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Key statistics

Total UG Students Total PG Students International Student Student Faculty Ratio
48,536 9,680 37% 18:5


Curtin University (a trademark of Curtin University of Technology) is an Australian public research university based in Bentley, Perth, Western Australia. The university is named after the 14th Prime Minister of Australia, John Curtin and embraces his philosophy to “look ever forward”, instilling a culture of innovation in its teaching and research.

 It  is the largest university in Western Australia, and most culturally diverse university, with more than 58,000 students from over 130 countries.

As an internationally-focused institution, Curtin’s stated goal is to change minds, lives and the world through leadership, innovation and excellence in teaching and research.

In addition to its main campus in Perth, Curtin also has a presence in Sydney, Malaysia and Singapore, as well as education centres in regional Western Australia. The students can expect to become part of a forward thinking, international culture committed to sharing innovative ideas.

It also has partnerships with over 90 institutions worldwide and boasts the third-largest international student population of any Australian university.

Curtin’s research strengths are concentrated in four broad areas: minerals and energy, ICT and emerging technologies, health and sustainable development.

The university offers more than 100 courses across science and engineering, health sciences, business and humanities. It is also involved in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education and culture, supported by its Centre for Aboriginal Studies.

In between classes, Curtin students can enjoy a wide range of activities, including sports and fitness activities, social clubs and societies, volunteer work and events on campus.

The university is also aiming to develop its main campus into a cultural hub, where residents, students and businesses can live, work, study and play together as part of the ‘Curtin Master Plan’.

Notable Alumini:

•             James Angus, sculptor

•             Natalie Barr, news presenter on Seven Network's Sunrise

•             Carrie Bickmore, co-host of The Project (Australian TV program)

•             John Butler, musician

•             Michaelia Cash, member of Australian Senate

•             Natalia Cooper, journalist for Nine News at the Nine Network Sydney

•             Priya Cooper, Gold medal swimmer at the Sydney Paralympic Games

•             Joel Creasey, actor and comedian

•             Judy Davis, Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actress

•             Jessica De Gouw, actress

•             Martin Dougiamas, creator of Moodle


 IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

- Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking    MIN  6.0

 - Overall band score                                           MIN 6.5

Some courses have higher English language requirements. Please refer to the course guide.

Undergraduate requirements:

All India Senior School Certificates awarded by the Central Board of Secondary Education with an average of 60% in four subjects, one of which must be English (with 65% or better)


Indian School Certificate (Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations) with an average of 60% in five subjects, one of which must be English (with 65% or better)


Successful completion of the Higher Secondary School Certificate (Standard Year 12 Qualifications) awarded by one of the recognized Higher Secondary Education Boards in India with a grade average of 65% in the best five subjects.

 Refer to course guide for cut-off scores.

Postgraduate coursework admission criteria:

Completed a bachelor degree awarded by a recognised tertiary institution. Some postgraduate courses may require a completed bachelor degree in a relevant field.

Please note:

Some graduate certificate courses may consider applicants with an appropriate level of significant work experience relevant to the field of study. Please refer to the specific course admission criteria to see if this is an entry option for your course.

If you have completed a bachelor degree awarded by an overseas tertiary institution, the university  will assess your qualification to ensure it is comparable to the Australian bachelor degree level.

Some postgraduate courses may have additional admission criteria such as certain course weighted averages obtained in the bachelor and relevant work experience. Refer to the information page specific to your course for more information.

Research degree entry requirements:

• have a minimum of four years’ previous study in a tertiary institution

• meet the eligibility criteria of the Graduate Studies Committee for the proposed study enrolling area(s)

• have confirmation from the head of your enrolling area that the necessary supervision and facilities can be adequately provided to support your research

 • meet Curtin’s English language requirements for higher degrees by research



•      Accounting

•      Accounting Technologies

•      Accounting and Accounting Technologies Double Major

•      Accounting and Banking Double Major

•      Accounting and Business Information Systems Double Major

•      Accounting and Business Law Double Major

•      Accounting and Entrepreneurship Double Major

•      Accounting and Finance Double Major

•      Accounting and Taxation Double Major

•      Actuarial Science

•      Actuarial Science Honours

•      Advanced Science (Honours)

