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Key statistics

Total UG Students Total PG Students International Student Student Faculty Ratio
16,045 4,600 34% 17:8


The University of Greenwich is a British, United Kingdom-based university.

With more than 125 years of heritage, Greenwich has a long-standing history of academic excellence. You’ll learn from inspiring lecturers in a truly exceptional atmosphere – amongst 5,500 international and EU students from across 160 countries. A chance to make new connections, meet people from many different backgrounds and network with potential employers, you could also share your non-academic interests with like-minded students, in one of the many clubs and societies.

The London and Kent locations provide that sense of being right at the heart of action, with easy access to scenic countryside, but whichever campus you’re on, it will be vibrant, multicultural and buzzing with activity.  With the variety of courses available at Greenwich, there’s something for everyone. It’s about honing your skills and developing your knowledge to bring you one step closer to your dream career.

Notable Alumni

·        Professor Charles Kao – Nobel Prize winner and pioneer of fibre optics.

·        Ian Livingstone CBE – entrepreneur and co-founder of prominent games company Games Workshop.

·        Doreen Lawrence OBE – social justice campaigner and member of the House of Lords.

·        Malorie Blackman OBE – writer and Children’s Laureate.

·        Jenny Fagan – writer, named one of the Best of Young British Novelists of this decade by leading literary magazine Granta.

·        Stephen Howlett – Chief Executive of the Peabody Housing Trust, a major housing association.

·        Solomon Wifa – lawyer, the youngest ever MD of a major law firm: named in The Lawyer’s 'Hot 100' list.

·        Wilson Leech – Executive Vice President, The Northern Trust Company.

·        Richard Allen-Turner – joint MD of Avalon Entertainment Limited.

·        Sarah Eberle – award-winning landscape architect and garden designer.

English Language Requirements

All students need to show a good standard of English to study at the university, with any one of the following required:

Here's what you need:

  • IELTS 6.0 with a minimum of 5.5 in each component

For some undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses, you need:

  • IELTS 6.5 with a minimum of 5.5 in each component

For MPhil/PhD postgraduate research degrees, you need:

  • IELTS 6.5 with a minimum of 6.5 in each component

For many of our extended degree programmes, you will need:

  • IELTS 5.5 with a minimum of 5.5 in each component


·        An IELTS certificate taken in the past 2 years showing a score of 6.0 with no section less than 5.5 for the majority of programmes. The university's pre-sessional and foundation programmes ask for an IELTS of 4.5, whilst some professional programmes ask for an IELTS of 6.5 or 7.0.

·        One of a number of other English Language exams, please contact the International Office for full details.

Entry requirements

Foundation and undergraduate degrees

For entry to Year 1 of three year Bachelor degree programmes, you will need to have successfully completed and passed:

  • Generally Standard X and Standard XII with an average of 65% in five subjects although some programmes will require minimum 75% aggregate

Advanced standing to Year 2 is possible if you have completed year one of a relevant degree in India or to Year 3 of some degrees if you have completed the first two years of a relevant degree in India. 


For entry to our Master's programmes, you will need to have:

  • A three year degree from India with a minimum average of 60 per cent

Certain programmes have special requirements. For example, some MBA programmes require work experience after graduation at an appropriate level; and those for architecture need to submit a portfolio of their work.

