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Key statistics

Total UG Students Total PG Students International Student Student Faculty Ratio
16,388 8,035 26% 23:_


University College Dublin (UCD), Founded over one hundred and sixty years ago, is a distinctively Irish university but with global impact. Ranked in the top 1% of universities world-wide, UCD is one of Europe’s leading research-intensive universities where undergraduate education, postgraduate masters and PhD training, research, innovation and community engagement form a dynamic continuum of activity.

Established by John Henry Newman whose classic work The Idea of a University is one of the most enduring texts on the value of higher education, and a source of inspiration for UCD’s current educational philosophy, UCD is Ireland’s global university – the ‘University of First-Choice’ for Irish students and the ‘University of Destination’ for the largest number of international students coming to Ireland.

 The university places great emphasis on the internationalisation of the Irish student experience – preparing all UCD students for future employment and life that crosses borders, boundaries and cultures,  strive to give students a holistic education, instilling in them a desire to learn and create, to question and reason, to innovate and ultimately, to contribute to society at all levels, nationally and globally.

The international standing of UCD has grown in recent years; it is currently ranked within the top 1% of higher education institutions world-wide. UCD is also Ireland's most globally engaged university with over 30,000 students drawn from over 120 countries, and includes 5,500 students based at locations outside of Ireland. The University's main Dublin campus occupies an extensive parkland estate of more than 130 hectares and offers world-leading facilities including the UCD O'Brien Centre for Science, UCD Sutherland School of Law, UCD Lochlan Quinn School of Business and UCD Student Centre.



English Language Requirements

Teaching in Irish Universities is normally through the medium of English, therefore all applicants are required to demonstrate a high level of competence in English language. Applicants must provide evidence of equivalent competence in English language through a recognised English language test, as outlined below.

•             Your English language certificate must be no more than two years old at the beginning of your degree course.

INDIA Standard XII

•             English 80%

International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

•             An average score of 6.5 over all components and a minimum of 6.0 in each band on the Academic Version.

Some courses require a higher level of English language competency. Please check with the relevant UCD School.


Veterinary Medicine ,Medicine ,Radiography ,Physiotherapy ,Health & Performance Science, Sport & Exercise Management, Psychology , Actuarial & Financial Studies, Quantitative Business: Business Analytics  ,Economics & Finance

Applications will be considered on a case by case basis

In addition to Standard XII Average 95%, one year of a Bachelor degree programme (Average 60%) is normally required

Engineering & Architecture, Human Nutrition, Veterinary Nursing, Biomedical, Health & Life Sciences , Business, Law & Commerce

Average 90%*

Commerce (Average 85%) and Engineering (Average 80%) will consider applications on a case by case basis

Science ,Computer Science ,Agricultural Science ,Animal Science – Equine ,Dairy Business ,Food Science ,Economics ,English,English w Film ,History ,International Languages ,Social Science

Average 85%

BA Degree ,English with Drama ,Music ,Planning Geography & Environment ,Forestry ,Horticulture & Agri-environmental Sciences

Average 75%

Average is calculated on best 5 recognised subjects

In addition, please note that the equivalences shown are the minimum required to be eligible for consideration on a competitive basis. Entry requirements are reviewed on an annual basis.

Certain subjects may have additional requirements . For instance mathematics . Please refer university website for details.


Holders of Bachelors and Masters Degrees with good grades from competitive and well ranked universities and colleges can be considered for entry to graduate degrees at UCD.

Taught Masters – Academic Entry Requirements

The normal requirement for entry to a taught Master’s Degree programme is a second class honours degree in a relevant subject.

Research Masters - Academic Entry Requirements

The normal requirement for entry to a Research Master’s Degree programme is a second class honours degree in a relevant subject. In addition course work and examinations may also be specified by the College at entry; normally these have to be satisfactorily completed in the first year of a Master’s degree programme.

Please refer to the relevant School or programme for more specific information on entry requirements for your chosen programme.

