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Key statistics

Total Students International Student Student Faculty Ratio
19,984 2% 15:2


Lodz University of Technology (TUL) is more than 70 years old institution, situated in the heart of the city; surrounded by greenery, modern structures right next to revitalised post – industrial buildings and historic palaces. It creates unique atmosphere in the campus. There are a lot of facilites enriching students’ life –  an interfaculty education centre, a recreation centre, social clubs etc. TUL, close to the city centre, makes it very easy to also enjoy the cultural mix of Lodz.

Education and research is provided at nine faculties but there are many complimentary units functioning within the university. Nowadays TUL is one of the biggest and the best state universities in Poland. There are almost 20 000 students at the University.

TUL cooperates with the leading science centres, organisations and companies around the world. Furthermore, TUL is engaged in various research projects and developments of technologies, which are often granted patent protection. Due to that, engineers educated at TUL easily find employment in companies that are leaders on the Polish and international market.

TUL is the only university in Poland with so many well-organised study programmes taught in foreign languages. IFE is a unit of TUL offering programmes taught completely in English and in French, perfectly suited for students from abroad. The main objective of the Faculty is to educate professional engineers and managers, fluent in foreign languages, able to demonstrate their knowledge in science, engineering, technology, management and business.

Certificate of the English language proficiency B2 ;IELTS  6.0


Access to the First-cycle Studies

Access to first-cycle studies, leading to the professional title of licencjat or inzynier (Engineer), as well as long-cycle studies, leading to a Master’s degree (magister or an equivalent degree), is open to holders of an upper secondary school certificate (Matura certificate) or an equivalent entitling the holder to enrol in such programs in Poland. Additional entrance examinations may be conducted by HEIs only if this is necessary to assess knowledge or skills that are not assessed by the Matura examination or the applicant holds an upper secondary school certificate obtained abroad.

Access to the Second-cycle Studies

Access to the second-cycle studies is open to holders of a licencjat or inzynier (Engineer) degree, a Master’s degree (magister or an equivalent degree) or the equivalent of the Polish higher education diploma entitling the holder to enrol in such programs in Poland.

Access to the Doctoral Programmes

Access to the doctoral programs is open to applicants who hold a Master’s degree (magister or an equivalent degree) or the equivalent of the Polish higher education diploma entitling the holder to enrol in such programs in Poland, and who meet the admission conditions laid down by the specific institution. While respecting such general admission requirements, each HEI may define its own additional admission conditions and procedures, including the number of places available to students, except in the medical fields of study (limited number of places). 

              BSc in Architecture Engineering

•             BSc in Biomedical Engineering

•             BSc in Biotechnology

•             BSc in Business and Technology

•             BSc in Computer Science

•             BSc in Information Technology

•             BSc in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Computer Science

•             BSc in Science and Technology

•             BSc in Telecommunications and Computer Science


•             MSc Computer Science and information technology

•             MSc in Advanced Mechanical Engineering

•             MSc in Biotechnology

•             MSc in Management

•             MSc in Management and Production Engineering

•             MSc in Telecommunication and Computer Science

Lodz University of Technology administers nine halls of residence, only five to ten minutes from all faculties. The University cannot guarantee placement in the university dormitory because the accommodation possibilities are very limited. But international students should notify in advance the International Office of their intention to live in the halls of residence.

It can be a very stimulating experience to live in a hall of residence. Polish students and students from all over the world meet there and have the opportunity to get to know each other and make friends. But living in a hall of residence is also demanding in a way. Students living in the same corridor come from many cultures and have different habits and ideas how to do things.

Almost 2500 students live in purpose-built student houses at the University Campus, which is only five to ten minutes from all faculties.

The accommodation consists of fully furnished bedrooms.

There are double rooms with shared kitchen, toilet and bathroom on each floor or two rooms (two beds per room) arranged in groups, which share a common toilet and a bathroom. Most student housing areas have also laundry rooms.

While University cannot offer accommodation, every assistance is given in finding accommodation in the private rented sector.

Information about private accommodation in the city available for students can be also gathered from local newspapers. Private accommodation needs more careful planning and the price depends on the various factors, in particular the distance from the University, the quality of the flat and the facilities made available by the householder.



Quick Facts





The tuition fees range from EUR 2000 to 6000 per year and depends on the study program .


Poland is an accessible European country with a pretty stable economy and living costs of 300 – 650 EUR/month. You can adjust your budget depending on the city or area you wish to study in. Larger cities such as Krakow or Warsaw require 450 – 550 EUR/month.





World University Rankings 2018     :  1001+

World Ranking                     :         1183

Country Rank                       :          12

Presence                               :         1100

Impact                                   :          1736

Openness                              :          1336

Excellence                             :          1275



ul. Skorupki 6/8 90-924 Lodz, Poland

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