Undergraduate courses
Architecture, landscape and the built environment
Architecture, BA Hons
BSc (Hons) Agriculture
Building Studies, HNC
Building Surveying, HNC
Construction Management, BSc Hons
Construction Management, HNC
Garden Design, BA (Hons)
Horticulture - Commercial, BSc (Hons)
Landscape and Countryside Management, BSc (Hons)
Landscape Architecture, BA Hons
Occupational Safety, Health and Environment, BSc Hons (Top-up)
Property Development and Management, BA Hons
Quantity Surveying, BSc Hons
Quantity Surveying, HND
Accounting and Finance, BA Hons
Accounting and Financial Information Systems (Extended), BA Hons
Accounting and Financial Information Systems, BA Hons
Advertising and Digital Marketing Communications with Language, BA Hons
Advertising and Digital Marketing Communications, BA Hons
Business Administration (Extended), BA Hons
Business Administration with Accounting and Finance, BA Hons
Business Administration with Marketing, BA Hons
Business Administration, BA Hons
Business Economics (Extended), BA Hons
Business Economics, BA Hons
Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Extended), BA Hons
Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation, BA Hons
Business Logistics and Transport Management (Extended), BA Hons
Business Logistics and Transport Management (Year 3 Direct Entry)
Business Logistics and Transport Management, BA Hons
Business Management (Extended), BA Hons
Business Management, BA Hons
Business Psychology, BA Hons
Business Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (Extended), BA Hons
Business Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (Year 3 Direct Entry)
Business Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, BA Hons
Business Studies (Extended), BA Hons
Business Studies (Year 3, Direct Entry), BA Hons
Business Studies, BA Hons
Business with Accounting (Year 3 Direct Entry)
Business with Finance (Extended), BA Hons
Business with Finance (Year 3 Direct Entry)
Business with Finance, BA Hons
Business with Human Resource Management (Extended), BA Hons
Business with Human Resource Management (Year 3 Direct Entry)
Business with Human Resource Management, BA Hons
Business with Language, BA Hons
Business with Law, BA Hons
Business with Marketing (Extended), BA Hons
Business with Marketing (Year 3 Direct Entry)
Business with Marketing, BA Hons
Digital and Technology Solutions BSc (Hons), (Degree Apprenticeship)
Economics with Banking, BSc Hons
Economics, BSc Hons
Events Management (Extended), BA Hons
Events Management, BA Hons
Finance and Investment Banking (Extended), BSc Hons
Finance and Investment Banking, BSc Hons
Hospitality Management (Extended), BA Hons
Hospitality Management, BA Hons
Human Resource Management (Extended), BA Hons
Human Resource Management, BA Hons
Information Technology Management for Business, BSc Hons
International Business (Extended), BA Hons
International Business with Language, BA Hons
International Business, BA Hons
Marketing (Extended), BA Hons
Marketing Management with Language, BA Hons
Marketing Management, BA Hons
Public Relations and Communications, BA Hons
Tourism Management with Language, BA Hons
Tourism Management, BA Hons
Computing, mathematics and information technology
Business Computing, BSc Hons
Business Information Technology (Extended), BSc Hons
Business Information Technology, BSc Hons
Computer Science, BSc Hons
Computer Security and Forensics, BSc Hons
Computer Systems and Networking, BSc Hons
Computing (Extended), BSc Hons
Computing with Games Development, BSc Hons
Computing, BSc Hons
Creative Digital Media, BSc Hons
Financial Mathematics, BSc Hons
Games Design and Development, BSc Hons
Mathematics and Computing, BSc Hons
Mathematics with Business, BSc Hons
Mathematics with Economics, BSc Hons
Mathematics, BSc Hons
Mathematics, MMath
Software Engineering, BEng Hons
Statistics and Operational Research, BSc Hons
Childhood and Youth Studies (Extended), BA Hons
Childhood and Youth Studies, BA Hons
Early Childhood Studies, BA (Hons) (Top-up) (Guildford College)
Early Years, BA Hons
