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Key statistics

Total UG Students Total PG Students International Student Student Faculty Ratio
19,839 5,967 27% 23:0


The University of Western Australia (UWA) is a public research university in the Australian state of Western Australia. The university's main campus is in Perth, the state capital, with a secondary campus located in Albany and various other facilities elsewhere.

UWA is the only Western Australian university in the Group of Eight – a coalition of the top research universities in Australia—and is one of only two Australian members of the Worldwide Universities Network, a partnership of 18 research-led universities.It is also a foundation member of the Matariki Network of high-quality, research-intensive universities with a particular focus on student experience.

It is a dynamic and progressive community of lecturers, researchers, students and staff, all bound together by their hunger for learning, innovation and research.Choose The University of Western Australia (UWA) and you’ll join a dynamic and passionate community of forward-thinking people who are determined to explore the unknown, challenge convention and make things happen.

At  UWA, your degree is an investment in your future. They celebrate strong industry partnerships with a range of organisations, which helps provide you with practical, real-world experiences alongside valuable networking opportunities.

Our innovative and flexible course structure is based on a global model that will prepare you to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing world and maximise your career options. The choice of more than 70 majors also means you can explore your interests and discover your passions before finalising a study pathway.

  By choosing UWA, you’ll gain qualifications with international recognition and develop skills and personal attributes to succeed in a growing society.

More than 400 postdoctoral students carry out important projects at UWA across a range of disciplines. As a student with us, you’ll have the opportunity to apply your knowledge through collaborative projects with business, industry, government and the wider community.

The beautiful Perth campus sits adjacent to the Swan River and is among the most picturesque in the nation with grand sandstone and terracotta buildings among elegant heritage-listed gardens. The campus is also just 10 minutes from Perth’s main shopping and business district.

There are more than 5000 international students in the academic programs, and the Perth campus is a multicultural, multi-faith community that includes students from more than 100 countries. The University is a community of people with a desire to make the most of their potential and contribute to the world's advancement.

Notable Alumini:

•         Colin Barnett, Premier of Western Australia

•         Kim Beazley, former Leader of the Opposition and Deputy Prime Minister

•         Kim Edward Beazley, former Whitlam Cabinet Minister

•         Boediono, former Vice President of Indonesia

•         Michael Chaney, former CEO of Wesfarmers; current chancellor of UWA

•         Sir Rod Eddington, former CEO of British Airways

•         Sandra Angelia, Miss Indonesia 2008

•         Peter F. Bell, former captain of the Fremantle Dockers

English language requirements: Students must be able to meet the University’s required level of English language competency. For example IELTS 6.5 (no band lower than 6.0).

IELTS (Academic) Overall minimum score of 6.5, no band lower than 6.0 (must include Academic Reading and Writing modules)

All India Examination (CBSE) or Indian School Certificate (CISCE) English language components with a minimum grade B2 (CBSE) or 60% (CISCE)

Undergraduate requirements:

The University of Western Australia welcomes applications from students who have completed the CBSE All-India Senior School Certificate Examination program and  Indian School Certificate program. To be admitted to the University, you must

•         satisfy the University's English language competence requirement by satisfactory performance in one of the English subjects .

•         achieve a sufficient number of points to be offered a place; and

•         satisfy any prerequisite subject requirements for your chosen course and major.


Entry to undergraduate courses is offered to all students who achieve the required entry score for the undergraduate program of their choice at The University of Western Australia. Students are also required to meet the English language requirements of the University and prerequisites for chosen majors.

 All India Examination (CBSE) or Indian School Certificate (CISCE) English language components with a minimum grade B2 (CBSE) or 60% (CISCE)

 For more information visit

Postgraduate requirements:

A relevant bachelor’s degree, or an equivalent qualification, as recognised by UWA

You must have completed, or expect to complete, a degree with a substantial research component.