PhD Programmes - Academic Entry Requirements

To be eligible to enter one of UCD’s PhD programmes, a candidate must have reached a high honours standard at the examination for the primary degree. In some cases, a Master’s degree may also be required. In certain cases, a candidate may be able to provide other evidence to the School in order to satisfy the entry requirements of the programme.

It is recommended that applicants interested in research at Masters and PhD level should, in the first place, read the information available on the UCD website.

Secondly, applicants should review the website of the relevant School and College to ensure they are fully informed about the research objectives of the academic course concerned.  Prior to submitting an application it is essential that candidates make contact with potential supervisors.





Actuarial & Financial Studies

Agri-Environmental Sciences

Agricultural Science

Agricultural Systems Technology

Animal & Crop Production

Animal Science

Animal Science – Equine

Applied & Computational Mathematics

Applied Mathematics, Mathematics & Education



Art History


Bachelor of Commerce

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Biology, Mathematics & Education

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical, Health & Life Sciences

Business & Law


Cell & Molecular Biology

Celtic Civilization

Celtic Studies, Art History & History

Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering


Chemistry with Biophysical Chemistry

Chemistry with Environmental & Sustainable Chemistry

Chemistry, Mathematics & Education

City Planning & Environmental Policy

Civil Engineering

Classics (Greek & Roman Civilization, Latin & Greek)

Classics, Art History & Archaeology

Classics, English & History

Commerce International

Computational Social Science

Computer Science

Computer Science with Data Science


Dairy Business

Diploma/Bachelor of Business Studies

Drama Studies



Economics & Finance

Economics, Mathematics & Statistics

Electronic or Electrical Engineering

Energy Systems Engineering



English Literature

English with Creative Writing

English, Drama & Film

English, European & World Literatures

Environmental Biology


Film Studies

Food & Agribusiness Management

Food Business with Chinese Studies

Food Science









Health & Performance Science


Horticulture, Landscape & Sportsturf Management

Human Nutrition


Information & Communication Studies

Irish Folklore

Irish Studies




Landscape Architecture

Landscapes & Society

Languages, Linguistics & Cultures

Law (BCL)

Law Dual Degree – BCL/Maîtrise

Law with Chinese

Law with Economics

Law with French Law

Law with History

Law with Irish

Law with Philosophy

Law with Politics

Law with Social Justice





Mechanical Engineering

Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology


Medicine (Graduate Entry)



Modern Languages


Music, Film & Drama



Nursing (Children’s & General)

Nursing (General)

Nursing (Mental Health)




Philosophy, Politics and Economics


Physics with Astronomy & Space Science

Physics, Mathematics & Education



Physiotherapy (Graduate Entry)

Plant Biology

Political Studies





Social Justice

Social Policy

Social Policy & Sociology



Sport & Exercise Management



Structural Engineering with Architecture


Theoretical Physics


Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Medicine (Graduate Entry)