Early Years, BA Hons (Top-up)
Education Studies (Top Up)
Education Studies, BA Hons
Education Studies, BA Hons (Top up) (NESCOT)
FdA Community Sport
Language and Literacy Education (2-Year Accelerated Degree), BA Hons
Lifelong Learning Sector (ESOL and Literacy), PCE
Lifelong Learning Sector (ESOL), PCE
Lifelong Learning Sector (Literacy), PCE
Lifelong Learning Sector (Numeracy), PCE
Lifelong Learning Sector, PCE
Mathematics Education (2-Year Accelerated Degree), BA Hons
Physical Education and Sport (Extended), BA Hons
Physical Education and Sport, BA Hons
Primary Education (2-Year Accelerated Degree), BA Hons
Primary Education with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), BA Hons
Chemical Engineering (Extended), BEng Hons
Chemical Engineering, BEng Hons
Chemical Engineering, MEng
Civil Engineering, BEng Hons
Civil Engineering, MEng
Computer Engineering, BEng Hons
Computer Engineering, MEng
Cybernetics (Extended), BEng Hons
Cybernetics, BEng Hons
Cybernetics, MEng
Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Extended), BEng Hons
Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, BEng Hons
Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, MEng
Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Extended), BEng Hons
Electrical and Electronic Engineering, BEng Hons
Electrical and Electronic Engineering, MEng
Engineering Management (Extended), BEng Hons
Engineering Management, BEng Hons
Engineering Management, MEng
Engineering Technology, BEng Hons
Industrial Engineering (Extended), BEng Hons
Industrial Engineering, BEng Hon
Industrial Engineering, MEng
Mechanical Engineering (Extended), BEng Hons
Mechanical Engineering, BEng Hons
Mechanical Engineering, MEng
Civil Engineering (Extended), BEng Hons
Computer Engineering (Extended), BEng Hons
Acupuncture, BSc (International College of Oriental Medicine)
Adult Nursing, BSc Hons
Assistant Health and Social Care Practitioner, FdS
Children's Nursing, BSc Hons
Counselling, BA Hons (Top-up) (Guildford College)
Health and Social Care, BA Hons (Top-up)
Health and Wellbeing (Extended), BSc Hons
Health and Wellbeing, BSc Hons
Integrated Master's Degree in Osteopathy, MOst
Learning Disabilities Nursing, BSc Hons
Mental Health Nursing, BSc Hons
Mental Health Work, BSc Hons (Top-up)
Midwifery, BSc Hon
Paramedic Science, BSc Hon
Psychology with Counselling, BSc Hons
Psychology, BSc Hons
Public Health (Extended), BSc Hons
Public Health, BSc Hons
Sexual Health, BSc Hons (Top up)
Social Work, BA Hons
Specialist Community Public Health (Health Visiting and School Nursing), BSc Hons (Top-up)
Specialist Practitioner (District Nursing), BSc Hons (Top up)
Humanities and social sciences
Creative Writing and English Literature, BA Hons
Creative Writing, BA Hons
English Language and English Language Teaching (ELT), BA Hons
English Language and Literature, BA Hons
English Literature with Creative Writing, BA Hons
English Literature, BA Hons
History and English, BA Hons
History and Politics, BA Hons
History and Sociology, BA Hons
History, BA Hons
Languages and International Relations, BA Hons
Politics and International Relations, BA Hons
Sociology and Criminology, BSc Hons
Sociology and Psychology, BSc Hons
Sociology, BA Hons
Law and criminology
Criminology (Extended), BA Hons
Criminology and Criminal Psychology (Extended), BSc Hons
Criminology and Criminal Psychology, BSc Hons
Criminology, BA Hons
Law (Extended), LLB Hons
Law Senior Status, LLB Hons
Law, LLB Hons
Media and creative arts
Animation, BA Hons
Digital Arts Practice, BA Hons
Digital Film Production, BSc Hons
Drama and English Literature, BA Hons
Drama, BA Hons
Film and Television Production, BA Hons
Film Studies, BA Hons
Graphic and Digital Design, BA Hons
Media and Communications, BA Hons
Photography (Top-up), BA (Hons)
Professional Dance and Musical Theatre, BA Hons
Sound Design, BA Hons
Animal Conservation and Biodiversity, BSc (Hons) (Hadlow College)
Animal Management, BSc (Hons) (Hadlow College)
Applied Behavioural Science and Welfare, BSc (Hons) (Hadlow College)