Bachelor of Arts (Asian Studies)                                                             

  Bachelor of Arts (Communication Studies)                                                                      

  Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (New 2012)                                                            

  Bachelor of Arts (New 2012)                                                                 

  Bachelor of Arts (Pre-2012)                                                                   

  Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) (New 2012)                                                              

  Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) (Pre-2012)                                                                 

  Bachelor of Commerce (New 2012)                                                                   

  Bachelor of Commerce (Pre-2012)                                                                     

  Bachelor of Computer and Mathematical Sciences (Honours)                                                                 

  Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours)                                                                        

  Bachelor of Dental Science (Five Year)                                                              

  Bachelor of Design (Honours) (New 2012)                                                                      

  Bachelor of Design (New 2012)                                                            

  Bachelor of Economics                                                            

  Bachelor of Economics (Honours)                                                                       

  Bachelor of Engineering                                                                         

  Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Commerce                                                                  

  Bachelor of Environmental Design (Three Years)                                                                         

  Bachelor of Environmental Design / Master of Architecture                                                                    

  Bachelor of Exercise Rehabilitation Science                                                                    

  Bachelor of Health Science                                                                    

  Bachelor of Health Science (Honours)                                                               

  Bachelor of Laws - Graduate                                                                 

  Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts                                                              

  Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce                                                                

  Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Economics                                                                

  Bachelor of Medical Science                                                                 

  Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery                                                              

  Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery - Graduate                                                                       

  Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) (New 2012)                                                              

  Bachelor of Science (Advanced Science)                                                                          

  Bachelor of Science (Anatomical Sciences)                                                                     

  Bachelor of Science (Bioinformatics)                                                                 

  Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science)                                                                        

  Bachelor of Science (Biophysical Science)                                                                       

  Bachelor of Science (Conservation Biology)                                                                    

  Bachelor of Science (Earth Science)                                                                   

  Bachelor of Science (Earth Sciences Foundation Package)                                                                       

  Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science)                                                                 

  Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Health Science)                                                                       

  Bachelor of Science (Genetics)                                                             

  Bachelor of Science (Geochemistry)                                                                   

  Bachelor of Science (Green Chemistry)                                                             

  Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Biomedical Science)                                                                   

  Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Biophysical Science)                                                                   

  Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Conservation Biology)                                                               

  Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Earth Science)                                                              

  Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Earth Sciences Foundation Package)                                                                   

  Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Environmental Science)                                                            

  Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Exercise and Health Science)                                                                  

  Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Genetics)                                                                        

  Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Geochemistry)                                                              

  Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Green Chemistry)                                                                       

  Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Land Rehabilitation - Honours)                                                              

  Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Life Sciences [Biological] Foundation Package)                                                               

  Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Life Sciences [Human and Behavioural] Foundation Package)                                                                          

  Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Marine Science)                                                                          

  Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Mathematics and Computer Science Foundation Package)                                                                          

  Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Neuroscience)                                                              

  Bachelor of Science (Honours) (New 2012)                                                                     

  Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Pharmaceutical Science)                                                                          

  Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Physical Science Foundation Package)                                                                

  Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Physical Science)                                                                         

  Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Psychology)                                                                   

  Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Science Communication)                                                                         

  Bachelor of Science (International)                                                                    

  Bachelor of Science (Life Sciences [Biological] Foundation Package)                                                                    

  Bachelor of Science (Life Sciences [Human and Behavioural] Foundation Package)                                                                       

  Bachelor of Science (Marine Science)                                                                

  Bachelor of Science (Mathematics and Computer Science Foundation Package)                                                             

  Bachelor of Science (Molecular Biology and Biotechnology)                                                                    

  Bachelor of Science (Nanotechnology)                                                              

  Bachelor of Science (Neuroscience)                                                                   

  Bachelor of Science (New 2012)                                                                         

  Bachelor of Science (Physical Science Foundation Package)                                                                    

  Bachelor of Science (Physical Science)                                                              

  Bachelor of Science (Psychology)                                                                        

  Bachelor of Science (Science Communication)                                                               

 Bachelor of Science (Scientific Computation)      