Veterinary Nursing




Accounting  MAcc                                                        

Actuarial Science  GradDip                                                        

Actuarial Science   MSc                                               

Agricultural Extension and Innovation  MAgrSc                                                

American Politics & Foreign Policy  GradDip                                                      

American Politics & Foreign Policy  MA                                               

American Studies GradDip                                                        

American Studies MA                                                 

Anglo-Irish Literature & Drama MA                                                       

Applied Economics MSc                                             

Applied Linguistics GradDip                                                      

Applied Linguistics MA                                               

Applied Mathematics & Theoretical Physics MSc                                             

Archaeology GradDip                                                  

Archaeology HDip                                                        

Archaeology MA                                                           

Architecture  MArch                                                    

Archives & Records Management MA                                                  

Art History, Collections & Curating MA                                                

Aviation Finance MSc                                                 


Behavioural Economics MSc                                                    

Biological and Biomolecular Science MSc                                                           

Biomedical Engineering ME                                                     

Biopharmaceutical Engineering MEngSc                                              

Biosystems & Food Engineering ME                                                     

Biotechnology MSc                                                      

Biotechnology & Business MSc                                               

Biotherapeutics MSc                                                   

Biotherapeutics and Business MSc                                                        

Business Administration MBA                                                 

Business Analytics MSc                                              


Cancer Nursing GradDip                                             

Chemical Engineering MEngSc                                                

Chemistry MSc                                              

Children & Youth Studies MSc                                                 

Chronic Illness Management GradDip                                                  

Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering ME                                                          

Classics MA                                                     

Climate Change: Science & Impacts MSc                                             

Clinical & Translational Research GradCert                                                        

Clinical & Translational Research MSc                                                  

Clinical Leadership GradDip                                                      

Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics MSc                                                         

Coaching Science in Sport MSc                                                

Cognitive Science MSc                                                

Cognitive Science MSc                                                

Common Law MCL                                                      

Comparative Social Change MSc                                             

Computational Physics MSc                                                     

Computed Tomography GradDip                                                           

Computed Tomography MSc                                                   

Computer Science MSc                                              

Computer Science (Conversion) MSc                                                    

Consciousness & Embodiment MA                                                        

Creative Writing MA                                                   

Creative Writing MFA                                                 

Crime, Violence & Conflict MSocSc                                                       

Criminology & Criminal Justice LLM                                                      

Criminology & Criminal Justice MSc                                                      

Critical Care - Cardiovascular GradDip                                                  

Critical Care Nursing MSc                                                         

Critical Care Nursing (Children) GradDip                                              

Cultural Policy & Arts Management GradDip                                                     

Cultural Policy & Arts Management MA                                              

Cultural Sociology MSocSc                                                       


Data & Computational Science MSc                                                      

Dermatology GradDip                                                 

Development Practice GradDip                                               

Development Practice MSc                                                      

Diabetes Nursing GradDip                                                        

Digital Curation GradDip                                                           

Digital Curation MSc                                                   

Digital Innovation MSc                                               

Digital Investigation Forensic Computing MSc                                                  

Digital Marketing MSc                                                

Drama & Performance Studies MA                                                       


Economics HDip                                                           

Education MA                                                

Education ProfMasters                                               

Educational Psychology MA                                                     

Electrical Energy Engineering ME                                                          

Electronic & Computer Engineering MEngSc                                                     

Electronic and Computer ME                                                   

Emergency Medical Sciences MSc                                                         

Emergency Nursing (Adult) GradDip                                                     

Emergency Nursing (Children) GradDip                                                

Energy & Environmental Finance MSc                                                 

Energy Systems ME                                                     

Engineering Management MEngSc                                                       

Engineering with Business ME                                                 

Environmental Policy MSc                                                        

Environmental Resource Management MSc(Agr)                                             