•      Advertising

•      Advertising and Creative Advertising Graphic Design Double Major

•      Advertising and Public Relations Double Major

•      Agribusiness

•      Agricultural Science (Advanced Science)

•      Animation and Game Design

•      Anthropology and Sociology

•      Applied Geology

•      Applied Geology and Environmental Biology Double Degree

•      Applied Geology and Finance Double Degree

•      Applied Geology and Geophysics Double Degree

•      Architecture

•      Arts

•      Arts and Commerce Double Degree


•      Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

•      Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)

•      Banking

•      Banking and Finance Double Major

•      Biochemistry

•      Biomedical Science Honours

•      Business Administration

•      Business Information Systems (Professional)

•      Business Information Systems and Logistics and Supply Chain Management Double Major

•      Business Information Technology (Professional)

•      Business Information Technology and Systems Double Major

•      Business Law

•      Business Law and International Relations Double Major


•      Chemical Engineering

•      Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Double Degree

•      Chemical Engineering and Extractive Metallurgy Double Degree

•      Chemistry

•      Chemistry (Advanced Science)

•      Chinese

•      Civil and Construction Engineering

•      Civil and Construction Engineering and Mining Double Degree

•      Coastal and Marine Science

•      Coastal and Marine Science (Advanced Science)

•      Commerce

•      Computer Systems Engineering

•      Computer Systems Engineering Honours and Computer Science Double Degree

•      Computer Systems and Networking

•      Computing

•      Computing (Advanced Science)

•      Construction Management

•      Corporate Screen Production (Mass Communication)

•      Creative Advertising and Graphic Design

•      Creative Writing


•      Data Science

•      Data Science (Advanced Science)

•      Digital Design

•      Digital Design (Mass Communication)


•      Early Childhood Education

•      Economics

•      Economics and Finance Double Major

•      Economics and International Relations Double Major

•      Economics and Management Double Major

•      Economics and Marketing Double Major

•      Electrical Power Engineering

•      Electrical and Electronic Engineering Major (BEng Hons)

•      Electronic and Communication Engineering

•      Electronics and Communication Engineering Honours and Computer Science Double Degree

•      Electronics and Communication Engineering Honours and Physics Double Degree

•      Engineering (Honours)

•      Engineering and Commerce Double Degree

•      Entrepreneurship

•      Entrepreneurship and Marketing Double Major

•      Environmental Biology

•      Environmental Science

•      Environmental Science (Advanced Science)

•      Event Management

•      Exercise, Sports and Rehabilitation Science

•      Extractive Metallurgy


•      Fashion

•      Finance

•      Finance and Management Double Major

•      Finance and Marketing Double Major

•      Financial Mathematics

•      Financial Mathematics (Advanced Science)

•      Fine Art


•      Geographic Information Science

•      Geographic Information Science (Advanced Science)

•      Geographic Information Science and Applied Geology Double Degree

•      Geography

•      Geophysics

•      Graphic Communication (Mass Communication)


•      Health Promotion

•      Health Promotion and Health and Safety Double Degree

•      Health Sciences

•      Health Sciences Major

•      Health, Safety and Environment

•      History

•      Human Biology Preclinical

•      Human Resource Management

•      Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations Double Major


•      Industrial Relations

•      Industrial and Applied Mathematics

•      Industrial and Applied Mathematics (Advanced Science)

•      Interior Architecture

•      International Business

•      International Relations

•      Internet Communications


•      Japanese

•      Journalism

•      Journalism (Mass Communication)


•      Laboratory Medicine

•      Law

•      Law and Arts Double Degree

•      Law and Commerce Double Degree

•      Laws and Psychology Double Degree

•      Literary and Cultural Studies

•      Logistics and Supply Chain Management


•      Management

•      Management and Human Resource Management Double Major

•      Management and Marketing Double Major

•      Marketing

•      Marketing (Mass Communication)