Applied Biomedical Science, BSc Hons
Applied Equine Welfare and Management, BSc (Hons) (Hadlow College)
Aquaculture and Fisheries Management, BSc (Hons) (Hadlow College)
Biology (Extended), BSc Hons
Biology, BSc Hons
Biology, MBiol
Biomedical Science (Extended), BSc Hons
Biomedical Science, BSc Hons
Chemistry (Extended), BSc Hons
Chemistry BSc (Hons), (Degree Apprenticeship)
Chemistry FdSc, (Higher Apprenticeship)
Chemistry HNC, (Higher Apprenticeship
Chemistry, BSc Hons
Chemistry, MChem
Environmental Science, BSc Hons
Equine Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation, BSc (Hons) (Hadlow College)
Equine Training and Management, BSc (Hons)
Forensic Science (Extended), BSc Hons
Forensic Science with Criminology (Extended), BSc Hons
Forensic Science with Criminology, BSc Hons
Forensic Science, BSc Hons
Geography, BSc Hons
Human Nutrition (Extended), BSc Hons
Human Nutrition, BSc Hons
International Agriculture, BSc (Hons) (Hadlow College)
Natural Sciences (Extended) BSc
Natural Sciences, BSc Hons
Pharmaceutical Sciences BSc (Hons), (Degree Apprenticeship)
Pharmaceutical Sciences, BSc Hons
Pharmacology and Physiology (with Integrated Foundation Year), BSc Hons
Pharmacology and Physiology, BSc Hons
Pharmacy, MPharm
Sports Science (Extended), BSc Hons
Sports Science with Coaching (Extended), BSc Hons
Sports Science with Coaching, BSc Hons
Sports Science with Professional Football Coaching (Extended), BSc Hons
Sports Science with Professional Football Coaching, BSc Hons
Sports Science, BSc Hons
Architecture, landscape and the built environment
Architectural Practice, PGDip (ARB/RIBA Part 3 Exemption)
Architecture Part 2, MArch
Architecture, Landscape and Urbanism, MSc
Construction Management and Economics, MSc
Landscape Architecture, MA
Landscape Architecture, MLA
Occupational Hygiene, MSc/PGDip
Project Management - International (Distance Learning), MSc
Project Management - International, MSc
Real Estate (Distance Learning), MSc
Real Estate Development and Investment, MSc
Safety, Health and Environment, PGDip / MSc
Sustainable Building Design and Engineering, MSc
Accounting and Finance, MSc
Business - Research, MPhil/PhD
Development Studies - Research, MPhil/PhD
Economics, MSc
Executive Master of Business Administration, MBA
Facilities Management (Distance Learning), MSc
Finance and Investment, MSc
Financial Management and Risk, MSc
Human Resource Management, MA
International Banking and Finance, MSc
International Business, MA
International Business, MBA
International Events Management, MA
International Human Resource Management, MA
International Tourism Management, MA
Logistics and Supply Chain Management, MA
Public Relations and Corporate Communications, MA
Strategic Marketing Communications, MA
Strategic Marketing, MA  
Transport Systems Management, MA
Computing, mathematics and information technology
Big Data and Business Intelligence, MSc
Computer Forensics and Cyber Security, MSc
Computer Science, MSc
Computer Systems and Network Engineering, MSc
Computing and Information Systems, MSc
Enterprise Systems and Database Administration, MSc
Information Systems Management, MSc
Management of Business Information Technology, MSc
Spatial Data Science, MSc
Web Design and Content Planning, MA
Assessment Only Route to Qualified Teacher Status (Secondary School Level)
Award of Institutional Credit in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
Doctorate in Education, EdD
Early Years Teacher Status (Professional), PGCE
Early Years Teacher Status, PGCE
Education and Training, MPhil/PhD
Education and Training, PGCE (NESCOT)
Education, MA
Education, MPhil/PhD
Higher Education, PGCert
Lifelong Learning Sector (ESOL and Literacy), PGCE
Lifelong Learning Sector (ESOL), PGCE
Lifelong Learning Sector (Literacy), PGCE
Lifelong Learning Sector (Numeracy), PGCE
Lifelong Learning Sector, PGCE
Primary Education, PGCE
Primary Mathematics (Subject Specialist), PGCE
Primary Professional Development, PGCert
Professional Certificate in Education/ProfGCE (Bromley)