Environmental Science MSc                                                     

Environmental Sustainability GradCert                                                

Environmental Technology MSc                                             

Equality Studies GradDip                                                           

Equality Studies MSc                                                   

European Governance MSc                                                      

European History MA                                                 

European Law & Public Affairs LLM                                                      

European Politics & Policy MA                                                

European Politics & Policy MSc                                               

European Public Affairs & Law MEconSc                                             

Experimental Archaeology & Material Culture GradDip                                                

Experimental Archaeology & Material Culture MSc                                                       


Film Studies MA                                                           

Finance MSc                                                   

Food Business Strategy MSc                                                    

Food Engineering MEngSc                                                        

Food Safety & Risk Analysis MSc                                             

Forensic Computing and Cyber Crime Investigation GradDip                                                      

Forensic Computing and Cybercrime Investigation MSc                                               


Gender Studies GradDip               

Gender Studies MA        

Geographies of the Global South              MSc      

Geography          MA        

Geopolitics & the Global Economy           MA        

Global Change: Ecosystem Science & Policy MSc                                                                           


Health, Wellbeing & Society MSocSc                                                    

Heart Failure GradDip                                                 

History GradDip                                             

History MA                                                     

History of Welfare & Medicine in Society MA                                                   

Human Resources MSc                                               

Human Rights MSc                                                      

Humanitarian Action MSc                                                         

Humanitarian Action MSc                                                         

Humanitarian Action MSc                                                         


Information Studies MA                                             

Information Systems GradDip                                                  

Information Systems MSc                                                         

Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Enterprise GradCert                                                    

Intellectual Property & Information Technology LLM                                                    

International Business MSc                                                      

International Commercial Law LLM                                                      

International Development GradDip                                                     

International Development MA                                              

International Development MSc                                             

International Financial Services Law LLM                                                           

International Health MPH                                                         

International Human Rights LLM                                                           

International Law & Business MSc                                                        

International Management MSc                                             

International Marketing Practice MSc                                                  

International Political Economy MA                                                      

International Political Economy MSc                                                    

International Relations MA                                                      

International Relations MSc                                                     

International War Studies MA                                                 

Irish Folklore HDip                                                       

Irish Folklore & Ethnology GradDip                                                       

Irish Folklore & Ethnology MA                                                 

Irish Studies MA                                                           


Landscape Architecture MLArch                                             

Landscape Studies MArchSc                                                     

Law LLM                                                          

Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare GradDip                                                

Library & Information Studies GradDip                                                

Library & Information Studies MLIS                                                      

Linguistics GradDip                                                      

Linguistics MA                                                

Literature & Culture MA                                                           


Magnetic Resonance Imaging GradDip                                                 

Magnetic Resonance Imaging MSc                                                        

Management MSc                                                       

Management Consultancy MSc                                              

Marketing MSc                                              

Marketing Practice MSc                                             

Materials Science & Engineering ME                                                    

Materials Science and Engineering MEngSc                                                       

Mathematical Science HDip                                                     

Mathematical Science MSc                                                      

Mathematical Studies HDip                                                      

Mathematics MA                                                         

Mathematics & Science Education MSc                                               

Mechanical Engineering ME                                                    

Media & International Conflict GradDip                                               

Media & International Conflict MA                                                       

Medical Imaging MSc                                                  

Medieval Studies MA                                                  

Mental Health Nursing HDip                                                    

Middle East Politics MA                                              

Midwifery Practice MSc                                             

Modern Languages MA                                              

Musicology MMus                                                       


NanoBio Science GradCert                                                        

NanoBio Science MSc                                                 

Nanomaterials Chemistry MSc                                                

Nanotechnology MSc                                                  

Nua-Ghaeilge GradDip                                                

Nua-Ghaeilge MA                                                        

Nursing GradDip                                                           

Nursing ICU GradDip                                                   


Occupational Safety & Health MSc


Pain Management GradDip                                                      

Peace and Conflict MA                                               

Peace and Conflict MSc                                              

Peri-Operative Nursing GradDip                                              

Petroleum Geoscience MSc                                                     

Philosophy GradDip                                                     

Philosophy MA                                              

Philosophy & Literature GradDip                                                           

Philosophy & Literature MA                                                     

Philosophy & Public Affairs GradDip                                                     

Philosophy & Public Affairs MA                                               

Physics MSc                                                    

Physiotherapy ProfMasters                                                      

Plant Biology & Biotechnology MSc                                                      

Political Theory MA                                                     

Politics MA                                                      

Politics MSc                                                    

Politics & International Relations GradDip                                                         

Project Management MSc                                                        

Psychological Science MPsychSc                                             

Psychology HDip                                                           

Public Health MPH                                                       

Public Health (Nutrition) MPH                                                 

Public Health Nursing GradDip                                                

Public History MA                                                        

Public Policy GradDip                                                  

Public Policy MPP                                                         


Quantitative Economics MSc                                                   

Quantitative Finance MSc                                                        


Race, Migration & Decolonial Studies MSocSc                                                  

Regional & Urban Planning MRUP                                                         

Rheumatology GradDip                                              

Rural Environmental Conservation & Management GradDip                                                      

Rural Environmental Conservation & Management MSc(Agr)                                                    


