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The university authority has selected you for your desired course? WOW!!! Wasn’t it the moment you have waited for?

Wait!!! All the excitement can go down the drain if you do not pass the face-to-face interview with the visa officers. Yes, you read it correctly. A lot of students admit that they missed their golden chances to study aboard just for some little blunder they did in their‘student visa interview’.

So, here some of the mistakes have been pointed out that can prove a big hurdle between you and your academic goal, your dreams.

 Miss the appointment

Well, it is the most ridiculous thing that most of the aspirants do after getting a particular date for the face-to-face appointment. Missing the appointment can be a sign of irresponsibility that can put a red mark on your reputation. However, most of the time, students get confused, as a result; they miss the interview time or date or in fact miss the actual interview.

Not having relevant documents

Having right documents are one of the most vital parts of the interview; therefore, the applicants are supposed to bring the right documents such as the passport, bank-balance statement, conditional admission offer letter, etc. along with them. Making any mistake regarding any of them seems really a major offense when you are dealing with the most delicate matter of going abroad. To avoid this type of blunder, the smart aspirants these days have started hiring the overseas education consultants who have an experienced team to precede the entire visa procedure. They give a list of the documents that must be brought along for the interview.

Inappropriate dressing

A good dressing sense is a must when you are out for a visa interview. Attire reflects your personality; therefore, it is necessary to put on a dress that can impress the officers. Make sure that you wear formal dress for the visa interview. Most of the veteran education agents with their visa assistance ask their clients to avoid flashy and loud colors for the interview. The first thirty seconds of the interview is vital. In those 30 seconds, the interviewer looks at your dress. It can carry some points in your favour. Men must be well shaved and groomed accordingly. Nails must be trimmed. On the other hand, women must avoid messy hair and extra heels.

Being nervous

Self-confidence is the key to get the student visa in their very first attempt. Do not feel nervous or anxious when you are going for the visa interview. If you have all the relevant documents, be confident and answer all the questions that are asked by the officers. If you are with the best study abroad consultants in Kolkata you are blessed, as they provide mock interview sessions before the final interview takes place. So, attending these classes will make you confident and fit for the D-day.


This can be a dangerous thing indeed. Do not fabricate any of your fantastical tales during the interview. Always speak the truth to the officers.


Never ever argue with the interviewers.

Being Rude

Do not speak rudely to the officers or show attitude. Speak to them in a calm and sober tone. If you have any problem in understanding, you may request the interviewers to repeat the question a bit slowly.

Avoid these common blunders. Just take a vow not to make these mistakes. For more help, you can hire the best team of visa assistance near you. You can contact the responsible team of Gateway Abroad to pass the interview in your first attempt.

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