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Jan Kochanowski University (JKU ) is a public university in Kielce, Poland, dating its tradition to an educational institution (specializing in pedagogy) established in 1945.

It is the only university in the Holy Cross region, and one of the twenty universities in Poland.

It provides a workplace for 1,479 persons, including 897 academic teachers, 222 of whom have the title of professor or a postdoctoral degree, and 445 persons have a doctoral degree. The university has the right to confer doctoral degrees in 11 disciplines and a postdoctoral degree in 2 disciplines.

The work of the University gives a considerable boost to the region’s development by providing education to the young and involvement of the academic circles in the cultural, scientific, economic and social life. These tasks acquire special significance for knowledge-based economy. The University’s leading role is that of a centre which brings together and produces intellectual elites, conducting scientific research, inspiring new technological solutions and supporting the building of regional identity: these values are consistently stressed in the fundamental documents which define development strategies for Swietokrzyskie region.

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences provides international students with an opportunity to study medicine in English. The School of Medicine offers a 6-year program for high school or secondary schools graduates (MD Program).

The Faculty of Medicine can pride itself on delivering the program content through excellence in didactic and clinical teaching by our highly qualified academic staff off physicians engaged in research, and on providing students with an educational environment conducive to learning, as well as on offering good quality accommodations around the University campus.


Medical degrees require IELTS 6.5

Secondary school completion with subjects chemistry , biology , physics or maths.

Hold a matriculation certificate (the Matura certificate) or a secondary school leaving certificate certifying that the holder is eligible for admission to higher education in the country in which he/she completed secondary school, if applying for admission to a first-cycle programme or a long-cycle programme,

6 year course in Doctor of Medicine (MD)

The Jan Kochanowski University  has various forms of student accommodation available from halls of residence (dormitories) to flat sharing. According to the student’s preferences it is possible to stay in a dormitory, to rent a flat or a room.

Dormitories at the Jan Kochanowski University

The University provides students with accommodation in four dormitories located in the town centre (ul. Slaska).

Foreign students are usually accommodated in the Dormitory MELODIA.

A double-room apartment includes two rooms with either 1 single bed, 2 separate single beds or 3 separate single beds each, a kitchenette and en-suite bathroom with shower.

Accommodation options most frequently picked by students:

o             Shared accommodation is one of the common styles of living among students. It is most suitable for those who have already made friends in Poland and would like to share a flat together. Prices vary from 300 – 700 PLN/month per room depending on the location and standard.

o             Students who prefer to live on their own can go for a flat. The prices vary from 750 – 1000 PLN/month per one bedroom apartment. A two bedroom apartment costs 1000 – 1500 PLN per month. A deposit of approximately one month’s rent is required.

Quick Facts





Medical fees cost 12,000 Euro per year


Depending on your personal situation, lifestyle and habits you may have different needs. In practice, you will need at least PLN 1500-2000 per month in order to cover the cost of decent accommodation, pay for the local transport, and even go out occasionally. This amount should cover the costs of rent, food, clothing, personal hygiene, local transport, study materials, telephone and other expenses – however, not the tuition fee.



ul. St. Zeromskiego 5, Kielce 25-369, Poland., Kielce, Poland

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