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When you are going to spend your own money on hiring the best team of education consultants then you have right to satisfy all your queries. Now the question is how you will know that the consultants are giving you their best services. Since you do not have any prior contact with any of the education consultants, every team you come across try to prove you they are the best. In this case, it is next to impossible to identify the right team as no one is going to tell you their drawbacks.

Most of the students simply trust the organization, without any research of its backgrounds. Sadly, but some believe that spending a large sum of money will get the best consultant. However, the truth is, the work understanding and capability is not always proportionate to the spending money on their services. Many dodgy teams take advantages as they are aware of the fact that you are in hurry and depend on them for going abroad.  Therefore, it is always better to avoid these types of nuisances and simply ask some of these questions while hiring overseas education consultants.

Here are some common questions and their proximate answers that are quite effective to choose the perfect team.

Q1. Which colleges or universities do you offer?

Well, make sure that you put this question on the top of your question-list for a simple reason. Before you plan for the visit, you should know where you intend to go and in which university or college you are keen on getting admission after hiring the particular team of consultants. People say that the consulting teams may lure you by offering seats in the top universities. You must not stop here but keep your research on the basis of their service areas. Make sure that you get some coherence about them on their official site on the internet. The right team of consultants will never make fake promises. You may ask for some references to past candidates that have already been offered seats abroad.

At last, ensure the fact that you are in safe hands by choosing a right academic institute.

Q2. How many visas have been processed successfully by your company?

Once you choose your desired college or university in their list, ask them about their visa services. Of course, you have only one visa application to get confirmed, but the numbers of successful visa processes ensure the ability of the consultants. You may get a trustworthy company who can get you the visa approval in time, and the long list of clients’ visa approval gives you a relief.

Q3. Can you provide the references of the students whom you have provided you services earlier?

It is, indeed a wise decision to ask for their previous clients before finalizing the work. Check out the testimonials of the students whom the particular overseas education consultants have helped to get visa approval and other academic guidance. Checking their (previous clients’) testimonials as well as reviews on the website or social media pages will help you figure out the compatibility of the company.

This can let you know how to proceed further and how to get through your student visa.

Q4. Do you have any branches/associates abroad where you are sending students for further study?

This question is equally vital when you are ready for a completely new country, but there you might not find anyone to assist in the unforeseen situation. Some consultants are there who serve the students only in India. Therefore, choose the one who has branches beyond India.

Q5. Does the consultant have expertise in an area you perceive needs attention?

Well, the consultants may say “NO” in their reply because a single person or team cannot have the expertise in all the fields. In that case, ensure before finalizing that the company is willing to provide you different skilled teams for different services. At least two proficient teams are needed when you hire an education consultancy- one for visa assistance team and another academic team for providing classes for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT exams, etc.

Q6. Do you help in overall student application –SOP, Admission, Visa filling etc.?

Generally, each student has to submit their SOP (Statement of Purpose) and all the required documents to the university as well as to the Department of Home Affairs. Ask the chosen agents if they provide the candidates with these facilities or not. Almost all right consultancy provides an overall sketch of the SOP for the sake of student help.

Q7. Do you know the study pattern of another country?

Even the most reputed company of education consultants have to face this question every time because this is one of the most vital questions that every candidate who wants to pursue studies abroad will ask. You can surely judge them by this question. It is true that every country has their own study patterns. Some are friendly for the Indian students, some are not. The study guides must aware of all the patterns and study system. If you are with a right team, they will surely let you know different study types, techniques of different countries and scholarships offered.

Gateway Abroad’s enthralling contribution towards the students in serving best quality service in term of university and colleges will get you the right help in visa assistance and admission at Top rank universities in your desired institutes. You are welcome to ask these questions to the team. Hope, you will get satisfactory answers from them.

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