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These days overseas education has become the trendiest hype amongst the Indian students. According to the UNESCO report, almost about 181,872 students board for overseas education every year, and Canada is one of the most frequently chosen countries in the world.

On the flip side, people have a misconception about the country, its weather, people, education and many more.

You got it right!!!! Now we are going to talk about the common myths associated with study in Canada that is still in the air, and why people are afraid to choose this country for their children.

Go with the flow can be dangerous sometimes. It may cost your future prospects. Therefore, when it comes about choosing a country for further studies, one should follow the experts’ opinion and the experience of the students who have already been there.

As a dedicated aspirant, you deserve right knowledge about the country. Therefore, you should know the right facts about the study in Canada cost, visa requirements, tuition fees, climate, and all related associations.

Let’s check out.


Myth #1: Canada is a dead cold country.



Although the country is famous for its wintery state of the climate, yearly weather changes very often across the country. It is true that temperature drops very often in winter, but it does not get covered with slow everywhere in the country. If you are from India, of course, you are going to get a much colder country. People who spread the rumour about Canada as a cold country, perhaps do not know that 45.0°C is the highest temperature in Saskatchewan, Canada.


Myth #2: There is no place to go except Toronto and Vancouver


Certainly, Toronto and Vancouver are two of Canada’s most popular cities that are in buzz amongst the international students and the travellers. But, it is not true that except these two there is no destination for the global students in Canada. If you are looking for the top universities in Canada you will find that the whole country is home to higher education. Take Victoria as an example. The city is known as the City of Gardens that attracts millions of people, Windsor that is literary away from the US border city of Detroit, Michigan. Halifax, a true student city in Canada which boast of five different universities and colleges with thousands of international students. When it comes to student-friendly cities, there are more cities than Toronto and Vancouver.


Myth #3: getting visa approval for Canada is next to impossible


Definitely, it’s not true!! People who are known for discouraging people probably have already said that getting the long-time visa is the toughest part of all. We will tell you the facts. If you are able to present the right documents with a good reason to the visa office or the nearest embassy, you will surely get the visa for your higher education. Moreover, with the help of the visa assistance of the skilled team, you will know the proper requirements for the visa. Hiring a team of education consultants will definitely help you out of any visa related trouble.


Myth #4: For Canada, French is a must


You heard it absolutely wrong, my friend. Canada has two official languages- English and French. Both languages get the same level of importance in their official sectors. And for those who are still in confusion, knowing French will make you easy if you get an admission in Quebec, the only French-speaking province in Canada. However, French is not mandatory in Quebec too. A good skill in English and IELTS score up to 6.0 with other required academic records are enough to apply in any of the top international university in Canada.


Myth #5: Study in Canada will burn a hole in your pocket


Who said this? If you compare the international tuition fees with Indian universities, you will definitely find is costlier. It’s like comparing between the fish and monkey in their ability to climb the tree. Jokes apart, compare the Canadian tuition fees with the other international university, and you will definitely get a fair result. Compare the study in Canada cost with the cost of UK, US Universities, and you will find that Canada is a way much cheaper than any other countries with international educational programs.

For example, you have to spend almost $57,000 in order to get a master’s degree from an international university in US. On the flip side, in Canada, you have to spend just $ 25,000 to get the same level of degree.

Closure Thought

You may have a lot of questions about the country and its study programs. A lot of what is wrong and what’s right are floating in your mind already, don’t they? The only way to kill the rumours and know the facts is coming in contact with the experts. Only an expert team of consultants will answer your every what, why and how about the study in Canada. The team Gateway Abroad with its number of enthrals is ready to solve all your problems. You just need to take a single step to contact. They are just a step away. Call the experts at: 033-4057 2777. Mail at:

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