•      Marketing and Advertising Double Major

•      Marketing and Business Law Double Major

•      Marketing and Public Relations Double Major

•      Mass Communication

•      Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

•      Mechanical Engineering

•      Mechatronic Engineering

•      Mechatronic Engineering Honours and Computer Science Double Degree

•      Medical Radiation Science

•      Metallurgical Engineering

•      Mine and Engineering Surveying

•      Mining

•      Mining Engineering

•      Molecular Genetics (Advanced Science)

•      Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology

•      Multidisciplinary Science


•      Nursing

•      Nutrition and Food Science

•      Nutrition and Health Promotion Double Degree


•      Occupational Therapy

•      Oral Health Therapy


•      Petroleum Engineering

•      Pharmacy

•      Photography (Mass Communication)

•      Photography and Illustration Design

•      Physics

•      Physics (Advanced Science)

•      Physiotherapy

•      Primary Education

•      Professional Writing and Publishing

•      Psychology

•      Psychology and Human Resource Management

•      Psychology and Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations Double Degree

•      Psychology and Marketing Double Degree

•      Public Relations

•      Public Relations (Mass Communication)

•      Public Relations and Journalism Double Major

•      Public Relations and Management Double Major


•      Registered Nurse Conversion - Australian Registration Nurse Stream


•      Science

•      Science Honours

•      Science and Arts Double Degree

•      Science and Commerce Double Degree

•      Screen Arts

•      Secondary Education

•      Social Work

•      Speech Pathology

•      Surveying


•      Theatre Arts

•      Tourism and Hospitality

•      Tourism and Hospitality and Marketing Double Major

•      Tourism and Hospitality and Public Relations Double Major


•      Urban and Regional Planning


•      Visualisation and Interactive Media


•      Web Media (Mass Communication)



Actuarial and Financial Science

•             Master of Science (Actuarial and Financial Science)

Advanced Accounting

•             Advanced Accounting CPA Australia Extension Major (Mcom)

•             Master of Accounting (CPA Australia Extension Studies)

Applied Design and Art

•             Graduate Certificate in Design and Art

•             Master of Applied Design and Art

Applied Linguistics

•             Master of Arts (Applied Linguistics)


•             Master of Architecture


Banking and Finance

•             Applied Finance Major (MCom)

•             Graduate Certificate in Applied Finance

•             Master of Finance

Biomedical Sciences

•             Master of Biomedical Science

Business Administration

•             Graduate Certificate in Business

•             Graduate Certificate in Procurement

•             Graduate Diploma in Business

•             Master of Business Administration

•             Master of Business Administration (Advanced)

•             Master of Business Administration (Global)

•             Master of Science (Mineral and Energy Economics), Master of Business Administration


Chemical Engineering

•             Graduate Certificate in Chemical Engineering

•             Graduate Diploma in Chemical Engineering

•             Master of Chemical Engineering


•             Water Quality and Treatment Major (Master of Science)

Clinical Physiotherapy

•             Graduate Certificate in Clinical Physiotherapy

•             Master of Clinical Physiotherapy


•             Master of Commerce

Computer Science

•             Graduate Diploma in Cyber Security

•             Master of Science (Computer Science)

Corrosion Engineering

•             Graduate Diploma in Corrosion Engineering

•             Master of Science (Corrosion Engineering)


Development Planning

•             Graduate Certificate in Development Planning


•             Master of Dietetics

Dryland Agricultural Systems

•             Master of Science (Dryland Agricultural Systems)



•             Master of Education

Electrical Engineering

•             Master of Engineering Science (Electrical Engineering)

Engineering Management

•             Master of Engineering Management


Food Science and Technology

•             Graduate Certificate in Food Science and Technology

•             Graduate Diploma in Food Science and Technology

•             Master of Science (Food Science and Technology)


Geographic and Geospatial Information Science

•             Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science

•             Graduate Diploma in Geographic Information Science

•             Master of Science (Geospatial Science)


•             Master of Science (Geology)


•             Master of Science (Geophysics)


