds.

The University's modern student accommodation provide over 4000 places for both UK and international students and are regarded as some of the best in the UK. Most of the accommodation is en-suite bedrooms in self-catering flats with shared kitchen facilities. Some rooms have shared bathroom facilities. You may share kitchen and bathroom facilities with 2 to 6 people. All are conveniently linked by excellent public transport. University Halls are occupied by students enjoying the freedom of living away from home.

Studying at Leeds Beckett University in the UK is one of the best investments you will ever make.

What's more, with the following discounts, the courses are great value for money:

·        An offer a 10% early payment discount, or a 10% alumni discount to eligible students.

·        Many of the Masters (postgraduate) qualifications take just one year to complete, saving you money on tuition fees and living costs.

A 10% discount of the tuition fees for the first year of study is available to Leeds Beckett graduates who register for postgraduate study.

The University has been awarded six Commonwealth Shared Scholarships :

·        Five awards for MSc Public Health – Health Promotion.

·        One award for MSc Responsible Tourism Management.

There are numerous other scholarships.Please refer university website for detail qualifications required.

Other scholarships

You can also apply for the British Government's Chevening Scholarships, and a variety of private agencies and charities for scholarships, bursaries and grants to study in the UK. For more information visit the British Council website or the UK Council for International Student Affairs website.


Quick Facts





Full-time UG & PG Fees 11,250 GBP to 13,000 GBP according to your course


Living expenses (including accommodation): £9,135 Please note that these living expenses are estimated and dependent on your lifestyle.



 The Complete University Guide 2018 : 121

World University Rankings 2017 : 601-800

The Guardian University League Tables 2018 : 114



Leeds Beckett University The Rose Bowl City Campus Leeds LS1 3HE

Please Note that the University name, logo & other text is for your information only. Please refer to University website for accurate detail information. Use of the University name and the logo is for identification purpose only & does not implies that there is a relationship between University/ Institute and us.

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