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Key statistics

Total UG Students Total PG Students International Student Student Faculty Ratio
1,875 525 34% 4:3


Lincoln University is one of the leading higher education institutions in New Zealand, specialising in land use and management.

The university started out in 1878 as a school of agriculture linked to Canterbury College. As agriculture became the crucial foundation for New Zealand’s international trade, the school grew into a college, and in 1990 became an independent institution.

Lincoln’s mission is to address the challenges “Feed the World”, “Live Well” and “Protect the Future”. As such, it has a particular focus on teaching research linked to sustainability and climate change.

Lincoln University recognises that the world is changing: as global resources dwindle, the population grows and the environment is compromised, consumer demands are increasing and mankind still wants to live well on our planet. There has never been a better time to take a specialist land-based qualification. Since its inception in 1878 Lincoln has been a key contributor to the core interests of New Zealand and the global economy – and its  graduates are well-placed to tackle the big issues, to: feed the world, protect the future, and live well. Lincoln University is highly connected to industry for research collaboration and commercialisation, which in turn informs our teaching across three broad areas: agriculture and life sciences; environment, society and design; and commerce.

The Lincoln-Telford Division is a separate campus based on a 921-hectare working farm, giving students a unique work experience and research opportunity. It is one of several farms around New Zealand owned by Lincoln University. As well as providing a living example to students, profits from the farms go towards scholarships.

Bachelor Degrees  /  Undergraduate Diplomas

6.0 overall, with no individual component less than 5.5

PhD/ Master’s Degrees /Postgraduate Diplomas/ Postgraduate Certificates/ Graduate Diplomas /Graduate Certificates

6.5 overall, with no individual component less than 6.0

Undergraduate qualifications:

All India Senior Certificate (AISSC)

Applicants must have completed 12 years of schooling and a minimum average of 75%, and 60% in English

India School Certificate (ISC)

Applicants must have completed 12 years of schooling and a minimum average of 75%

One year of study at a recognised university         50% average (minimum)

Graduate Diploma  : Bachelor’s degree. An average grade of C+ (60- 64%)

Postgraduate Diploma :  Bachelor’s degree with some background in the subject area and an average grade of B- (65- 69%)

Master’s Degree (Taught) 12 - 18 months   :The usual requirement is a bachelor’s degree with appropriate background in the subject area and a B grade average (70-74%)

Master’s Degree (Research) :  The usual requirement is a bachelor’s degree with appropriate background in the subject area and a B grade average (70-74%)

PhD:  A bachelor’s degree with first class honours or second class honours (division one) or its equivalent, or a first class honours or second class honours (division one) in the intended field of study or its equivalent (eg) Master’s degree) (75-79%)

Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Marketing

 Bachelor of Agriculture

 Bachelor of Agricultural Science

 Bachelor of Commerce

         Majors: • Accounting and Finance

                        • Food and Resource Economics

                        • Individual

                        • Information Technology

                        • Maori and Indigenous Business Studies

                        • Marketing

                        • Supply Chain Manangement and Global Business

 Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture)

 Bachelor of Environment and Society

                Majors      • GIS and Environmental Informatics

                                    • Land and Society

                                   • Maori and Indigenous Environmental Management

                                   • Water Management

 Bachelor of Environmental Management

 Bachelor of Environmental Policy and Planning (Honours)

Bachelor of Land and Property Management

 Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Bachelor of Science

                   Majors: • Agritech

                                  • Bioprotection and Biosecurity

                                   • Conservation and Ecology

                                   • Food Science

                                  • Individual

                                  • Land, Water, Environment

                                  • Maori and Indigenous Knowledge of the Environment

 Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Management

 Bachelor of Tourism Management

 Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology

Graduate Certificate programmes:

 Graduate Certificate in Academic English

 Graduate Certificate in Applied Science

 Graduate Certificate in Business and Sustainability

 Graduate Certificate in Commerce

 Graduate Certificate in Informatics

 Graduate Certificate in Landscape Studies

 Graduate Certificate in Recreation Management

 Graduate Certificate in Resource Studies

 Graduate Certificate in Social Science

Graduate Certificate in Tourism Management.

Graduate Diploma programmes:

Graduate Diploma in Applied Science

 Graduate Diploma in Business and Sustainability

 Graduate Diploma in Commerce

 Graduate Diploma in Informatics

 Graduate Diploma in Landscape Studies

 Graduate Diploma in Property Management

Graduate Diploma in Recreation Management

Graduate Diploma in Resource Studies

 Graduate Diploma in Social Science

 Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management

 Graduate Diploma in Valuation

 Graduate Diploma in Viticulture and Oenology.


Postgraduate Certificate programmes

 Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Science

 Postgraduate Certificate in Commerce

Postgraduate Certificate in Environmental Management

 Postgraduate Certificate in Informatics

Postgraduate Certificate in International Rural Development

 Postgraduate Certificate in Land and Society

 Postgraduate Certificate in Landscape Studies

 Postgraduate Certificate in Parks, Recreation and Tourism.

 Postgraduate Diploma programmes:

 Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural Science

 Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Science

 Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce

 Postgraduate Diploma in Disaster Risk and Resilience

 Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management

 Postgraduate Diploma in Horticultural Science

 Postgraduate Diploma in Informatics

 Postgraduate Diploma in International Rural Development

 Postgraduate Diploma in Land and Society

 Postgraduate Diploma in Landscape Studies

 Postgraduate Diploma in Parks, Recreation and Tourism

 Postgraduate Diploma in Water Resource Management.