  Graduate Certificate in Adult Sleep Science                                                                   

  Graduate Certificate in Asian Studies                                                                

  Graduate Certificate in Business                                                                         

  Graduate Certificate in Business Communications                                                                       

  Graduate Certificate in Commerce                                                                     

  Graduate Certificate in Emergency Medicine Research                                                              

  Graduate Certificate in Forensic Anthropology                                                              

  Graduate Certificate in Forensic Science                                                                         

  Graduate Certificate in Health Professions Education                                                                

  Graduate Certificate in Heritage Studies                                                                         

  Graduate Certificate in Human Resources and Employment Relations                                                                

  Graduate Certificate in Integrated Water Management                                                             

  Graduate Certificate in International Relations                                                             

  Graduate Certificate in Paediatric Respiratory Science                                                               

  Graduate Certificate in Paediatric Sleep Science                                                                          

  Graduate Certificate in Population Health Studies                                                                       

  Graduate Certificate in Public Health                                                                

  Graduate Certificate in Rural and Remote Medicine                                                                   

  Graduate Certificate in Social Impact                                                                

  Graduate Certificate in Social Policy Practice                                                                 

  Graduate Certificate in Social Research Methods                                                                        

  Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communication                                                                        

  Graduate Certificate in Studies                                                             

  Graduate Certificate in Translation Studies                                                                     

  Graduate Certificate in Urban Design                                                                

  Graduate Diploma in Advanced Social Work                                                                  

  Graduate Diploma in Anatomical Sciences                                                                      

  Graduate Diploma in Asian Studies                                                                    

  Graduate Diploma in Biological Arts                                                                  

  Graduate Diploma in Clinical Neuropsychology                                                             

  Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology                                                                        

  Graduate Diploma in Curriculum Leadership                                                                  

  Graduate Diploma in Dental Public & Primary Health                                                                 

  Graduate Diploma in Dental Sleep Medicine                                                                  

  Graduate Diploma in Dentistry                                                             

  Graduate Diploma in Economics                                                                         

  Graduate Diploma in Education                                                                          

  Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership                                                                 

  Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies                                                                       

  Graduate Diploma in Exercise Rehabilitation                                                                  

  Graduate Diploma in Forensic Anthropology                                                                  

  Graduate Diploma in Forensic Odontology                                                                     

  Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science                                                              

  Graduate Diploma in Health Professions Education                                                                    

  Graduate Diploma in Heritage Studies                                                              

  Graduate Diploma in Human Biology                                                                

  Graduate Diploma in Infectious Diseases                                                                        

  Graduate Diploma in Integrated Water Management                                                                

  Graduate Diploma in International Commercial Law                                                                  

  Graduate Diploma in International Law                                                           

  Graduate Diploma in International Relations                                                                 

  Graduate Diploma in Law                                                                      

  Graduate Diploma in Law Policy and Government                                                                       

  Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice                                                                   

  Graduate Diploma in Logistic Engineering and Management                                                                   

  Graduate Diploma in Natural Resources Law                                                                 

  Graduate Diploma in Neonatology                                                                    

  Graduate Diploma in Professional Education                                                                 

  Graduate Diploma in Public Health                                                                    

  Graduate Diploma in Sleep Science                                                                   

  Graduate Diploma in Social Research Methods                                                             

  Graduate Diploma in Sport and Recreation Management                                                                        

  Graduate Diploma in Strategic Communication                                                             

  Graduate Diploma in Taxation Law                                                                    

  Graduate Diploma in Translation Studies                                                                        

  Graduate Diploma in Urban Design                                                                   

  Graduate Diploma in Work Health and Safety                                                               

  Juris Doctor                                                                 



  Master of Agricultural Economics - Coursework                                                            

  Master of Agricultural Science                                                             

  Master of Anatomical Sciences - Coursework and Dissertation                                                               

  Master of Applied Finance - Coursework                                                                         

  Master of Architecture - Coursework (168 points)                                                                       