Social Data Analytics MSc                                                         

Social Policy HDip                                                         

Social Work MSocSc                                                    

Social Work, Welfare and Justice MSocSc                                                          

Sociology MSocSc                                                        

Space Science & Technology MSc                                                          

Special Needs Education GradDip                                                          

Sports Management (Sport) MSc                                                          

Statistics HDip                                                

Statistics MA                                                  

Statistics MSc                                                 

Strategic Management & Planning MSc                                              

Strategic Management Accounting MSc                                              

Structural Engineering MEngSc                                               

Supply Chain Management MSc                                             

Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Development GradDip                                                 

Sustainable Agriculture & Rural Development MSc(Agr)                                               

Sustainable Building Design & Performance MArchSc                                                   

Sustainable Energy & Green Technologies MSc                                                

Synthetic Chemistry MSc                                                          


TESOL GradDip                                               

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages MA                                                   

Theatre Practice MA                                                   

Toxicology ProfDip                                                       

Toxicology & Regulatory Affairs MSc                                                    


Ultrasound MSc                                             

Urban Design & Planning MSc                                                 

Urban Environment MSc                                                           


Water, Waste & Environmental Engineering MEngSc                                                    

Wildlife Conservation & Management MSc                                                       

World Heritage Management GradDip                                                 

World Heritage Management & Conservation MSc                                                        

Writing for Theatre  MA   



Agriculture & Food Science MAgrSc         

Agriculture & Food Science MSc

Agriculture & Food Science MSc(Agr)      