Health Administration/Services Management

•             Graduate Diploma in Health Administration

•             Master of Health Administration

Health Promotion

•             Graduate Diploma in Health Promotion

•             Master of Health Promotion

Human Resources

•             Graduate Certificate in Human Resources

•             Graduate Diploma in Human Resources

•             Master of Human Resources

Human Rights

•             Graduate Certificate in Human Rights

•             Master of Human Rights


Indigenous Studies

•             Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Australian Cultural Studies

Industrial Engineering

•             Master of Science (Industrial Engineering)

Information Systems

•             Graduate Certificate in Information Systems and Technology

•             Information Systems and Technology Major (MCom)

•             Master of Information Systems and Technology

International Business

•             Master of International Business

•             Master of International Business and Entrepreneurship

International Health

•             International Health major (MSc Clinical)

International Relations and National Security

•             Graduate Certificate in International Relations and National Security

•             Graduate Diploma in International Relations and National Security

•             Master of International Relations and National Security

Internet Communications

•             Graduate Certificate in Internet Communications

•             Graduate Diploma in Internet Communications

•             Master of Internet Communications


Logistics and Supply Chain Management

•             Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management

•             Master of Supply Chain Management

•             Supply Chain Management Major (MCom)



•             Graduate Certificate in Marketing

•             Graduate Diploma in Marketing

•             Marketing Major (MCom)

•             Master of Marketing

Mathematical Sciences

•             Master of Science (Mathematical Sciences)

Media and Communication

•             Creative Practice Major (Master of Media and Communication)

•             Master of Media and Communication

•             Media Practice Major (Master of Media and Communication)

•             Professional Writing and Publishing Major (Master of Media and Communication)

•             Social and Cultural Inquiry Major (Master of Media and Communication)

•             Visualisation and Interactive Media Major (Master of Media and Communication)


•             Graduate Diploma in Metallurgy

•             Master of Engineering Science (Metallurgy)

Mineral and Energy Economics

•             Graduate Certificate in Mineral and Energy Economics

•             Master of Science (Mineral and Energy Economics)


•             Graduate Diploma in Mining

•             Master of Engineering Science (Mining)


Nursing Practice

•             Master of Nursing Practice


Occupational Health and Safety

•             Graduate Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety

•             Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety

•             Master of Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Therapy

•             Master of Occupational Therapy


Petroleum Engineering

•             Graduate Diploma in Petroleum Engineering

•             Master of Engineering Science (Petroleum Engineering)

•             Master of Petroleum Engineering


•             Master of Pharmacy


•             Master of Physiotherapy

Predictive Analytics

•             Graduate Certificate in Predictive Analytics

•             Graduate Diploma in Predictive Analytics

•             Master of Predictive Analytics

Professional Accounting

•             Graduate Certificate in Professional Accounting

•             Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting

•             Professional Accounting: Accounting Foundation Stream (MCom)

•             Professional Accounting: CPA Australia Extension Major (MCom)

Project Management

•             Graduate Certificate in Project Management

•             Graduate Diploma in Project Management

•             Master of Science (Project Management)


•             Master of Psychology

Public Health

•             Graduate Certificate in Public Health

•             Graduate Diploma in Public Health

•             Master of Public Health



•             Master of Science

Secondary Education

•             Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary Education)


•             Graduate Diploma in Sexology

•             Master of Sexology

Speech Pathology

•             Master of Speech Pathology

Subsea Engineering

•             Graduate Diploma in Subsea Engineering

•             Master of Science (Global Subsea Engineering)

•             Master of Subsea Engineering

Sustainability Management

•             Sustainability Management Major (MSc Science)

Sustainability and Climate Policy

•             Graduate Certificate in Sustainability and Climate Policy

•             Graduate Diploma in Sustainability and Climate Policy

•             Master of Sustainability and Climate Policy

Sustainable Aquaculture

•             Master of Science (Sustainable Aquaculture)