  Master of Asian Studies                                                                          

  Master of Biological Arts - Coursework and Dissertation                                                                          

  Master of Biological Science                                                                 

  Master of Biomedical Science                                                              

  Master of Biotechnology                                                                       

  Master of Building Information Modelling                                                                      

  Master of Business Administration - Coursework                                                                        

  Master of Business Administration - Coursework and Dissertation                                                        

  Master of Business Administration and Master of International Commercial Law                            

  Master of Business Administration and Master of Laws                                                            

  Master of Business Information and Logistics Management - Coursework (96 points)                     

  Master of Business Psychology - Coursework                                                                

  Master of Business Strategy - Coursework                                                                      

  Master of Clinical Audiology                                                                 

  Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology - Coursework                                                                   

  Master of Clinical Psychology (Extended) - Coursework and Dissertation                                                           

  Master of Commerce - Coursework (96 points)                                                             

  Master of Commerce and Master of International Commercial Law (120 points)                              

  Master of Commercial and Resources Law                                                                     

  Master of Computer Science                                                                

  Master of Data Science                                                                          

  Master of Dental Public & Primary Health                                                                      

  Master of Economics - Coursework                                                                   

  Master of Ecotourism - Coursework and Dissertation                                                                 

  Master of Education - Coursework                                                                     

  Master of Education Research Methods - Coursework                                                               

  Master of Educational Leadership - Coursework                                                                          

  Master of Engineering in Oil and Gas - Coursework                                                                    

  Master of Environmental Science                                                                       

  Master of Exercise Science                                                                    

  Master of Food Science - Coursework and Dissertation                                                             

  Master of Forensic Anthropology                                                                       

  Master of Forensic Science - Coursework                                                                        

  Master of Geographic Information Science                                                                    

  Master of Geoscience                                                              

  Master of Health Professions Education - Coursework and Dissertation                                              

  Master of Health Science - Coursework                                                            

  Master of Heritage Studies - Coursework and Dissertation                                                                      

  Master of Human Biology - Coursework and Dissertation                                                                         

  Master of Human Resources and Employment Relations - Coursework (96 points)                                                                        

  Master of Hydrogeology                                                                        

  Master of Industrial and Organisational Psychology - Coursework                                                                        

  Master of Infectious Diseases - Coursework & Dissertation                                                                     

  Master of Information Technology - Coursework                                                                         

  Master of Integrated Water Management - Coursework                                                                          

  Master of International Commercial Law - Coursework                                                             

  Master of International Development                                                               

  Master of International Law - Coursework                                                                      

  Master of International Law and Master of International Relations (120 points)                                                             

  Master of International Relations (96 points)                                                                 

  Master of Landscape Architecture - Coursework                                                                         

  Master of Law Policy and Government - Coursework                                                                 

  Master of Laws - Coursework                                                               

  Master of Marketing - Coursework (96 points)                                                              

  Master of Mining and Energy Law - Coursework                                                                          

  Master of Neonatology - Coursework                                                               

  Master of Oil and Gas Engineering - Coursework                                                                         

  Master of Ore Deposit Geology                                                                          

  Master of Petroleum Geoscience                                                                       

  Master of Pharmacy - Coursework (120 points)                                                             

  Master of Physics - Coursework and Dissertation                                                                        

  Master of Professional Accounting - Coursework (96 points)                                                                   

  Master of Professional Engineering                                                                   

  Master of Professional Engineering Preliminary                                                            

  Master of Psychology - Coursework                                                                   

  Master of Public Health                                                                         

  Master of Public Health - Coursework                                                               

  Master of Public Health - Coursework and Dissertation                                                             

  Master of Public Policy                                                            

  Master of School Leadership - Coursework                                                                     

  Master of Science Communication                                                                     

  Master of Science Communication and Education - Coursework                                                            

  Master of Science Education - Coursework                                                                     

  Master of Social Research Methods                                                                   

  Master of Social Work                                                             

  Master of Strategic Communication (96 points)                                                            