Honours Degree programmes (one-year):

 Bachelor of Commerce with Honours

Bachelor of Environment and Society with Honours

Bachelor of Environmental Management with Honours

 Bachelor of Science with Honours

 Bachelor of Landscape Architecture with Honours

 Bachelor of Sports and Recreation Management with Honours

 Bachelor of Tourism Management with Honours

 Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology with Honours.

 Honours Degree programmes (four-year degrees awarded with honours):

Bachelor of Agricultural Science with Honours

Bachelor of Environmental Policy and Planning with Bachelor of Landscape Architecture with Honours

Post graduate programmes:

 Master of Business (Accounting and Finance)

 Master of Business (Global Management and Marketing)

Master of Design

 Master of Disaster Risk and Resilience (jointly taught with University of Canterbury)

 Master of Environmental Policy and Management

Master of International Rural Development

 Master of Landscape Architecture (120 taught includes 40-credit dissertation)

 Master of Management in Agribusiness

 Master of Management in Agricultural Systems

 Master of Planning (240 taught includes 40-credit dissertation)

 Master of Science in Food Innovation

Master of Sport and Recreation Management

 Master of Tourism Management.

Research masters’ programmes:

 Master of Agriculture Science

 Master of Applied Science

              Specialisation: • Disaster Risk and Resilience

                                        • Environmental Management

                                         • Informatics

                                         • International Rural Development

                                        • Land and Society

                                         • Parks, Recreation and Tourism

 Master of Commerce (Agriculture)

Master of Commerce and Management

 Master of Horticultural Science

 Master of International Nature Conservation (joint with Georg-August University Gottingen, Germany)

 Master of Landscape Architecture

 Master of Natural Resources Management and Ecological Engineering (joint with University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna, Austria)

 Master of Science

 Master of Science (Plant Breeding)

 Master of Water Resource Management (joint with University of Canterbury

With a student population of 3500, from over 60 different countries, Lincoln University is an easy place to make friends. Many of the first year students choose to say in the Halls in their initial year as it offers a transitional step towards independence.

Te Waihora on-campus accommodation is home to around 600 students each year. Accommodation is made up of catered Halls and self-catered units all within five minutes’ walk of each other and campus facilities.

The self-catered units generally house mature students who are undertaking postgraduate studies.

The campus has eight fully catered Halls of Residence and three sets of self-catered units, all within a five minute walk of each other and our facilities. If you want to live in a particular Hall, you can specify this on your application and it will be taken into account when they  allocate rooms. There is no need to fill out a separate application for each Hall. All Halls offer a similar level of accommodation and service, within their category, and are managed by a single team. This leads to more consistency and a tighter sense of community.

For those living off-campus, there are regular bus services to and from central Christchurch.


This is a great option for students who want to live independently and economically.

A great place to start your search for a flat is on the Lincoln Flats Facebook page or try notice boards around campus.

To see what different types of properties may be available in the Christchurch area visit:

• TradeMe

• Student Rent

• NZ Flatmates.


Homestays are a great option for students who want to live in a home environment with a Kiwi family.

To find out more see:

• International Student Care Ltd

• Christchurch Homestay





Scholarships are a great way to fund your university studies and as a Lincoln student you have a wide range of scholarship options available.  To maximise your funding opportunities you should start investigating as soon as possible.

International Scholarships

There are a number of scholarships available for international students at Lincoln.

Scholarships are usually awarded in recognition of academic ability or achievement. Some focus on other factors, including personal qualities, financial need, where you live and the course of study that you choose.

Most scholarships are applied to tuition fees, and some may also be used to cover accommodation and living costs. They may also be in the form of textbooks or the sponsor’s product.

The majority of scholarships are tenable for one year, with some available for the duration of your undergraduate degree provided certain standards are maintained. Listed below are some scholarships available for international students:

English for further study award

Any student who successfully completes a minimum of 12 weeks EAP will receive a fees rebate award, to the value of NZ$5400, when they enrol in either the Certificate in University Studies, Diploma in University Studies, Telford Certificate and Diploma, or an undergraduate degree.

International taught master merit scholarships

Qualifying international students will be awarded up to the value of NZ$10,000 scholarship towards the overall cost of their study in any 180 credits taught master’s programmes. Students must have at least a GPA of 75% or B+ average in the last year of their bachelor’s degree to meet the requirements.

New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA)

The New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA) are jointly funded by New Zealand universities and Education New Zealand (ENZ). The NZEA gives 35 Indian students the opportunity to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate study in New Zealand in the fields of business, fashion and STEM related programmes (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Each scholarship has a value of NZ$5,000 towards the first year tuition fee.

Lincoln University Master’s Scholarship

 Scholarships are available to full-time students eligible to register for a research based master’s degree at Lincoln University.

 Lincoln University PhD scholarship

 The scholarships were established to provide opportunities for students to pursue PhD study and research at Lincoln University.

 For more information and eligibility criteria about these or other scholarships opportunities

 please go to

 contact the Scholarship Office or International team.

Quick Facts





Fees 28,600 NZ$ to 32,800 NZ$ according to your course.


It is difficult to suggest to you exactly how much money you will need to support yourself, as each person's circumstances will be different. We recommend that you budget to cover other costs, including accommodation, food, transport and social activities. But a minimum of 15,500 NZ$ is estimated cost for a yearly expenses



World University Rankings 2017 :  501-600


QS World University Ranking 2018:  319                                                            



Ellesmere Junction Road/Springs Road Lincoln 7647 Christchurch

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