School Direct Training Programme (Secondary), PGCE
School Direct Training Programmes (Early Years)
School Direct Training Programmes (Primary)
Secondary Education Mathematics, PGCE
Secondary Education Modern Languages (French), PGCE
Secondary Education Physical Education, PGCE
Secondary Education Science with Biology, PGCE
Secondary Education Science with Chemistry, PGCE
Secondary Education Science with Physics, PGCE
Secondary Musicians in Education, PGCE
Sport and Exercise Psychology, MSc
Civil Engineering, MSc
Electrical and Electronic Engineering, MSc
Electrical Power Engineering, MSc
Engineering - Research, MPhil/PhD
Engineering Management, MSc
Engineering, MSc by Research
Future Intelligent Technologies, MSc
Global Oil and Gas Management, MSc
Global Shipping Management, MSc
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, MSc
Software Engineering, MSc
Water, Waste and Environmental Engineering, MSc
Advanced Practice, MSc
Child and Adolescent Psychology, MSc
Health and Social Care Research, MPhil/PhD
Healthcare Practice, MA
Nursing (Adult Nursing), MSc
Nursing (Children’s Nursing), MSc
Nursing (Mental Health Nursing), MSc
Nursing, PGDip (Adult Nursing)
Psychology, MPhil/PhD
Psychology, MSc (Conversion Degree)
Psychology, MSc by Research
Social Work, MA
Specialist Practitioner (District Nursing), PGDip
Speech and Language Therapy, PGDip
Therapeutic Counselling, MSc
Humanities and social sciences
English: Literary London, MA
Second Language Learning and Teaching, MA
Law and criminology
Criminology and Criminal Psychology, MSc
International and Commercial Law, LLM
International Criminology, MA
International Maritime Policy, MA
Media and creative arts
Film Production MA/MSc
Agricultural and Food Sciences - Research, MPhil/PhD
Agriculture for Sustainable Development, MSc
Applied Plant Science, MSc
Biomedical Sciences (Online), MSc/PGDip/PGCert
Biotechnology, MSc
Environmental Conservation, PGDip/MSc
Food Innovation, MSc
Food Safety and Quality Management e-learning, MSc/PGDip/PGCert
Food Safety and Quality Management, PGDip/MSc
Formulation Science, MSc
General Pharmacy Practice, PGCert/PGDip/MSc
Independent/Supplementary Prescribing, PGCert
Medicines Management, PGCert/PGDip/MSc
Natural Resources, MSc by Research
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, MSc
Pharmaceutical Sciences, MSc/PGDip
Science - Research, MPhil/PhD
Science, MSc by Research
Strength and Conditioning, MSc
Sustainable Environmental Management, MSc
Research centres
Faculty of Architecture, Computing & Humanities
Research groups ACH
Advanced Virtual and Technological Architecture Research (AVATAR) Laboratory
Applied Linguistics Research Group
Applied Sociology Research Group
Business, Human Rights and the Environment Research Group
CAROLE - Centre for Applied Research and Outreach in Language Education
Centre for Applied Research and Outreach in Language Education (CAROLE)
Centre for Computer and Computational Science
Centre for Computer Security, Audit, Forensics and Education
Computational Mechanics and Reliability Group
Digital Arts Research & Enterprise
Greenwich GIScience Research Group
Greenwich Maritime Centre
History Research Group
Law and Criminology Research Group
Literature and Drama Research Group
Numerical and Applied Mathematics Research Unit
Numerical Modelling & Process Analysis
Statistics & Operational Research Group
Sustainable Built Environment Research Group
Business School
Research groups - Business
Supply Chain Management Research Group
Faculty of Education & Health
Research groups - Education & Health
Applied Psychology Research Group
Education Research Group
Health & Society Research Group
Faculty of Engineering & Science
Research groups - Engineering & Science
Chemical Ecology and Plant Biochemistry Group
Ecosystem Services Research Group
Medway Centre for Pharmaceutical Science
Molecular Virology and Entomology Research Group
Pest Behaviour Research Group
Plant Health Group
Postharvest Science and Technology Group
South East England NMR
Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology

Accommodation for International Students

·        All students coming to the university for the first time are guaranteed a place in a hall of residence provided they meet the conditions of the Accommodation Guarantee; these include being a full-time student, being qualified and accepted onto a course and applying for accommodation by the relevant deadlines, and attending for the entire academic session.

·        All university managed accommodation is self-catering. Internet access is included in the hall fees.

·        International students are able to apply for any of our residences across the 3 campuses. There are a mix of international students living alongside UK-based students in all of the residences.

·        Accommodation at the Avery Hill and Medway Campuses is located on campus, a short distance from teaching and leisure spaces. For students living at the Avery Hill campus who study at the Greenwich campus, a free 20-minute shuttle bus runs between the 2 sites throughout the day. At the Greenwich Campus, halls are all located within a 15 minute walk of the university.

·        Students moving into halls of residence sign a licence agreement for a set time period and remain in halls until their licence agreement ends. Residents are not required to move out during Christmas or Easter vacations but cannot be guaranteed accommodation for the summer vacation unless their contract already includes this period. Rooms are normally available for students continuing on their courses over the summer vacation period.

Bursaries and scholarships
This is a list of ALL* bursaries and scholarships currently available to students of the University of Greenwich.
There are strict eligibility criteria for these awards and you should read the guidance information carefully.
* Students in the Medway School of Pharmacy are not eligible for the bursaries, scholarships and other schemes listed below.
Access Scholarship
Gurkha Personnel Bursary
High Achievement Scholarship
John McWilliam Bursary
Nationality Scholarship
William Hills Scholarship
University of Greenwich 4 Learning
The University of Greenwich is keen to ensure that you have access to all possible sources of financial support to help you through your studies. That's why they are very pleased to offer all our students access to Open 4 Learning. 
Whether you are studying an undergraduate or higher level programme of study, the Open 4 Learning portal may assist you in securing additional funding. There are hundreds of funding schemes available from a variety of sources offering support with the costs of study. The online portal provides you with access to an online funding search facility as well as other optional features such as email alerts and newsletters. 
Accessing the portal is simple, just register with your email address.
There are numerous other scholarships.Please refer university website for detail qualifications required.
Other scholarships
You can also apply for the British Government's Chevening Scholarships, and a variety of private agencies and charities for scholarships, bursaries and grants to study in the UK. For more information visit the British Council website or the UK Council for International Student Affairs website.

Quick Facts





Full-time UG & PG Fees 11,500 GBP to 14,150 GBP according to your course.


EXPECTED LIVING COSTS IN LONDON We would recommend budgeting for living costs in London to be between £1,200 and £1,300 per month, excluding your tuition fees. The website recommends students have £1,265 a month to cover living expenses. These figures are only intended as a guide and how much you need will depend upon your lifestyle. Please also allow for annual inflationary increases as part of your budget planning and remember to consider your initial arrival costs. These could include accommodation deposits, household items, clothing, etc.



The Complete University Guide 2018 :  93

World University Rankings 2017 :  601-800

The Guardian University League Tables 2018 :  95

QS World University Ranking 2018:   801-1000


University of Greenwich Old Royal Naval College Park Row Greenwich London SE10 9LS

Please Note that the University name, logo & other text is for your information only. Please refer to University website for accurate detail information. Use of the University name and the logo is for identification purpose only & does not implies that there is a relationship between University/ Institute and us.

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