  Master of Studies                                                                      

  Master of Taxation Law                                                                         

  Master of Teaching - Coursework                                                                       

  Master of Teaching - Secondary                                                                          

  Master of Translation Studies                                                               

  Master of Urban and Regional Planning                                                                           

  Master of Urban Design - Coursework                                                              

  Master of Urban Design - Coursework and Dissertation                                                             

  Master of Work Health and Safety



Doctor of Architecture (Design)                                                             

  Doctor of Business Administration                                                                      

  Doctor of Education                                                                 

  Doctor of Juridical Science                                                                    

  Doctor of Musical Arts                                                             

  Doctor of Philosophy (Agricultural Economics Plant and Soil Science)                                                  

  Doctor of Philosophy (Animal Science)                                                             

  Doctor of Philosophy (Architecture Landscape and Visual Arts)                                                              

  Doctor of Philosophy (Arts Humanities and Social Sciences)                                                                    

  Doctor of Philosophy (Biological and Physical Sciences)                                                             

  Doctor of Philosophy (Computer Science)                                                                       

  Doctor of Philosophy (Dentistry - Biological Sciences)                                                                               

  Doctor of Philosophy (Dentistry - Clinical)                                                                       

  Doctor of Philosophy (Dentistry - Paraclinical Sciences)                                                                            

  Doctor of Philosophy (Dentistry - Public Health)                                                                          

  Doctor of Philosophy (Economics and Commerce)                                                                      

  Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering)                                                                                   

  Doctor of Philosophy (Faculty of Education)                                                                   

  Doctor of Philosophy (Geology & Physical Geography)                                                               

  Doctor of Philosophy (Human and Behavioural)                                                            

  Doctor of Philosophy (Human and Social Geography)                                                  

  Doctor of Philosophy (Joint/Double Badged) (Agricultural Economics Plant and Soil Science)              

  Doctor of Philosophy (Joint/Double Badged) (Animal Science)                                                               

  Doctor of Philosophy (Joint/Double Badged) (Architecture Landscape and Visual Arts)                   

  Doctor of Philosophy (Joint/Double Badged) (Arts Humanities and Social Sciences)                         

  Doctor of Philosophy (Joint/Double Badged) (Biological and Physical Sciences)                                 

  Doctor of Philosophy (Joint/Double Badged) (Computer Science)                                                          

  Doctor of Philosophy (Joint/Double Badged) (Dentistry - Biological Sciences)                                    

  Doctor of Philosophy (Joint/Double Badged) (Dentistry - Clinical)                                                          

  Doctor of Philosophy (Joint/Double Badged) (Dentistry - Paraclinical Sciences)                                 

  Doctor of Philosophy (Joint/Double Badged) (Dentistry - Public Health)                                              

  Doctor of Philosophy (Joint/Double Badged) (Economics and Commerce)    

  Doctor of Philosophy (Joint/Double Badged) (Engineering)                                                                      

  Doctor of Philosophy (Joint/Double Badged) (Faculty of Education)                                

   Doctor of Philosophy (Joint/Double Badged) (Geology & Physical Geography)                                 

     Doctor of Philosophy (Joint/Double Badged) (Human and Behavioural)            

  Doctor of Philosophy (Joint/Double Badged) (Human and Social Geography)                                      

  Doctor of Philosophy (Joint/Double Badged) (Law)                                                                     

  Doctor of Philosophy (Joint/Double Badged) (Mathematics)                                                                   

  Doctor of Philosophy (Joint/Double Badged) (Medicine - Biological Sciences)                                    

  Doctor of Philosophy (Joint/Double Badged) (Medicine - Clinical)                                                    

   Doctor of Philosophy (Joint/Double Badged) (Medicine - Paraclinical Sciences)                                 

  Doctor of Philosophy (Joint/Double Badged) (Medicine - Public Health)       

  Doctor of Philosophy (Joint/Double Badged) (Paramedical)                                                                     

  Doctor of Philosophy (Law)                                                                                                                

  Doctor of Philosophy (Mathematics)                                                                 

  Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine - Biological Sciences)                                                                               

  Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine - Clinical)                                                                      

  Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine - Paraclinical Sciences)                                                                            

  Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine - Public Health)                                                                          

  Doctor of Philosophy (Paramedical)                                                                                                 

  Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Clinical Neuropsychology – Research                                          

  Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Clinical Psychology – Research                                                  

  Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Industrial and Organisational Psychology – Research                           

  Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Infectious Diseases – Research                                                                    

  Doctor of Podiatry                                                                    

  Doctor of Social Work                                                              

  Master of Advanced Social Work - Research                                                                  

  Master of Architecture (Design) - Research                                                                    

  Master of Arts - Research                                                                      

  Master of Arts - Research (Creative Writing)                                                                                                

  Master of Clinical Audiology and Doctor of Philosophy                                                              

  Master of Clinical Research - Thesis and Coursework                                                                 

  Master of Curatorial Studies in Fine Arts - Research                                                                   

  Master of Education - Thesis & Coursework                                                                                  

  Master of Educational Leadership - Thesis & Coursework                                                                        

  Master of Exercise Science - Thesis and Coursework (Human Movement)                                           

  Master of Fine Arts - Research                                                             

  Master of Forensic Science - Research                                                              

  Master of Forensic Science and Doctor of Philosophy                                                                 

  Master of Health Professions Education - Thesis and Coursework                                                         

  Master of Music - Research                                                                  

  Master of Music Education - Research                                                              

  Master of Philosophy - Research (Agricultural Economics Plant and Soil Science)                                            

  Master of Philosophy - Research (Animal Science)                                                                      

  Master of Philosophy - Research (Architecture Landscape and Visual Arts)                                         

  Master of Philosophy - Research (Arts Humanities and Social Sciences)                                               

  Master of Philosophy - Research (Biological and Physical Sciences)                                                       

  Master of Philosophy - Research (Computer Science)                                                                 

  Master of Philosophy - Research (Dentistry - Biological Sciences)                                                          

  Master of Philosophy - Research (Dentistry - Clinical)                                                                 

  Master of Philosophy - Research (Dentistry - Paraclinical Sciences)                                                       

  Master of Philosophy - Research (Dentistry - Public Health)                                                                    

  Master of Philosophy - Research (Economics and Commerce)                                                                

  Master of Philosophy - Research (Education)                                                                 

  Master of Philosophy - Research (Engineering)                                                              

  Master of Philosophy - Research (Geology & Physical Geography)                                                         

  Master of Philosophy - Research (Human and Behavioural)                                                                     

  Master of Philosophy - Research (Human and Social Geography)                                                           

  Master of Philosophy - Research (Law)                                                             

  Master of Philosophy - Research (Mathematics)                                                                          

  Master of Philosophy - Research (Medicine - Biological Sciences)                                                          

  Master of Philosophy - Research (Medicine - Clinical)                                                                

  Master of Philosophy - Research (Medicine - Paraclinical Sciences)                                                       

  Master of Philosophy - Research (Medicine - Public Health)                                                                    

  Master of Philosophy - Research (Paramedical)                                                             

  Master of Public Health - Research                                                                    

  Master of Rural and Remote Medicine - Research                                                                       

  Master of Rural and Remote Medicine - Thesis and Coursework                                                            

  Master of Science - Thesis and Coursework (Research)                                                              

  Master of Surgery - Thesis and Coursework                                                                   

  Master of Urban Design - Thesis and Coursework                                                                       


Living on Campus

Living on Campus Living on campus gives you an immediate sense of belonging and an instant circle of friends from across Australia and around the world.

 UWA’s five residential colleges— St Catherine’s College, St George’s College, St Thomas More College, Trinity and University Hall—each offer a unique and valuable dimension to your UWA experience.