•             Graduate Certificate in Taxation

•             Graduate Diploma in Taxation

•             Master of Taxation


Urban and Regional Planning

•             Master of Urban and Regional Planning


•             Doctor of Philosophy

•             Doctor of Business Administration

•             Doctor of Education

•             Doctor of Science Education

•             Master of Philosophy

•             Doctor of Sustainable Development



 The university  offers  more than 1,000 places to stay in the  main campus. Curtin’s accommodation is a popular way to stay close to campus. Due to high demand, we recommend you apply for student housing as soon as you apply to study at Curtin. By living on campus, you'll enjoy comfortable and tidy single and shared accommodation, and have the opportunity to meet and interact with people from all over the world. You will also benefit from 24-hour security patrols and the convenience of having supermarkets, shops, restaurants, cafés and a post office only walking distance away.


 A range of accommodation options is available in the suburbs surrounding the main campus. You’ll benefit from close proximity to the city and shopping, with rental prices varying depending on the type and location of accommodation you choose. Curtin’s Housing Services Office keeps a register of people in established households who are looking to share with others. Off-campus accommodation allows greater independence and privacy, making it ideal for mature-aged students and those with families.


 Live with an Australian family, couple or single person and learn about life in Australia. Most students choose to stay with a homestay family when they first arrive in Perth. It’s a great way to improve your English and get to know your way around Perth. Your homestay family will provide you with meals on either a full-board or part-board basis depending on your choice. Homestay full-board offers three daily meals, 7 days a week. Homestay part-board offers two daily meals on weekdays and three daily meals on weekends.


 You can experience staying in an Australian home in your own room with the independence of arranging your own meals.


You can rent your own house or apartment to live in. If you take this option usually you will have your family with you or you want to live by yourself without sharing accommodation with others. If you want to rent your own accommodation, you will have to prepare your own meals.


For information about accommodation at other Curtin campuses, please contact the relevant campus directly.


There are a number of international student scholarships provided by Curtin University and the Australian Government, which enable students from all backgrounds to realise their potential.

Australian Government scholarships

Scholarships provided by the Australian Government provide opportunities for international students to study undergraduate or postgraduate full time at Australian institutions.

Australia Awards Scholarship

Australia Awards Scholarships provide higher education opportunities for people from select developing countries to study in Australia to build the skills and knowledge to promote development in their home country.

Australia Awards Fellowships

The Australia Awards Fellowships gives Australian organisations the opportunity to bring international fellows to undertake short-term study and professional development to support enduring ties between Australia and its neighbours.

Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships

Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research Fellowships

The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research offers John Allwright Fellowship and the John Dillon Memorial Fellowship.

Curtin Innovative International Scholarships

Scholarship recipients will receive financial assistance amounting to up to 25 percent of first-year tuition fees.

Alumni and Family Scholarship   

Any nationality except Australian. For students who can demonstrate close personal ties to Curtin University. For example, students must present evidence that they, their sibling, half-sibling, parent or child are members of Curtin Alumni or are currently enrolled students.

Merit Scholarship

High achieving students

S&E Merit Extension

The Science and Engineering International Merit Extension Scholarship is designed to award high achieving students

CRL Merit Scholarship    

Achieving students applying with CRL (Credit for Recognised Learning)

International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS)

 This scholarship is available to international students who undertake a master or doctoral degree by research at Curtin.

Quick Facts





Fees may vary from 29,600 AUD$ TO 37,200 AUD$ annually . It depends on your course.


Your day-to-day living costs will vary based on your tastes, interests and financial position. You should plan a budget to suit your needs, but make sure it’s flexible enough to allow for changes.



QS World University Ranking  :: 262

QS Australia University Ranking :: 22

Times Higher Education World Ranking (THE WUR Rank )  :: 351-400

Times Higher Education Australia Ranking  :: 15

Academic  Ranking of World Universities (ARWU )  :: 151-200

U.S News & World Report(USN)   ::  297


Kent Street, Bentley, Perth, Western Australia, WA 6102, Australia

Please Note that the University name, logo & other text is for your information only. Please refer to University website for accurate detail information. Use of the University name and the logo is for identification purpose only & does not implies that there is a relationship between University/ Institute and us.

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