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Class 12 is the milestone in your educational career, and if you are one of them who have already surpassed the barrier, this is the time to think twice about the career prospects. After 12 is a time when students should have to be career objective. On the other hand, when you start your study not only for the marks, for obtaining knowledge, but for a particular job, it would become more interesting than you can think of. It is true that for Indian students there are more opportunities in abroad than their own countries like India, Bangladesh, Srilanka, or any other Asian countries. It is not about the courses or the cost of education, but also for the not so up-to-the-mark infrastructure.  Therefore, students who have that potential to achieve their dream choose the international universities. The United Kingdom is one of the highly demanding countries for higher education.

Before choosing any of your favorite academies amongst the Top UK Universities, you need to know about the country, UK- education system, visa requirement and process, Indian living standard and cost in the UK, post-study options and many more.

Here are some of the important information that would help you know the place and its system related to your education.

About the country:

Four countries are there under one government in the United Kingdom, and those countries are England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Each country has different cultures, traditions, and social systems of its own. On the other hand, different districts of these countries have different and individual culture. However, the UK contains over 80% of the total population.

In each of the country, students have a wide range of option to choose a college or university. Moreover, near the international universities or colleges, students get different facilitates for their livelihood. Also, they will get their own community as the UK has become the world village due to the educational purpose.

weather in the United Kingdom:

The UK is a mixed bowl of different countries and culture; also, it has different weather in different counties here. Winter is attractive for the snowfall, and summer is cooler than India.

Weather in England

The UK is very much unpredictable in weather. You can face different types of weather in a single day. Generally, summer is warmer than winter, whereas winter is full of snow. Rain is an unpredictable affinity here and it comes any time in any season. London, Manchester, Birmingham are some of the popular cities that have 25o to 150 C temperature in summer and 70 to 00 C in winter.

Weather in Scotland

The weather in Scotland has no difference than England. Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen are three of the major cities in Scotland. 190C to 100C is the average summer temperature, and 6°C to -1°C is the average temperature in the winter. Rainfall is uniform all over Scotland.

Weather in Wales

Wales is a temperate province in the UK, and most rain comes between October and January. Summers are warmer here than other provinces and cities. The average temperature in winter is 8°C to 1°C and 23°C to 12°C in summer.

Weather in Northern Ireland

This province of the UK is relatively mild in both summer and winter. This place is cloudier than England and Scotland. Lisburn, Belfast, Newry are some of the main centers here. The average temperature in summer is around 19°C to 10°C; and around 8°C to 0°C in winter.

Student’s life in the UK

One must know about the accommodation, city life and the orientation of the people chiefly, to know the lifestyle of the place. One must choose the right accommodation and locality when it comes to the studenthood.


First, you need to decide where you want to live, is in the university managed accommodation, or in a private place. Choosing the university managed place is generally proves to be a better option for a student as it enhances the changes to mix up with the other students from the same class or courses. On the other hand, if someone is keen to explore the land he or she can take a private accommodation here. But, the experts advice to spend at least one year near the university.

The type of accommodation options available:

Short term accommodation:

Hostel or the hotels are the temporary or the short-term accommodation that is comparatively cheaper option to choose.


You can live on a rent with any of the native families in the UK; or you can lease a property by yourself or with your friends. In that case, you need to deal with the real estate agencies.


On-campus living is the best option indeed. This is cheaper and one can get the chance to live inside the university or at least near to the academy.

Admission and visa process

Make sure that you have at least 70 to 80 percent marks in your 12th to get into international universities. There are different foundations for diploma, graduation, and post-graduation. However, the very first requirement is knowledge and fluency in English to cope with the native students. Therefore, IELTS Exam is important. This is a kind of English knowledge determination examination that you need to rank between 5 and 7.5 to get admitted to the universities. If you are poor in English language, consultants are there to guide you to crack the exam. SAT exam, PTE Exam are the same kind of exams that determine your capability in to overcome the hardship in English and other native languages.

To get visa at the very first attempt, you need to follow these points-

  • A completed student visa application form
  • A letter of acceptance on the course
  • Proof of funds

Once you are with right visa assistance for Indian student, the half of the battle has been won by the visa assistant. If you contact any of the reliable education consultants for abroad you will get this type of support from them.

Did you find this guideline helpful for your higher studies? The educationalists are waiting for your feedback. Write us at kolkata@gatewayabroad.com. We are here to make your dreams come true.


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