On-campus accommodation is located directly opposite the University and offers you a world-class living and learning environment. The colleges provide academic support; a full calendar of sporting, cultural and social events; leadership opportunities; and fantastic facilities in a warm and welcoming home away from home. You apply to live at a UWA residential college through a central application portal via

Living off Campus

You can rent an apartment, unit or house either on your own or share with others. When you rent, you will take full responsibility for the property and sign a rental contract. The average cost of renting or leasing an unfurnished one or two bedroom unit close to UWA is between AUD$285 and AUD$450 per week. Renting a house is a good idea if you’re a couple, family or would like to share with other people. There are also establishment costs to consider, such as a bond. Other costs such as electricity and/or gas, telephone and food are usually not included in the weekly rent. It is important to realise that most rental leases will require a commitment of at least six months and you should bring character references with you to support your rental applications.


UWA’s undergraduate fee discount scholarships will be awarded to eligible students from India, who have demonstrated high academic achievement in their high school studies and who have been accepted to undertake a Bachelor’s degree at UWA, commencing in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Perth Energy Scholarship

The Perth Energy Scholarship is available to international students after their first year of study of a Bachelor of Commerce at UWA, and is awarded on the basis of academic excellence

International postgraduate scholarships for Australian university graduates

International students who have completed and achieved excellent results in their undergraduate degree at an Australian university may be eligible for UWA's International Master's by Coursework Scholarship if they enrol in an applicable degree.

Science International Postgraduate Merit Awards

Students who apply for an eligible postgraduate science course are automatically considered for a Science International Postgraduate Merit Awards.

International Postgraduate Research Scholarships

The IPRS is for top quality international students to study in UWA areas of specialised research strength.

Forrest Research Foundation Scholarships

Awarded to outstanding students to undertake a Doctor of Philosophy at a Western Australian university.

Dean’s Excellence in Science

PhD Scholarships Awarded to high achieving graduates to undertake a Doctor of Philosophy in the UWA science faculty.


Australian Government Funded Scholarships

 Australia Awards are prestigious international scholarships offering high-achieving students the opportunity to undertake study.

International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (funded by the Australian Government)

The purpose of the International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) is to attract top quality international postgraduate students to UWA's research strengths to support Australia’s research efforts.

Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships (funded by the Australian Government)

 Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships are the Australian Government’s internationally competitive, merit-based scholarship program, providing opportunities for citizens of the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas to undertake study, research and professional development in Australia. Also available is the opportunity for Australians to undertake study, research and professional development abroad.


Some other scholarships also available:

Adore Beauty Women in Tech Scholarship

Research Training Program (RTP) Stipend Scholarships

Elise and Jack Middleditch Postgraduate Coursework Scholarship

Ted Maslen Scholarship

Minerals Research Institute of Western Australia (MRIWA) Postgraduate Scholarships

Leadership Behaviours in Dynamic Conditions PhD Scholarship

Telethon Kids Institute and School of Paediatrics and Child Health Vacation Scholarships

The Macroeconomics of Aggregate Demand Under Instability PhD Scholarship

UWA Humanitarian Swans Scholarship

International Research Training Program (RTP) Fee Offset Scholarships

Asbestos Diseases Society of Australia Phd Scholarship in Mesothelioma

Airborne Geophysics PhD Scholarships

REDiMED Honours Scholarship

For more details , please international/scholarships







Quick Facts





Fees may vary from 28,000 AUD$ TO 44,000 AUD$ annually . It depends on your course.


Cost of living The annual cost of living in Perth depends on your lifestyle and the type of accommodation you chose, however AUD$450–$650 per week is generally sufficient for most single students to live comfortably (this does not include tuition fees or medical cover). In addition you may need extra funds to cover various items such as airfares and textbooks. There may also be ancillary fees applicable to your course.



QS World University Ranking  :: 93

QS Australia University Ranking :: 7

Times Higher Education World Ranking (THE WUR Rank )  :: 125

Times Higher Education Australia Ranking  :: 7

Academic  Ranking of World Universities (ARWU )  ::  91

U.S News & World Report(USN)   ::  95


35 Stirling Highway, Crawley, Perth, Western Australia, WA 6009, Australia

Please Note that the University name, logo & other text is for your information only. Please refer to University website for accurate detail information. Use of the University name and the logo is for identification purpose only & does not implies that there is a relationship between University/ Institute and us.

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