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Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS) (formerly AIS St Helens) is the largest privately owned tertiary institute in Auckland, New Zealand.

AIS was established in 1990, in Auckland's Downtown shopping centreThe institute now has two campuses in Mt Albert: St Helens Campus, located at 28a Linwood Ave and Asquith Campus, located at 120 Asquith Ave.

AIS offers bachelor and masters level degree programmes in business, information technology, tourism management, and hospitality management. The institute's own English Language Centre offers a range of English language courses including English teacher training (CertTESOL).

The institute is closely affiliated with the Centre for Research in International Education (CRIE).

Students and staff come from all over the world to study and teach at AIS St Helens. The  programmes are focused on the global marketplace and many of the  students find work offshore after graduation. Due to the mix of cultures at AIS St Helens, students gain unique opportunities to learn, not only from books and lecturers, but also from their classmates.

Many cross-cultural friendships and business ventures have developed within the AIS St Helens family. Students may choose to take International Business courses, Tourism Management courses or Arts courses, as part of their main degree or diploma programme, to meet their individual career aspirations. For example, a Bachelor of International Business student may undertake Smaller Classes

The dedicated teaching staff enjoy personal contact with students and class numbers are kept low to maintain quality standards. Typically there are between 10 and 60 students in first-year degree classes. Compare this to classes of over 300 elsewhere. As a result, the students receive more personal attention and are more able to maximise their potential at AIS St Helens.

The  flexible three-semester system allows students to fast-track programmes. Dedicated students can complete a diploma or degree in a shorter time than at most traditional institutions, allowing them to enter the workforce more quickly.







The English language requirement for entry at the Diploma, Bachelor Degree and Graduate Diploma levels (NZQF Levels 5-7) is IELTS 6.0 with no individual band less than 5.5

 The English language requirement for entry at the Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and Master Degree levels (NZQF Levels 8-9) is IELTS 6.5 with no individual band less than 6.0

•             Students must be 18 at the start of the course.

•             International students must hold a secondary school completion certificate equivalent to 12 years of schooling in New Zealand and must meet the academic and any additional requirements for their chosen course.

Undergraduate courses (includes Bachelor Degrees and Diplomas):


Bachelor of Hospitality Management – 3 years, full-time

Bachelor of Information Technology – 3 years, full-time

Bachelor of International Business – 3 years, full-time

Bachelor of Tourism Management – 3 years, full-time

Diploma in Hospitality Operations Management – 2 years, full-time

Diploma in Information Technology – 2 years, full-time

Diploma in International Business – 2 years, full-time

Diploma in Tourism Management – 2 years, full-time

Diploma in Hospitality Operations – 1 year, full-time

Diploma in Information Technology – 1 year, full-time

Diploma in International Business – 1 year, full-time

Diploma in Tourism Management – 1 year, full-time

Barista Skills Certificate – 6 weeks, part-time

Food Safety Certificate – 6 weeks, part-time

Licence Controller Qualification (LCQ) – 2 days, part-time (Industry Qualification)*





Postgraduate courses (includes Master Degrees and Graduate Diplomas):


Master of Business Administration – 18 months, full-time

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration – 12 months, full-time

Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration – 6 months, full-time

Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management – 1 year, full-time

Graduate Diploma in Information Technology – 1 year, full-time

Graduate Diploma in International Business – 1 year, full-time

Graduate Diploma in Tourism Management – 1 year, full-time 

The AIS on-campus dormitory can accommodate up to 126 students and is located near the main building. Students have the choice of single, double and multi-share (up to 4 tenants) rooms with free unlimited Wi-Fi and free weekly linen service. Dormitory residents get access to the nearby library, resident carpark, cafeteria and shared facilities.


Homestays are a great way to learn about New Zealand culture and improve your English. Your family will provide you with a single bedroom, meals and clean bed linen and towels. Living with a new family for the first time can be challenging for students and host families. 

A student homestay bedroom includes basic furniture such as a bed, study table, chair, wardrobe and/or cupboard. Students are entitled to uninterrupted study time in their bedroom. 

Flatting (renting) by yourself

Flatting is a popular way that students in New Zealand live, where students share an apartment or house (‘flat’) and household expenses. Flatting is usually cheaper than living in student accommodation or hostels, although flatting has other challenges.

Flatting may be a good option for second year students, older students, and those who are familiar with living in New Zealand.

Hostels and other accommodation

New Zealand has many independently run hostels and other student accommodation. Hostels provide your own bedroom but generally you have to share a bathroom.

There are numerous  scholarships. Please refer website for detail qualifications required.

Quick Facts





Full-time UG & PG Fees 18,250 NZ$ to 22,000 NZ$ according to your course.


It is difficult to suggest to you exactly how much money you will need to support yourself, as each person's circumstances will be different. We recommend that you budget to cover other costs, including accommodation, food, transport and social activities. But a minimum of 15,500 NZ$ is estimated cost for a yearly expenses



World Ranking                    :         7360

Continental Ranking           :          69

Country Rank                       :          17

Presence                               :          9647

Impact                                   :          8354

Openness                             :           6187

Excellence                             :          5789


Auckland Institute of Studies 28A Linwood Avenue Western Springs PO 2994 Auckland

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