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Key statistics

Total UG Students Total PG Students International Student Student Faculty Ratio
28,284 6,698 5% 13:0


Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) is a research intense, doctoral level academic institution focused on undergraduate and graduate programs almost exclusively in engineering and applied sciences. With over thirty thousand students served by over two thousand professors and instructors, Warsaw University of Technology is the largest and the highest ranking engineering university in Poland. The origins of Politechnika Warszawska - Warsaw University of Technology - date back to 1826.

 There are seventeen departments/faculties covering almost all fields of engineering and applied science. Sixteen of these faculties are based on two urban campuses in the capital city of Warsaw, and one faculty in the ancient city of Plock in north-central Poland.

 WUT  priority is an interdisciplinary study programme supported by an advanced scientific research. Modern study programmes and an extensive range of scientific and research work, including partnerships with many universities, research institutions and high-tech industries guarantee that the graduates are well prepared to succeed in the labour market worldwide. In response to market demands, it offers a broad range of professional and technological programmes which prepare students for their future careers. The University authorities and the entire academic staff do their best to acquaint the students with the up-to-date knowledge and skills useful in today’s world.

The school provides a solid basis for the performance of managers by equipping its students with an education at the highest level and a preparation with the tools and information, including knowledge of foreign languages.



Notable alumni

•         Ryszard Bartel (1897-1982) - engineer

•         Mieczyslaw G. Bekker (1905-1989) - engineer and scientist

•         Antoni Bohdziewicz (1906-1970) - screenplay writer and director

•         Joanna Chmielewska (1932-2013) - novelist and screenwriter

•         Antoni Kocjan (1902-1944) - glider constructor and Home Army soldier during World War II

•         Vadim Komkov (1919-2008) - mathematician

•         Alfred Korzybski (1879-1950) - engineer, mathematician and philosopher

•         Waldemar Pawlak (b. 1959) - politician, former Prime Minister of Poland


Certificate of the English language proficiency B2  i.e IELTS  6.0

Hold a matriculation certificate (the Matura certificate) or a secondary school leaving certificate certifying that the holder is eligible for admission to higher education in the country in which he/she completed secondary school, if applying for admission to a first-cycle programme or a long-cycle programme,

 OR hold a degree of Master (magister), Bachelor (licencjat, inzynier) or an equivalent degree, if applying for admission to a second-cycle programme

Access to the Doctoral Programmes

Access to the doctoral programs is open to applicants who hold a Master’s degree (magister or an equivalent degree) or the equivalent of the Polish higher education diploma entitling the holder to enrol in such programs in Poland, and who meet the admission conditions laid down by the specific institution. While respecting such general admission requirements, each HEI may define its own additional admission conditions and procedures, including the number of places available to students, except in the medical fields of study (limited number of places). 

              BSc in Aerospace Engineering

•             BSc in Civil Engineering

•             BSc in Computer Science (Computer Systems and Network)

•             BSc in Electric and Hybryd Vehicle Engineering

•             BSc in Electrical Engineering

•             BSc in Environmental Engineering

•             BSc in Photonics Engineering

•             BSc in Power Engineering

MSc in Aerospace Engineering

•             MSc in Architecture and Urban Planning: Architecture for Society of Knowledge

•             MSc in Artificial Intelligence

•             MSc in Biotechnology

•             MSc in Business Intelligence Systems Development

•             MSc in Civil Engineering

•             MSc in Computer Systems and Networks

•             MSc in Electrical Engineering

•             MSc in Environmental Engineering

•             MSc in Management and Production: Global Production Engineering and Management

•             MSc in Management of Sustainable Enterprise

•             MSc in Photonics Engineering

•             MSc in Power Engineering

•             MSc in Robotics

•             MSc in Telecomunications

•             PhD in Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering

•             PhD in Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Engineering

•             PhD in Chemical and Process Engineering

•             PhD in Electrical Engineering

•             PhD in Electronics and Information Technology

•             PhD in Faculty of Architecture

•             PhD in Power and Aeronautical Engineering

•             EMBA – Executive MBA, IMBA – International MBA

International Students can arrange accommodation on their own (for example renting a shared flat) or they can apply for a place in WUT dormitories.


Warsaw University of Technology offers places in 12 dormitories. Rooms are not guaranteed, but usually all international students who apply for accommodation in dormitories can get accommodation in dormitories sooner or later. Cost of dormitories varies €100 - €150 per month. Most rooms are double or triple connected with a kitchen. Showers and bathrooms are shared. Single rooms are usually reserved for PhD students.

Students' Union (SSPW) takes care of accommodation for international

candidates and helps students in extending their current stay in dorms.


Many students decide to arrange accommodation on their own. The cost of renting a room in a shared flat start with around €200 per month.


The best sollution for someone who is looking for accommodation for few days, a week or maybe two, are private hostels. Thanks to being close to the centre of the city, Warsaw University of Technology is surrounded by many hostels devoted to international guests and students.


There are a number of scholarships available within the limits defined in bilateral  agreements.

They are financed either by the Polish or the foreign partner’s government, often with the aim to enhance exchange within a specific field of study.

The amount of a scholarship depends on the type of study undertaken.

It is also advisable to check with local authorities if they have a scholarship programme that includes studies in Poland.

Quick Facts





The tuition fees range from EUR 2000 to 6000 per year and depend on the institution and study program (for MBA programs: about EUR 8000-12,000 per year).


Cost of living in Poland is low depending on your lifestyle and the city you pursue your studies. Bigger cities like Warsaw, Wroclaw etc are usually expensive. A budget of 250 Euro to 400 Euro should be enough to take care of a student’s feeding, accommodation, buying of books, etc for one month. This amount is just an estimate and could be higher or lower depending on factors like your spending habits and the city of your residence.



World University Rankings 2018     :  601-800

QS World University Ranking 2018 :  601-650                                              



Pl. Politechniki 1, 00-661 Warsaw, Poland

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