Agriculture & Food Science PhD

American Studies PhD   

Archaeology MLitt          

Archaeology PhD             

Architecture MArchSc

Architecture PhD             

Art History & Cultural Policy MLitt           

Art History & Cultural Policy PhD              


(Bio)pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences PhD                

BioNanoInteractions PhD                            

Bioinformatics and Systems Biology PhD               

Biological & Environmental Science MSc               

Biological & Environmental Science PhD               

Biomolecular & Biomedical Science MSc               

Biomolecular & Biomedical Science PhD               

Biosystems & Food Engineering MEngSc                              

Biosystems & Food Engineering MSc                                    

Biosystems & Food Engineering PhD                      

Biotechnology   PhD                      

Business              MPhil                   

Business              PhD                      


Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering         MEngSc               

Chemical & Bioprocess Engineering         PhD                      

Chemistry           MSc                     

Chemistry           PhD                      

Children & Youth Studies              PhD                      

Civil Engineering MEngSc                            

Civil Engineering  PhD                   

Classics                MLitt                   

Classics                PhD                      

Clinical Psychology          PhD                      

Cognitive Science             PhD                      

Complex Systems & Computational Social Science PhD                  

Computational Infection Biology PhD                     

Computer Science MSc                

Computer Science PhD                 


Dublin Chemistry PhD    


Earth & Natural Sciences PhD     

Earth Sciences  MSc       

Earth Sciences  PhD        

Economics  PhD               

Education & Lifelong Learning     MLitt                   

Education & Lifelong Learning  PhD                        

Educational Psychology DEdPsy 

Electrical & Electronic Engineering MEngSc          

Electrical & Electronic Engineering PhD  

English, Drama & Film MLitt       

English, Drama & Film PhD          

European Governance & Law PhD            


Geography MLitt             

Geography MSc

Geography PhD

Global Human Development PhD             


History MLitt     

History PhD       


Inclusive Design & Creative Technology Innovation PhD  

Infection Biology              PhD       

Information & Communication Studies MLitt       

Information & Communication Studies PhD                        

Irish, Celtic Studies & Folklore PhD          


Languages, Cultures & Linguistics MLitt  

Languages, Cultures & Linguistics PhD    

Law PhD             


Mathematics & Statistics              MSc      

Mathematics & Statistics PhD     

Mechanical & Materials Engineering        MEngSc

Mechanical & Materials Engineering        PhD       

Medicine  MAO

Medicine  MCh 

Medicine  PhD  

Molecular & Cellular Biology of Inflammation      PhD       

Molecular Medicine Ireland Clinical & Translational  PhD

Music    MLitt    

Music    PhD       


Neuroscience     PhD       

Nursing, Midwifery & Health Systems     MSc      

Nursing, Midwifery & Health Systems     PhD       



Philosophy          MLitt    

Philosophy          PhD       

Physics MSc      

Physics PhD       

Politics & International Relations              MLitt    

Politics & International Relations              PhD       

Psychology         MLitt    

Psychology         PhD       

Public Health, Physiotherapy & Sports Science    MSc      

Public Health, Physiotherapy & Sports Science    PhD       

Public Policy       PhD       


Quantitative Social Sciences        PhD       


Reproductive Biology     PhD       



Simulation Science          PhD       

Social Justice      PhD       

Social Policy       PhD       

Social Policy, Social Work & Social Justice MSocSc            

Social Work        PhD       

Sociology            MLitt    

Sociology            PhD       

Software Engineering     PhD       

Sustainable Development            PhD       


Translational Medicine PhD        


Urban & Building Conservation   MUBC  

Urban Design     MSc      


Veterinary Medical Specialisation             DVMS   

Veterinary Medicine        MAnSc  

Veterinary Medicine       MSc      

Veterinary Medicine       MVM    

Veterinary Medicine       PhD                                                 


Campus Accommodation

 UCD has on-campus accommodation available for over 3,000 students in halls of residence, catered and self-catering apartments. Accommodation consists of a single bedroom with options of both private and shared bathrooms. Places are limited so unable to guarantee accommodation to all international students.

First year undergraduate Non-EU international students are guaranteed a room in UCD Residences.

International graduates who have applied to courses at UCD will have received information from the International office on booking accommodation. Graduate students should refer to the email that they received from UCD International.

 Off-Campus Accommodation

If you have not been allocated a room in the student residences on-campus, or if you would rather live off-campus, you can contact the UCD Residences Off-Campus Office or the Student Union Accommodation Services for advice on off-campus options. Check out the UCD student accommodation search engine website also.


Global Excellence Scholarship (100%)

All successful applicants to eligible full time programs are invited to apply to our prestigious Global Excellence Scholarship. The Scholarship Program is funded by UCD and aims to attract excellent candidates. Early application is encouraged.     

Global Excellence Scholarship (50%)

All successful applicants to eligible full time programs are invited to apply to our prestigious Global Excellence Scholarship. The Scholarship Program is funded by UCD and aims to attract excellent candidates. Early application is encouraged.     

Global Scholarship 

Applicants with the following statuses (‘Offer’, ‘Conditional Offer’, ‘Accept’ or ‘Conditional Accept’ status) on their application are automatically considered for partial tuition scholarships by our admissions and scholarship committee. Decisions are made based on your submitted application materials.              

V.V. Giri Scholarship 

All successful applicants to eligible full time programs are invited to apply to our prestigious V.V. Giri Scholarship. The Scholarship Program is funded by UCD and aims to attract excellent candidates. Early application is encouraged.


Quick Facts





Fees vary from course to course. Initial course fee starts around 11,885 Euro annually.


It is recommended that international students will need around 1,000 euro per month to cover accommodation and living costs, excluding their tuition fees.



World University Rankings 2018     : 201-250

QS World University Ranking 2018 :     168

World Ranking                     :        266

Country Rank                       :        2

Presence                               :       793

Impact                                   :        375

Openness                              :       256

Excellence                             :       243


Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland

Please Note that the University name, logo & other text is for your information only. Please refer to University website for accurate detail information. Use of the University name and the logo is for identification purpose only & does not implies that there is a relationship between University/ Institute and us.

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